Ketosis Urine Odor

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Am I In Ketosis? The Symptoms And Signs Of Ketosis.

One of the questions people who are new to the LCHF (keto/ketogenic/low carb) diet frequently ask me is: how do I know if I’m in ketosis? What are the main signs of ketosis? Everyone’s different and while some may experience all of the symptoms of ketosis, some might only feel a couple of them. Some feel none at all. There are basic signs and symptoms that indicate that you’re in ketosis. But please note that I’m differentiating between the signs of keto flu (covered in the post I’m linking to) that many experience in the first days of a ketogenic diet, and the feeling of being in ketosis when the flu has subsided: Dry mouth (eat more salt and drink more water to alleviate this). See my keto breath article here. Weight loss. Yay! Metallic taste in your mouth or a strange taste in the back of your throat. Some describe it as fruity or a little sweet. A kind of “buzzing” feeling that’s hard to describe. Almost euphoric at times. Different kind of urine smell, stronger too! “Ketosis breath” – It can range from being a little sweet to being almost like you’ve had a drink of alcohol. Less appetite. You can go for hours without eating and don’t feel very hungry. Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. klir_2m

    Keto urine smell temporary?

    On my third day of keto the strong smell kicked in and was around for day 4 too. Now in day 5 the smell is gone. My macros have been ok. Is this normal?

  2. cheguevarac

    i think that the smell of ketones in ur piss should not be temporary thing... as long as ur body is in ketosis state then there will be ketones in ur piss thus givin off that bad smell.. also it might take longer than 5 days for your body to go into ketosis maybe 10 days dependin on how much carbs u r eating.. if u r at 0 carbs maybe somewhere from 6-10 days before ur body goes into ketosis but always depends on the person and how much carbs u were eating before startin the diet, cardio such...
    u can also get keto strips from pharmacy to see if u have ketones in ur piss.
    also something else might have gave off that smell for that day. for me if a eat a can of tuna my piss will wreak of it for a while..

  3. carbotoo

    the smell will come and go - you'll get a strong whiff everytime you eat carbs. this alone is proof positive that you are in the ketonic state so don't run off and buy strips imo. it's the only actual sign that i got, along with a weird taste in my mouth (and fatloss and muscle gain). good luck and congrats!

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