Ketosis Urine Odor

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What Is Ketosis?

What is ketosis? Being in ketosis is truly a magical thing. Ketosis happens when your body starts producing ketone bodies instead of utilizing carbohydrates as energy. Both can be used as energy sources, but I find that converting to a fat-burner over a carbohydrate-burner to be most favorable. Signs of being in ketosis There are a few signs that could suggest you’re in ketosis: a metallic taste in mouth strong smelling urine random bursts of happiness (it’s weird, but it’s true!) decreased appetite How to get into ketosis The best way to get into ketosis is to immediately drop all major carb sources in your diet and focus on high-quality fats. Some find that going extremely low carb for a couple days will jumpstart ketone production and ultimately reaching a state of ketosis. Initially when you first remove a majority of carbohydrates from your diet, most people experience signs of lethargy and flu-like symptoms. This is what people consider the “low carb flu.” The low carb flu could last anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks. It’s important to stay extremely hydrated on a ketogenic diet, so much make sure you’re getting enough water and electrolytes. If you Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. rstrauser

    quick question..
    each mid morning, after my BP coffee , Brain Octane, Butter concoction i notice a strong ammonia smell from my urine..
    Is that a marker for ketosis ?

  2. Michelle My Bell

    When urine begins to smell like ammonia, it usually means one of two things. First, it could be that you are a bit dehydrated and therefore your urine is more concentrated. All urine has ammonia which is a normal product of the metabolism of protein. Your urine should smell a little bit like ammonia, and this smell is enhanced by the urine being more concentrated. Sometimes urine smells stronger when there has been a change in your diet. Another possibility is that your urine is infected with a bacteria. Some bacteria can feed on different compounds in the urine making it smell quite bad. Usually if you are in ketosis acetone is released in sweat and your breath smells of acetone or a "fruity" smell. Only way to know for certain is a blood ketone meter, which is what I use. The urine strips are not a good indicator of ketosis. Hope this helps some!

  3. rstrauser

    Greatly appreciate the response..
    Confused a bit if dehydrated..
    I start w/ about 4-6 oz of lemon water every morning - followed by BP Coffee - followed by a couple glasses of my Tea Stack (green tea / herbal tea).
    I drink water at home -2-3 glasses a night..
    Infection ??? Well didn't think so but guess it's possible somehow..
    thanks again .

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Ketosis Breath: Causes & Solutions For Bad Breath

Ultra-low carb diets have grown in popularity over recent years. These so-called “keto diets” aim to facilitate rapid weight loss, through the consumption of minimal carbohydrates. Keto diets have become understandably popular on account of their rapid results, together with the practical benefits of consuming healthy volumes of the right foods, making hunger less of a problem than on more typical calorie-controlled diets. However keto diets are not without their issues, and one of the most common complaints comes in the form of “ketosis breath”. Quite simply many individuals making use of very low carb diets suffer from pungent and unpleasant breath. The question is what can be done to counteract such a problem? The Cause of Ketosis Breath In order to learn how to get rid of keto breath, we first need to understand why breath can smell under such a regime. As it turns out there are two potential reasons(1), both of which can operate independently, or in conjunction. Ketone Release The most typical source of energy used by the body is glucose. This is typically derived from carbohydrates, where the digestive system breaks down complex sugars into simple glucose molecules. O Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. inhopesoflosing10

    I woke up this morning feeling sweaty and I could have sworn I smelled cat pee.
    Feeling a bit frightened that perhaps my cat had left me a surprise in my bedroom, I sniffed around but the smell followed me everywhere. That's when I gave myself a good sniff and voila, discovered that the odor was coming from me.
    Yay, I am "smelly cat" from Friends.
    Anywho, I was wondering if this is a sign of ketosis. I have heard that sweat and urine take on a fruity acetone odor, but I have never heard anyone describe it as cat pee before. Just a bit curious.
    Also, how do you manage to not um, reek when around other people? Body sprays and such are an obvious solution, but the way I am sweating....probably have to spray myself with half the bottle to cover up my litter box scent.
    On a positive note, I am feeling better. Have more energy and was able to jog last night. Only issue I had with jogging was that my stomach began to cramp. I am thinking that is possibly from dehydration so I am going to push more water and see if maybe my potassium levels are off.
    Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

  2. inhopesoflosing10

    Okay, now my pee smells like buttered popcorn. Maybe my sweat smelled like cat pee this morning because I had coffee way early in the morning with my breakfast before taking a nap.
    Perhaps the coffee seeped out through my sweat while I slept?
    Just scared me a bit. I read that it could be a sign of muscle being used as fuel due to carb intake being too low. I am not measuring the net carbs with the subtraction of the fiber grams, but measuring the grams of carbs as grams of carbs.
    The last two days my total daily carb intake has been extremely low, like 4% or lower.
    Wondering if I am eating too much protein and too little fat?
    According to ******.com my percentages are as follows:
    fat 63%, carbs 4%, protein 31% and fiber 5.2 grams
    That seems okay.
    Just don't want to make myself sick or so something dangerous. To top it all off I discovered that the Atkins book I ordered was the wrong one....so I put an order in for the DANDR which I am hoping will arrive here soon.
    Thank you all for reading

  3. Prodigy

    Try drinking more water. 8-10 8oz glasses a day should be fine. When in ketosis your body has to eliminate the ketones from the fat and you will smell different than normal. Your breath will smell bad as well...I just chew sugar free gum and brush several times a day. Once you are sufficiently hydrated the odors will be a lot better. Pick up the original Atkins book. It actually explains a lot of the science of this.

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What is METABOLISM? What does METABOLISM mean? METABOLISM meaning - METABOLISM definition - METABOLISM explanation - How to pronounce METABOLISM? Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... license.

Metabolism And Ketosis

Dr. Eades, If the body tends to resort to gluconeogenesis for glucose during a short-term carbohydrate deficit, are those who inconsistently reduce carb intake only messing things up by not effecting full blown ketosis? If the body will still prefer glucose as main energy source unless forced otherwise for at least a few days, is it absolutely necessary to completely transform metabolism for minimal muscle loss? Also, if alcohol is broken down into ketones and acetaldehyde, technically couldn’t you continue to drink during your diet or would the resulting gluconeogenesis inhibition from alcohol lead to blood glucose problems on top of the ketotic metabolism? Would your liver ever just be overwhelmed by all that action? I’m still in high school so hypothetical, of course haha… Sorry, lots of questions but I’m always so curious. Thank you so much for taking the time to inform the public. You’re my hero! P.S. Random question…what’s the difference between beta and gamma hydroxybutyric acids? It’s crazy how simple orientation can be the difference between a ketone and date rape drug…biochem is so cool! P.P.S. You should definitely post the details of that inner mitocho Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Betty2003

    Not a very lady-like subject, but need to ask anyway. I notice during induction (probably in week 2) that my urine started to have a horrible smell. I thought I read somewhere that that is a sign of ketosis--is it? I've looked for test sticks at Meijer, K-mart, and the grocery store but can't find them anywhere. I do notice that I drop pounds when the smell is there--what do you think? Is that my indicator of ketosis? Thanks!

  2. pokey one

    I've noticed the same thing. And that constant metallic taste in my mouth lets me know I'm in ketosis, too.
    The strips are usually back with the pharmacist, not out on the shelves. So you just have to ask for ketone testing strips. (I guess they're expensive enough and the box is small enough that they could easily be shoplifted.)
    If you do get the strips, don't worry about the shade of pink to purple--even the slightest pink signals ketosis. I was very happy to see mine change from being beige for a few days to pink .

  3. tofi

    In Canada, the stix are with the supplies for diabetics. They used to be behind the pharmacy counter but are now out on the shelves in Shoppers' Drug Marts. They cost about $7.50 Canandian. I hear that Wal-Mart in the US has them. The most common brand name is Ketostix by Bayer.
    And the interesting odour is less expensive. If you are losing, why bother with the stix?

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