Ketosis In Animals

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Idiots' Guide to The Biochemistry and Management of Ketosis Ketosis is a disease of dry cows that shows up in fresh cows. Fundamentally, we have a situation where the cow is mobilizing body fat (condition) faster than the liver is able to metabolize it. In order for the liver to normally metabolize that fat, glucose is required. If glucose availability is limited due to inadequate substrate (mostly propionate from the diet) or glucose production via gluconeogenesis is inadequate or impaired, then ketosis can result because of the inability to convert the fat to energy. Loss/mobilization of body fat is a normal part of the onset of lactation. As the rate of fat mobilization rises, circulating NEFA levels begin to rise. If these fatty acids reach the liver and begin to accumulate in significant amounts, the liver switches away from TCA towards ketogenesis in an attempt to provide more energy and eliminate the fat buildup. Ketogenesis produces the ketone bodies, acetoacetate and beta-hydroxybutyrate. Some ketone production is normal in all periparturient cows, so diagnosis is made on clinical history, physical examination, and the presence of significant ketones in milk or urine. Pres Continue reading >>

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  1. anbeav

    Most animals don't have a mechanism for ketosis. Ketosis is a mechanism to provide energy for the brain. Animal brains do not require as much energy as humans and thus the energy requirements can be fulfilled via gluconeogenesis.

  2. anbeav

    My cat is on a keto diet (raw food carnivore diet) but ketones are always negative. Here's one of many articles I've read it in http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2194504/. I've also talked to my vet about this.
    Cats are not humans. Humans have mechanisms for ketosis why are you assuming all animals do and in response to the same stimuli? Anyone can, yes. Not any animal. That's a big difference.
    Ketosis is ketosis. Even on a protein and fat only diet my cat is not in ketosis. His walnut sized brain doesn't demand it. Cats do get ketostix when diabetic but not just from eating a natural cat diet. I don't like it misrepresented either which is why I don't discuss things when drunk :)

  3. anbeav

    If you switched the cats diet it wouldn't go into ketosis though. I'm speaking of nutritional ketosis not ketoacidosis. Other animals don't achieve nutritional ketosis but can achieve ketoacidosis, not the same thing.
    And what do you mean that humans should never be in ketosis for extended periods of time? Why?
    You're mixing terms-ketosis and ketoacidosis

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