Ketones With Low Blood Sugar

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Large Ketones - Low Blood Sugar!??

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Last night, dd went to bed. About an hour later she started sweating Since she was around 1 years old, she started to sweat after she fell asleep. I have asked ALL her peds, they all said it was normal. Last night was different, she was drenched. Her bs dropped about 30 points, but still normal. She continued to drop points, and sweat beyond relief. She finally stopped sweating, but was hot and clammy, and red the whole night. She continued to drop all night, and I brought her up. She didn't get dangerously low, because I was checking her so much. This morning I tell her to check ketones. I don't know why, she was low all night, and woke up with a low, but normal number. LARGE KETONES! Finally go the blood ketone meter, showed .0.2 So, within an hour, ketones were totally gone. She drank, drank, drank, ate carbs and got Novolog. Okay... My question, how the heck did she get LARGE KETONES with low blood sugar!? Google is not my friend with this question Called the doc, and they want me to get this new ped to do blood on tests on the sweating. Ketones just means you are burnin Continue reading >>

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  1. Aribika

    Hi all,
    I'm wondering if the eb pet community has any informed views on this.
    I think our 9 and a half month old puppy may have woken me twice when my blood sugar was low. I have Type 1 Diabetes and the first time I thought it was coincidence but now I think it may be more than that as her behaviour is quite different to when she normally gets into the bed room and jumps on the bed excitedly! By untrained I mean in the way of an assistance dog. She has general training in commands and manners and we've attended puppy school. She picks things up very quickly but can sometimes be a little head strong although my DH thinks she is overly submissive to him.
    Background is that she is a Kelpie Shepherd cross who sleeps in the open living area. She is not allowed in the bedrooms unless specifically invited and we use 2 sections of an old play pen to block the doorways to the halls to keep her in the living /dining area. I have no doubt that she could jump this if she wanted to but she doesn't. She seems to be able to move it across which is what she did the other morning and then came and licked my hand. She didn't even wake DH! My bsl was low but I was not sweaty and still functioning. The only 2 occasions that she has come in uninvited at night time is when my bsl was low. If she needs to go out at night she will knock on the gate and one of us hears that and lets her out for a wee.
    I've done some googling and there is some anecdotal evidence that this happens but I sort of assume the dogs are at least in the same room as the person.
    There is no doubt that she is a smart and extremely observant girl. I would call her hyper vigilant when we are out. And her guarding behaviour of her "pack" has been something we are working hard on in an effort to make her more approachable by unfamiliar people. She is a little over protective but we are making headway in that respect.
    Any thoughts of whether it is plausible that she just smells the difference in me and knows to wake me? And if so, any ideas about how to proceed/
    Many thanks.

  2. ipsee

    This dog is trained to detect the smell.

  3. Caribou

    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised. Dogs have remarkable sense of smell.
    It is possible Your dog is very attuned to you and the changes in your BSL. Training them to be professional detectors though is very expensive. They're usually started as a pup and constantly trained. I have a relative who has the most gorgeous greyhound trained to dectect his BSL he takes it everywhere with him, even to a funeral! But this dog was trained from birth really.
    Have a chat to your vet, they may have some tips or advice too.

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Ketones And Low Blood Sugar....

Ketones are totally normal in the human body. It's just when you get too many of them it gets dangerous. I have the same meter and usually test around .1 or .2 and it's fine. Read the instructions for your strips. I think it says you're in ketosis at .8 and above. Trust me, real ketosis will make you feel really sick and usually it comes with a blood sugar of 300 and above. You go into ketosis when you have little or no insulin. Happens when you forget your Lantus/Levemir or when your pump malfunctions. In case you are type 2, ketosis normally shouldn't be of concern anyway. Thank you for finding the brochure. I am printing it as we speak and I will keep it with my meter and my other important papers. For some strange reason I seem to have lost the instructions with my strips. In the beginning when I was first diagnosed I had a blood sugar of 450 (25) and I really did not feel well at all. Now quite a number of years later I was curious to see if a person registers ketones when your blood sugar is low. Then when I realized that maybe it also had something to do with low carbing - I was both concerned and curious. There are 2 ketone-related conditions, one (mostly) good and one bad Continue reading >>

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  1. derphamster

    Yes you were on the way to DKA, because you are not producing enough insulin to meet your body's needs whilst working out.
    You can go into DKA without your blood sugars being high if you have a mismatch in insulin requirement vs insulin output. The normal/low blood sugar DKA is quite rare but it can happen if the circumstances are right. You did the right thing to fight it, by having some carbs and protein and drinking a lot of water. If it repeats and you can't get the ketones down and you feel unwell you need to go to hospital. DKA can put you in a coma within hours so you need to take it seriously.
    I'd try to ease off doing hard workouts. You can still exercise but if this happens again you should rethink. You can also use this to back up your story at the doctors.

  2. joralo

    Thank you derphamster, you always give great advice in all of my threads. :) Now I'm even more scared....I feel even more wary of the oGTT now, I shouldn't take it if I react this badly. If I am on my way to DKA with just some exercise and not much food - how will I react when downing 75 g of glucose? Probably straight to DKA... I really don't know what to do, other than sit around and wait until I actually develop whatever form of diabetes I have - so that some doctor will finally help me out and take me seriously. Even if I took the oGTT - what if it's one of those rare unpredictable days where my body still handles it and at the 2nd hour it is < 200...I will be sent home as "glucose intolerant" and would still be none the wiser. This limbo state truly sucks, sorry had to vent.

  3. derphamster

    Don't worry, ogtt won't cause you to go into DKA. You'll still be making the same amount of insulin, which is obviously enough for normal activities (evidenced by your normal readings most of the time). DKA occurs not from high blood sugar, but from not having enough insulin for your needs. The reason you got ketones when you were exercising is that a workout drastically increases the body's need for insulin as there are hundreds of hungry muscles competing for fuel, which is delivered by insulin. When insulin can't keep up, the body must burn fat for fuel which generates ketones.
    I also forgot to mention that your lack of food (specifically, carbs) before your workout could also cause your body to produce more ketones due to not enough glucose. If you'll be doing something strenuous, consider having a 10-15g carb snack shortly beforehand.
    The high blood sugar normally associated with DKA is a result of too little insulin for the body's basic function, so even though a person is eating carbs, the sugar just stays in the blood and builds up to a high level. The high blood sugar is a symptom, not a cause.

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High Ketones But Low Blood Sugar

Diabetes Forum The Global Diabetes Community Find support, ask questions and share your experiences. Join the community I have been off work ill for the last week with the wonderful winter vomiting virus. Im pretty much ok from it now. BEcuase ive not been well I have followed the rules and tested a bit more than usual, and my readings have been low as expected as ive only really just got my apetite back. What i didnt know i should be doing was checking urine for ketones. Historically ive not got more than a + when bs has been 15+. Now that i have been testing, im getting readings of ++++, a super dark browney purple colour, but my bs is only 9. bumping this in the hopes someone can help. Because you haven't been eating you are burning fat for energy and the by-product is the ketones. You can stop this if you can keep some carbs down and give yourself insulin. You are Type 1 I gather. My son's doctor wasn't overly concerned about the ketones when he last had the vomits but I certainly kept an eye on the amount over the course of the illness. You do have to manage ketones and blood sugar while sick but it isn't always easy. I have a blood ketone tester as urine ones aren't really v Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. CharleneRed

    Sick child with normal blood sugar but ketones in urine?

    My 5yr old has type 1, and has the flu. Her blood sugar is pretty normal to sometimes low as she does not want to eat but is drinking fluids. I tested her urine for ketones and they are 2+. I was told to increase her bg and give insulin every hour. does this make any sense?

  2. foxl

    2+ seems high. Ketones can simply indicate that you are burning fat as fuel -- either your own or dietary.
    My non-D daughter, now 10, used to get horrible ketone breath because when ill, she would NOT EAT!
    But GIVE INSULIN every HOUR??? No.

  3. furball64801

    I would not think insulin every hour could be regulated and you would have the stacking affect, make sure she has plenty of fluid.

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