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Unit 14: Metabolic & Deficiency Diseases

Unit 14: Metabolic & Deficiency Diseases Caused by: Acute deficiency of Ca Results in: Paralysis Circulatory collapse Coma Death 6% incidence rate in dairy cattle Occurs within 24 hrs of calving Unit 14: Metabolic & Deficiency Diseases Incidence increases with milk production and age Some susceptibility differences between dairy breeds Sub clinical hypocalcemia rates can affect 50% of dairy cows Leads to: Decreased DMI Ketosis RP’s DA’s Decreased reproductive efficiency Decreased milk production in that lactation Unit 14: Metabolic & Deficiency Diseases Rare in beef cattle Goats – similar incidence rate to dairy Cause Initiation of lactation causes severe outflow of Ca Ca interacts with other minerals in the blood Incidence may be influenced by levels of: Mg, K, P, estrogen levels, Acid-base balance Can either help cow adjust and mobilize Ca, or can inhibit parathyroid glands and renal synthesis of Vit D which restricts blood Ca levels Unit 14: Metabolic & Deficiency Diseases Feeding high Ca diets prior to parturition Cow doesn’t adapt to mobilizing own Ca reserves Clinical Signs Stage I Hypertensive, weakness, anorexic, hypersensitive Stage II Flaccid p Continue reading >>

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