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What’s Up With My Pee?

Sometimes new ketonians think of the strangest things to ask about on the Ketogenic Success Facebook group. One thing that just seems to keep coming up, again and again, is the question regarding changes to their urine stream. (I always want to remind people that there are over one hundred forty thousand users in the Ketogenic Success group, and maybe this isn’t a question they would ask in front of a crowd that large, but clearly, the question is on a lot of minds!) So let’s look at a couple of changes you may notice in the toilet after emptying your bladder. Change in Color You may find that your urine is changing color. Frequently folks report it getting lighter. This is totally normal. When you pass more water through your body, the urochrome that gives your urine its yellow color is diluted and your liquid waste may shift in hue to become straw colored. This happens as your cells release their retained water, as well, so this sight is commonly paired with a ‘whoosh’ in weight loss as inflammation decreases in your body. If your urine becomes nearly clear, or entirely transparent, you may be drinking too much water. Don’t force yourself to drink water if you’re not Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. alpha femme

    I have a lame question.
    If you eat something that knocks you out of ketosis, how long between eating it and seeing the results on a ketostix?
    I'm not cheating, I'm just really curious.

  2. Mike

    My understanding is that on this program, the state of ketosis we are in is so light that it doesn't even show on a stick. I say if you are following the program, and you are losing weight and feel good, you are in... if you aren't following it, and start to feel lousy, you may be out.
    This is by no means a scientific approach, but, I'll say it anyway.

  3. Diana

    Hey, Alex!
    The topic of ketosis has been brought up a lot on this forum. For more of what has been said in the past, try doing a search on the topic. Good stuff, Maynard!
    For me, I know when I'm back in ketosis when my energy goes back up, I stop fixating on anything NOT on the protocol, and I no longer feel like harming my husband for no apparent reason. Depending on what knocked me out, it could be 1 day, it could be 4 (and then I keep track so it doesn't happen again).

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