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5 Common Reasons For Your Keto Diet Not Working

Uh oh! Is your ketogenic diet not working how you thought it would? It’s a frustrating feeling, for sure — you’ve been following the rules, cutting the carbs, and you’re still not getting into ketosis or seeing any weight loss (if that’s your goal). But not to fear. We’re in the business of helping people get that ketosis blazin’, and that includes you. Let’s blast through your keto worries right now by covering the 5 common reasons for your keto diet not working — and what you can do to fix the issues. NOT TRACKING CARBOHYDRATES Remember that in the ketogenic diet, we want to follow the macronutrient breakdown of low carb, moderate protein, and high fat. This one might seem obvious; after all, keto is ALL about that very-low-carb living, right? But one of the biggest rules of keto success is to track, track, track because extra carbs can otherwise slip in unnoticed. Carbs are everywhere, so as much as you might try to avoid them completely, that’s just not possible. Although carbs generally make up 5% of your diet on keto, the exact amount of how much you can tolerate and still stay in ketosis varies a little by individual. Factors that can affect how your body Continue reading >>

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  1. itsryanneyo

    So after a month of horrible stomach pains, I finally went to see my alternative medicine doctor. My gallbladder is sludgy and full of pebbles, and she's put me on a pretty good dose of hydrangea root to break up the stones and hi-lipase to get everything flushed out of my g.b... I've read so many different versions of what causes this--eating high fat / eating low fat / eating low fat and then going to high fat. I'm not too terribly wrapped up in what caused it, but rather getting it taken care of. I still battle the constipation that everyone else seems to get past after the first 4 weeks, and I'm sure that this has contributed to my g.b. issues. Anyone else had to deal with this? My results and every other aspect of my well-being are so great, I can't fathom not being on a LC lifestyle. I love my bulletproof coffee, but even sometimes just a few sips is now sending my gut into the ultimate knot. I haven't let this issue keep me from working out, still going strong 6 days a week, but not sure how much longer I'm gonna be able to keep that up...
    Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated!

  2. ejdp254

    Sorry no answer for you, my gall stones acted up after about 5 month's, absolute agony, I can eat normally now but my gall bladder is also full of sludge and stones so waiting for my Dr to suggest a solution - hopefully without surgery! That said I already had gall stones so I doubt if 5 months LCHF made that much difference and I hope to continue eating this way

  3. itsryanneyo

    Our stories sound so similar! I was 5 months in when my gut started hurting, as well... I did read that if you ate low carb and/or high protein that makes them develop, and then act up when you start loading up on fats. Not sure about you, but that's definitely my story... I was really big into low fat, high protein prior to keto. Please let me know if you have any luck, I'm open to suggestions...

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