Ketones With Low Blood Sugar

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Ketones: Clearing Up The Confusion

Ketones, ketosis, ketoacidosis, DKA…these are words that you’ve probably heard at one point or another, and you might be wondering what they mean and if you need to worry about them at all, especially if you have diabetes. This week, we’ll explore the mysterious world of ketones, including if and how they may affect you. Ketones — what are they? Ketones are a type of acid that the body can form if there’s not enough carbohydrate to be burned for energy (yes, you do need carbs for fuel). Without enough carb, the body turns to another energy source: fat. Ketones are made in the liver from fat breakdown. This is called ketogenesis. People who don’t have diabetes can form ketones. This might occur if a person does extreme exercise, has an eating disorder, is fasting (not eating), or is following a low-carbohydrate diet. This is called ketosis and it’s a normal response to starvation. In a person who has diabetes, ketones form for the same reason (not enough carb for energy), but this often occurs because there isn’t enough insulin available to help move carb (in the form of glucose) from the bloodstream to the cells to be used for energy. Again, the body scrambles to fi Continue reading >>

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  1. norcaltype2

    Hope you can tell me if this is something I should see a doctor RIGHT away, or maybe just soon but not immediately.
    The last two or three days I have been having frequent urination, but my BG scores are low (between 79 and 89 fasting, and had a 79 last night before bed, but haven't been testing after meals).
    Also bought some Ketone test strips from CVS and ran a test and the color was slightly between negative and trace amounts of ketones. I passed it through mid-stream, so I truly think I was doing it right.
    I do have some lower back pain though, and that has me worried.
    My eyesight seems stable, and I have been a BIT thirstier than usual, but nothing really too noticable.
    I know I hsould make an appointment to see the doctor, but do I need to go to the ER???
    I have been drinking a LOT of coffee (like, 8 cups a day) and been getting very little sleep due to work.
    Can frequent urination be caused by too LOW of BG level? (because a 79 for me is pretty low... I used to be averageing closer to 100-110)
    I am on 3,000mg of Metformin daily. Childrens asprin and a blood pressure med (can't remember the name off hand).
    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

  2. maryd98

    Hi, norcaltype2,
    I've never heard of frequent urination being caused by low BG. (And at 79-89 FBG, your BG isn't 'technically' or dangerously low by any means.)
    My guess is that something else is going on, unrelated to diabetes.
    I'm guessing it's the "a LOT of coffee" you've been drinking; heavy (or light, or medium) caffeine intake can do that to a body. I suppose it might be a UTI or something like that.
    If I were you, I'd probably cut back on the caffeine and see if that makes a difference. If not, then I might see a doctor about it, but I wouldn't go to the ER. (Remember, the "E" in "ER" stands for "emergency." This doesn't sound like an emergency to me. YMMV)
    Good luck!

  3. morrisolder

    yeah--frequent urination is only related to high blood sugar levels--over 180, not low ones. So unless you're not testing at all at other times than fasting, and soaring way high when you're not testing, it is unrelated to your blood sugar levels.
    Too much coffee? Maybe UTI, maye... or soem thing else

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