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Ketones In Gestational Diabetes

As part of your gestational diabetes management, your doctor may ask you to test for ketones in your morning urine. If you have gestational diabetes, you should know about insulin, glucose, and ketones. When you eat, your body breaks down foods into usable sources of energy. Glucose is the sugar that results. Your body needs glucose for energy and your baby needs it to grow. In order to get glucose out of your blood and into your cells, insulin is required. Insulin is a hormone that you produce in your pancreas. "In gestational diabetes, hormones produced during pregnancy can interfere with insulin and make it hard to use glucose. If the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin to overcome the effects of the hormones, the blood sugar will rise," explains Louise McDonald, RN, clinical manager of maternity and pediatrics at Cleveland Clinic Home Care. "The body cannot use sugar without enough insulin. That causes the body to break down fats as a source of energy. Ketones are the waste products that are left over when the body burns some of its own fat for fuel. The ketones pass from the bloodstream into the urine," says McDonald. Why Are Ketones Important in Gestational Diabetes? The t Continue reading >>

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  1. ricks

    I have followed the Whole30 program for almost 6 weeks. I started it because I was a carb and sugar monster. Typical daily carb intake was about 400 grams coming from pasta, bread, rice, sugar post-workout drinks, and sugar. I was also hungry ALL the time and easily ate 4-6 times a day.
    I believe I have a fast metabolism as my RMR (resting metabolic rate) was tested several years ago when I was 48 and it was 3,000 calories a day. Seeing I work 60-80 hours a week in manual labor (construction trades) and work out several times a week, my trainer thought I was easily burning about 5,000 calories a day. My weight has never been a problem as I am 6'5" and weigh about 190 even when eating bad food (yea I know I was lucky)
    To my amazement, the sugar addiction left on the evening of day one and I had not had anything with sugar since then...no cravings either. I also do not miss ANY of the other carbs. I do think I need to eat more food in general and especially more dense veggie carbs as I feel a bit tired still at times especially after meals that don't have many carbs.
    I have had a coating on my tongue since day 2 or 3 which is still there. My urine looked and smelled very different right from the beginning and still does. The weirdest thing is that my wife and I temporarily live in different states and this weekend was the first time she has seen me since I started. She told me my body smells different and it is not a good smell
    My questions are these:
    1) I had heard / read that the Whole30 program has a detoxing element to it and these symptoms remind me of when I did weeklong veggie juice only fasts years ago when I was trying to detox. Should I just stay on the Whole30 until these go away as they mean I am still cleaning? I don't feel any desire for the old bad food so I don't really feel like introducing things at this time as I don't really miss or crave them.
    2) My joints actually feel worse at times since I started. I thought they would feel better after giving up the sugar, yet i wonder if the pain has anything to do with all the red meat I am now eating as in the past I only ate chicken, turkey, and fish. In the past, my joints always seemed to feel the best when I didn't eat meat at all.
    Any and all suggestions / feedback is welcomed.

  2. melbournegirl

    Wow ricks, that sounds tough. I notice bad smell/breath come and go.. I think it is worse when I have too much fat or not enough carbs. I also notice the urine smell sometimes... But I think that is related to me using stronger spices for flavoring. Or maybe too much meat. Sometimes I adjust this by replacing with eggs more often. I have fixed my skin problems and aches through the extra saturated fat. Ghee in particular is supposed to provide a major building block for our natural anti inflammatory production, do you have it?
    If the aches are from too much meat/acidity then you need to blance this with more leafy green veggies. Also lemon juice in water before meals is supposed to help this.....
    These are just some thoughts, not a medical opinion of course. Good luck!

  3. Tom Denham

    The adjustment/detox phase should be complete by now. If you and your urine are smelling off and your joints feel worse, I worry that something is wrong in your diet. It would be useful to study a food log that covers a few days of your meals to get a good idea of what you are eating. You might need more of some things and less of others.
    You didn't mention the color of your urine, but I am wondering if you are drinking enough water. I would expect well-diluted urine to have little smell. Personally, I am amazed at how much water I have to drink to keep my urine relatively clear and to keep from having foot cramps... right at 10 big glasses per day separate from what I drink while training. I've only discovered the foot cramps/water connection recently. I tend not to cramp when I am drinking a lot of water, but get fierce foot cramps in some positions when I fail to drink enough.
    I am curious about your experience of your joints feeling best when you did not eat meat. I don't have any ideas about why red meat might be a problem, but you might want to cut red meat for a week and see if your joints feel better. The Whole30 encourages eating a variety of proteins, but I suppose you could limit red meat if it provokes problems for you.

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