Ketones When To Go To Hospital

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Sick Days

When you’re unwell, you need to take extra care. As a person with diabetes, when you are sick your body’s increased production of stress hormones will cause your blood glucose levels to rise. Make sure you keep a list of contact numbers for your doctor, Credentialled Diabetes Educator, hospital and ambulance by the phone. If possible, have a friend or relative come and regularly check on you. You can also see our information sheets on sick days with type 1 type 2 diabetes in our Publications and Resources section. When you’re sick, you should continue to take your usual dose of insulin. Never stop taking or reduce your insulin dose. Sometimes when you are sick you may need more insulin or extra doses of insulin. Contact your doctor or Credentialled Diabetes Educator if your illness lasts for more than one day, or if you vomit more than three times in a day, to discuss whether your insulin needs to be changed. Eat according to how you feel and what food you can tolerate. If you can’t eat your usual meals, make sure you have small low-fat snacks at regular intervals throughout the day (for example, toast, crackers, boiled rice, soup, low-fat custard or ice-cream). If you can Continue reading >>

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  1. Ketones

    Was told by my doctor today I have ketones in my urine, has anybody else had this? Been suffering with bad sickness barely keeping anything down, even water.

  2. AidaBomb

    Found this website, I hope it's helpful.


  3. JLynDitz229

    I haven't had it myself, but it's usually a sign you aren't eating enough carbs. Recommended minimum during pregnancy is 175g carbs a day. Talk to your OB about your morning sickness and inability to keep food down.

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