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How To Kill Keto Breath

On low carbohydrate diets, it is possible to experience a phenomenon known as “keto breath”. Keto breath specifically refers to an off-putting, fruity smell, and it’s typically caused by one or two aspects of a low carbohydrate diet. Included in this article are a breakdown of what leads to keto breath and an attack plan for how to deal with it. Setting the Scene: Picture it. You’re out on a date with your lovely new Tinder match. She’s an easy three points above her pictures. The whole night is going well. You even stay on your ketogenic diet by going with the pro move; a steak smothered in butter and accompanied by the most amazing asparagus you’ve ever had. You then leave the restaurant. When you go in for a kiss, the girl’s face cringes like its melting. She might even push you away.The culprit? Your breath. Keto breath. Why does it happen? Ketones smell weird! When the body undergoes ketogenesis, it is actively producing ketone bodies for energy usage. Ketosis occurs when the body is an extremely fasted state or in a prolonged carbohydrate fast, and becomes “fat adapted”. This means the metabolic system has switched to burning fats in order to create alternat Continue reading >>

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  1. redemption_song

    Anyone else getting a horrible taste in their mouth that does not go away? I have a coated tongue and constantly taste that "ketosis taste", in spite of brushing/rinsing about 10 times a day. Ick. What causes it and how do I make it bearable?

  2. fearlessjenny

    I instruct my patients with this problem to be extremely meticulous with their oral hygiene to include flossing and using a tongue scraper. I also recommend Peroxyl or Listerine (and they have an awesome new alcohol free option) mouthwash. Also make sure that you're using a good toothpaste. During subsequent appointments my patients have reported that this helps quite a bit if not remedy the problem all together. Hope this helps.

  3. redemption_song

    I have been brushing/flossing/scraping 5+times a day and the taste comes back immediately. My tongue is coated and furry. I don't have this problem regularly. My doctor suggested trying nystatin swish and swallow for possible yeast. It looks thrush-y, but does not hurt.
    thank you, your response is appreciated.

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