Ketosis Breath

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Ketosis Breath Have You Down? Beat It Today!

Your Ketogenic diet is going great! You’re losing weight, feeling better, and your prepared for a healthy life in Ketosis! Only problem is when you go to tell anyone about your diet they get a look of disgust and cover their nose. You ask a friend what he thinks the issue might be, and he only has one thing to say: “Ketosis Breath.” Ketosis Breath is an unfortunate side effect that befalls many Keto dieters. The important thing to remember is that it’s not just you, and it isn’t forever. There’s also an explanation and a solution for it. Why does Ketosis Breath happen? The Ketogenic diet is predicated on your body using fat as fuel instead of carbs. As you know, when your body begins to use fat as fuel, it releases Ketones into your bloodstream. Physicians suspect that the Ketosis breath comes from one of the Ketones know as Acetone. Acetone on your breath can manifest itself in a fruity, or rotten fruit smell. You have to remember, Acetone is the same chemical that’s in Nail Polish remover, which isn’t known for it’s amazing smell. The good news is that Ketosis means you’re hitting your dietary needs. The bad news is that you’re not getting a date any time so Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. boobear

    Hi everyone, I've done keto/low carb on/off last few years. Got really keto serious three weeks ago. On the whole last week my husband pretty much wanted to puke every time I spoke near him as he said my breath was soooo bad. I drink tons of water, chew gum etc. It was making me so self conscious that I went off the next day. It's been two days off and Breath is better but I really hate the way I feel eating carbs. Is there any tips for the keto breath, will it pass, and if so after how long??? It is literally the only thing that stops me from going back! Thanks in advance!

  2. Jessica

    They say that burning fat can cause bad breath due to chemicals released in the process. It's metabolic and not hygiene related. It doesn't usually last forever! Don't let it discourage you! Keep drinking lots of water

  3. boobear

    I'm trying really hard not too! I'm going to get back on tomorrow and keep ketoing but I hate being paranoid about my breath :(.

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