Ketosis How Long Does It Last

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How Long Does A Keto Flu Last?

The ketogenic diet comes with the caveat of experiencing the keto flu. The keto flu can stop you from getting into ketosis quickly as it may place a psychological barrier in from of you preventing you from continuing with the diet. Here’s a basic outline on why keto flu occurs and the simple and effective steps you can take to minimise the negative effects. The keto flu is generally a sign that the ketogenic diet is working. There are some measures you can take to firstly, speed up how quickly you get into ketosis and secondly reduce the symptoms of the keto flu. Ketosis (using fat for energy) occurs when your diet is comprised of high fat and low carb. Generally, this entails consuming 5% carbohydrates (or 50g per day). The keto flu describes the symptoms (flu-like) which come when people transition from using glucose as their primary source of fuel to ketones as their primary source of fuel. The body may fail to quickly enough as it struggles to use the dramatic change in macronutrient ratios effectively. Flu symptoms may include: Fatigue Craving for sugary foods Nausea Headaches Brain fog Problems sleeping Irritability The keto-flu duration and severity is different for everyo Continue reading >>

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  1. goudie


    How long does it take to re-enter ketosis once breaking it? (self.keto)
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  2. lubdubDO

    it takes me about 5 days to get back into what i call solid-every-time-i-pee ketosis. but everyone is different, my wife gets into ketosis in 2-3 days.

  3. darthluiggi

    Yup: depends on how long you have been on it, how big you cheated, overall body composition and if you hit the gym. Im usually back in one day.

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