Ketosis Breath Smells Like Alcohol

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What Is Ketosis?

What is ketosis? Being in ketosis is truly a magical thing. Ketosis happens when your body starts producing ketone bodies instead of utilizing carbohydrates as energy. Both can be used as energy sources, but I find that converting to a fat-burner over a carbohydrate-burner to be most favorable. Signs of being in ketosis There are a few signs that could suggest you’re in ketosis: a metallic taste in mouth strong smelling urine random bursts of happiness (it’s weird, but it’s true!) decreased appetite How to get into ketosis The best way to get into ketosis is to immediately drop all major carb sources in your diet and focus on high-quality fats. Some find that going extremely low carb for a couple days will jumpstart ketone production and ultimately reaching a state of ketosis. Initially when you first remove a majority of carbohydrates from your diet, most people experience signs of lethargy and flu-like symptoms. This is what people consider the “low carb flu.” The low carb flu could last anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks. It’s important to stay extremely hydrated on a ketogenic diet, so much make sure you’re getting enough water and electrolytes. If you Continue reading >>

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  1. FatJessica

    > Ketosis taste in mouth?

    I caught a glimpse of a thread somewhere mentioning a taste in the mouth that some people get when they are in ketosis....anyone know what I'm talking about?

  2. MorganMac

    Yep, it's rather common. Ketone bodies (such as acetone) are excreted from the body in the breath and urine. Many people get "keto breath" for awhile when they start a LC diet :)

  3. FatJessica

    What does it smell like?

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