Ketosis Blood Test Results

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How To Know If You’re In Ketosis: A Guide To Testing Ketone Levels

Ketosis can be a powerful way to use your metabolism for fat loss, mental output, physical performance as well as many other health benefits. But how do you know if you’re actually in ketosis? As the old adage goes “test, don’t guess” when it comes to your health. In this guide, we’ll show exactly how to test your ketone levels to know if you’re in ketosis so you can make sure you’re getting all of the benefits that ketosis has to offer. There are three primary forms of ketones in your body, acetone, acetoacetate, and beta-hydroxybutryate. Each of these compounds do different things in the metabolism of ketosis and can be tested individually with differing techniques. Not all measurement is created equally, however, and some can be better than others for different purposes or times. The three different ketone bodies can be measured when they spill over into three different areas of your body: your breath, urine or blood. The good news is that all of these ketone level measurements can be done at home, by yourself. You don’t have to go to any lab or use any fancy high tech equipment. Tracking diligently, at least when you’re getting used to ketosis based diets, is Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Desley

    Help! I'm frustrated, I'm into my 2nd week on Induction & I'm still not into Ketosis. I've been keeping my carbs below 20 carbs a day.
    If fact I've been averaging 18. Testing my Urine every 2sd day for the recommended 15 seconds. Anybody got any ideas?

  2. Desley

    Have been reading some old posts (2011) about bringing on Ketosis by upping your fat intake using Coconut Oil. Has anyone got any info on this. What does Atkins think about this?

  3. Helen

    The ketostix are not always accurate. You may be in ketosis when they say you aren't.
    Are you thirsty all the time? Has your hunger gone away? Those are generally the best two ways to recognise that you are in ketosis.
    Saying that, while most people can achieve ketosis in 3-6 days, for some it can take a few weeks, especially if they are insulin resistant.
    Not sure about the Coconut oil (although it is good for you). I have read that it can help in ketogenic diets, but not sure if it will help in the case of Atkins.

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