Ketosis Diet And Hypoglycemia

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In this Video We Will Discuss What are hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, and how can they affect my pregnancy? Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are both common in women with preexisting diabetes. Hypoglycemia occurs when blood glucose levels are too low. When blood glucose levels are low, your body cannot get the energy it needs. Don't forget to Subscribe our Channel on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZfb... For For Videos Follow Us on Twitter: Diabetes During Pregnancy Symptoms, Risks And Treatment https://youtu.be/SNf01dFL1zY What Are The Risks Of Diabetes To My Unborn Child? https://youtu.be/N-aNwqGKQl4 What are Hypoglycemia and How They Affect Pregnancy? https://youtu.be/XUjn-16DmGY How Pre-existing Diabetes Treated During Pregnancy? https://youtu.be/vQjOzry8T_M Causes and Symptoms of Diabetes During Pregnancy https://youtu.be/OirB5FmhJ3Y Typically hypoglycemia is treated by eating or drinking something containing sugar, such as orange juice. Hyperglycemia is when your body doesn't have enough insulin or can't use insulin correctly. Typically hyperglycemia is treated by adjusting your insulin dosages.

Symptoms Of Hypoglycemia | Ketogenic Diet Program

When one switches over to a low carb diet, such as with the Ketogenic Diet Program, you may encounter short term symptoms of hypoglycemia.The body lacks the needed carbohydrates that it was used to for fueling the body. At the same time the body has not had enough time to create the enzymes needed to burn fat for fuel instead of burning glucose. As a result, this gap produces low blood sugar levels giving the body symptoms of hypoglycemia. This is a normal occurrence when switching over to a Ketogenic Diet Program. If symptoms of hypoglycemia happens to you when switching over to this low carb diet, then you may want to eat more often to help compensate for it. If you talk to your doctor about these hypoglycemic symptoms, please keep in mind that most doctors are not knowledgeable about ketogenic diets, or with nutrition in general for that matter, so they may not know how to respond, or they may give you the standard negative comment. Previously, we talked about some of the other common symptoms you may experience. I believe that each body is different and that each person mayexperience different symptoms. For me my brain struggled for about 6 weeks. Nothing I couldnt live with, Continue reading >>

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  1. puppydfh

    Where to buy CHEAP ketone strips?

    Ok, i'm ready to make the buy but been looking on Amazon at strips and meters and cant seem to find the right combo. Of course the strips should be Nova if I get a nova meter and same with the prescision or does what type of ketone strips matter with the meter?
    I read someone said they get the ketone strips from Canada for fairly cheap. I called the pharmacy at my clinic and they didnt have a clue as to what I was talking about.
    So I need to know if strips are meter specific or if they can go with any meter and where to buy cheapest strips for blood ketone meter.
    I'm all set and ready to order I just need to know what to order and many thanks!

  2. walkerwally1

    I bought the Precision Xtra meter on Amazon. I think it was around $18. I bought the strips from Buy Precision Xtra Online - Buy Prescriptions Online - Order Medications Online
    at $19.99 for 10 strips. I am sure that the strips are only good for the meters from the same manufactures. That is how they make their money. There is no generic test strip that I am aware of.

  3. Shanny

    I have the Nova Max Plus, and it requires Nova Max Plus ketone strips. My pharmacy has ten ketone strips for $20. I agree with Wally - there's no such thing as a generic strip - neither ketone nor glucose.

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This is a long video but I need your help with my Diabetes. I can not get my blood sugar down. I have tried everything and still can't get it down past an average of 175. I am so sick of eating chicken, greens, and greens and chicken. I need your help with recipes. Good recipes that are going to help me get my sugar down and make me feel like I am eating real food and not just 2 or 3 things day in and day out.

Help With Hypoglycemia

Im hoping for some insight. I attempted going keto last November (in solidarity with my husband). After 2-3 days I would end up with hypoglycemia in the mornings upon waking. BG would be 45/50/55 and I was shaky, exhausted, nauseated which endedin vomiting for hours in two occasions. So I went to my doc and all his tests were normal, so he sent me to an endocrinologist and all HIS tests were normal. The Endo diagnosed me with reactive hypoglycemia. Now I have two thoughts on this. The first is that RH is basically early T2D. The second is that the Endo isnt very smart since I never have hypos after eating I only have them when waking. I did a round or Whole30 in January. Not one hypo, and I was tracking my BG. I was frequently in the 60s but felt fine. I decided to try keto again as I want all the amazing benefits and nobody can find anything wrong with me. I started in March 1st, and have been pushing the sodium and magnesium. I felt great! Until this morning on day 7, woke up shaky and nauseated. My BG was 50. So I added about. 1/4 sweet potatoe into my breakfast. I know this lifestyle is important to my wellbeing- mainly for cancer resuction. Do I just go slowly? Is it possible Continue reading >>

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  1. joyfulloser

    This is an excerpt from a Personal Trainer on why weekly cheat meals help break plateaus and keep our metabolic engine revving.
    When you are dieting and in a submaintenance level for a prolonged time your metabolism, thyroid production, and leptin levels down regulate and this is usually when weight stalls or there is performace issues during training. The first thing people do on plateaus is reduce calories which actually makes things worse and causes your body to start storing fat to survive and you damage your metabolic rate as well. So when you cheat (calorie spike) it up-regulates your leptin horomone , which controls thyroid, test levels and GH. This basically jacks everything up and your body starts burning fuel more efficiently again.
    The thing is you shouldn't do this more than once every 7 days to make sure you need it and it works. This is very general as you really need to know how to read your body's bio-feedback to determine if a calorie spike is needed. Don't cheat just to cheat.
    I DO personally find that after a good cheat meal (approx 16-17 ounces of take out Jamaican curried chix, rice & peas, steamed cabbage...my favorite cheat), that I do usually drop a few lbs when I'm on a stall/slow down phase.
    How bout you? Do you have cheat meals? Cheat day? Discuss.

  2. BarristerGirl

    I have consciously decided to go off plan to break a plateau/stall. Oddly, I find that if I take the whole day off and eat whatever I want, I will definitely have a few lb drop on the scale over the next week, whereas if I just had a few bites of off plan food (I'm doing MediFast) the scale would stall for days.
    My most recent break was three days over Thanksgiving...longer than I had anticipated and the longest cheat than I've ever done. I gained 6-7 lbs, but have managed to lose 15 pounds in the two weeks that have followed. My first month of dieting I only lost 16, so this has really shocked and dumbfounded me.
    The obvious implication of cheating, especially when you experience a woosh after, is that it will develop binge/yo-yo eating habits. It's something I'm very conscious of, so I've spaced my cheat days out...usually one day every 6-8 weeks. I don't want to lose all this weight to end up in a cycle of binge-ing and restricting calories to lose every few days.

  3. rainbowsmiles

    i SURE DO WISH i had known this the 1st time around...part of the reason i gave up after losing 68 pounds was the 4 weeks of losing NOTHING even though i was cutting more and more out of my intake...
    this time around...i am so thankful for you sharing this!!!
    i will be READY now!!

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I recently filmed a vegetarian keto vlog and during my week of being veggie I chanced upon this recipe. I had plenty of coconut flour as well to use up. You folks spotted this paneer paratha in my vlog and so here I am to show you how to make this super versatile keto flat bread which is a naan and also a paratha and also an uttapam. So enjoy the recipe. Keto Connect's Garlic Naan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t794... Get the full recipe with macros at https://headbangerskitchen.com/recipe... If you like the show, support us on Patreon: http://patreon.com/headbangerskitchen Headbanger's Kitchen T-Shirts & Merch USA Merch Store: https://teespring.com/stores/headbang... Europe Merch Store: https://teespring.com/stores/headbang... India Store (T-Shirts): https://www.redwolf.in/headbangers-ki... India Store (Mugs): http://todphod.com/product/headbanger... Don't forget to Like, Share and Subscribe! Thank you for all your support! \m/ SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/zNENs3 Follow us on Social Media Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/headbangersk... Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HKTweets666 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/headbangerski... Official Website: http://www.headbangerskitchen

Hypoglycemia, Keto, And Me. : Keto

I just wanted to make a post for anyone who has hypoglycemia and is considering trying keto. I wish I had been able to find something like this when I was considering it because I was worried about how it would affect me, thinking it could be terrible for my health, considering hypoglycemia is low blood sugar and you're pretty much required to have ~0 intake of sugar in order to be in ketosis. Alas, my boyfriend, who'd done and loved keto in the past talked me into at least trying it.First, I'll start out with my symptoms before keto. Of course, as it goes, I would get headaches almost every night, get shaky, dizzy, hot, lightheaded, and often get to the point of being nauseous if I went even up to 4 hours between eating. Sucks. Of course, this didn't ALWAYS happen, but it lead to me eating more often than "necessary" and overeating. I was up to 168 lbs at my biggest, and as a 5'3 girl, that's fairly unhealthy. When I started keto, as I mentioned, I was worried that my symptoms would get worse due to not having sugar, which was my savior previously and the only way that I could get myself feeling normal again. But I thought I'd give it a shot, since I was over being tub-tub.My fir Continue reading >>

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  1. Member

    I've started a blog about my experiences with the ketogenic diet, covering (so far) background, preparation and being on the diet for a month.
    I hope people find it interesting and useful.


  2. Cletus

    Interesting stuff but would not work for me as I often stay in hotels and so would find it hard to do a fat based diet.
    I am using My Fitness Pal to count calories which has worked ok for me in the past.

    I was interested that you mentioned you swim for exercise and specifically fat loss. Is that a personal preference or do you find it more effective than jogging/cycling/gym etc.

  3. ratherbeintobago

    Does it not make your breath stink?

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