Ketones Meaning

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  1. bhurley10

    Started lazy keto 12 weeks ago and after 2 weeks, I felt amazing so decided to get stricter with it and I also hired a personal trainer and started weight lifting 5 times a week under her guidance.
    About a month ago, I started limiting my carbs to less than 7g and started following my macros and supplementing and I also added protein shakes.
    I'm now the poster child for using fat to feed my workouts instead of sugary fixes and I've never felt better. I went from pretty stationary to now lifting 10-12 hours a week and I feel AMAZING.
    This is what 12 weeks did.

  2. GrandZebraCrew

    Jeans improvement for the win! But next time post real progress pictures! LOL.

  3. bhurley10


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Ketones - Meaning In Hindi

Sorry, we did not find an exact match. Browse top entries in English to Hindi dictionary English to Hindi Dictionary: ketones Meaning and definitions of ketones, translation in Hindi language for ketones with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of ketones in Hindi and in English language. Tags for the entry "ketones" What ketones means in Hindi, ketones meaning in Hindi, ketones definition, examples and pronunciation of ketones in Hindi language. Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. ryuten

    How long can I stay in Ketosis

    Hey guys, I've done Keto in the past where I'd refeed on Saturdays, then back to Low Carb on Sundays until Friday, then refeed again Saturday.
    At the time I was doing strongman and I wanted to keep my strength/muscle mass.
    Right now I am doing Muay Thai and BJJ. I work out like 2-3 hrs a day. I just want to lose as much weight as possible and as quickly possible. I am not too worried about losing "too much weight" in a week because I know my conditioning will improve as I get skinnier.
    So, I am wondering how long can I go before I have to refeed? I know the brain needs glucose to function, so I am worried about going on for too long. So far I've been in Ketosis state since Tuesday morning when I woke up.

  2. Carus

    The brain can do just fine on the glucose your body harvests from dietary protein, that's not what carb ups are for. Carbs ups are a reset switch for important metabolic hormones like leptin and T3. Some people do well for weeks on end in ketosis; I'm certainly not one of those people. Plus, the added physiological benefits of a weekly carb up are more than worth it.

  3. Cowmustard

    if my understanding is correct, the more bf your carrying the longer you can go before your body starts catabolizing lean mass for carbs. I think some people have done SKD(straight keto diet) for months on end without much lm loss as long as they watch their activity and such.
    now you being a combative athlete does change the figure(I do the MT/BJJ route as well). I seem to preserve lm better when taking my BCAA supps, plenty of sleep, and getting about 2 tbs coconut oil a day.

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ke·tone an organic chemical compound containing the carbonyl group, CO, in combination with two hydrocarbon radicals Origin of ketone German keton, arbitrary variant, variety of French acétone: see acetone ketone noun Any of a class of organic compounds, such as acetone, characterized by having a carbonyl group in which the carbon atom is bonded to two other hydrocarbon groups and having the general formula R(CO)R′, where R may be the same as R′. Origin of ketone German Keton shortening and alteration of Aceton acetone Latin acētum vinegar ; see acetum . German -on n. suff. ( alteration of -en ) ( from Greek -ēnē ) Related Forms: ke·ton′ic THE AMERICAN HERITAGE® DICTIONARY OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE, FIFTH EDITION by the Editors of the American Heritage Dictionaries. Copyright © 2016, 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved. ketone Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. AddictedtoCatFace

    I have been on and off keto for about a year now. Started at 5'10 and 210 and down to 165. I normally eat a vegan diet and have no problem getting and maintaining and erection. I've noticed though when I'm deep into Keto that I feel great, no brain fog and lots of energy but I've been have issues keeping an erection or in general getting turned on without direct stimuli. I've researched around and it seems other people have experienced this as well.
    I'm wondering if I may just be too low of carb. I am thinking about integrating some healthy carbs back into my diet such as beans or something of that sort. My conundrum is like sex and have a partner that does too but I also do not what to go out of keto as I feel confident, out going, and generally great while on it.
    If anyone has had this and found anything to help please let me know! Thank you.
    UPDATE: (maybe NSFW but i'll try to keep it G rated): First of all if you have never eaten a meatless / dairy free diet do not ask someone who is if they are getting enough protein. There is a thing called google if you truly care then research, there are tons of resources and books on the subject, but I highly honestly don't think you will. Protip: maybe ask about B12, as it's hard to find in a vegan diet, I take supplements just incase because it can wreck havoc if you are deficient though it's very hard to be deficient in it.
    Now the possibly NSFW part(tl;dr at end): So took the advice of ate a little more, took double dose of vit d(even though I get a good amount of sun here in Southern OR), and put a little carbs in(split a can of chili with my SO). Usually I am around the lower end of 30-50 carbs. I upped it to about 75. Last night had a little fun time with the lady(she also having a harder time getting aroused). It went well but was still sort of a weaker erection than the norm. So I wake up at 5 am with a cat head and paw resting on my erection. I move him off and spoon him instead trying to go back to sleep. My SO wakes up to pee, feeling a bit sick(sore throat, not sure from carbs or coincidence as it happened while integrating more). I tell her I can't sleep and tell her whats going on and that I'm going to relieve said erection. I pee and waste some time browsing reddit/check email all while still maintaining. This started at 6:00 am. About 6:20 I'm like, "oh yeah I need to take care of this". 6:40 business handled but still erect. Stayed that way until about 7:00 am, as I wrote this it started going down... guess my brain needed to borrow some power.
    TL;DR: Increased calories, vit d, and carbs. Woke up with cat cuddling erection. Maintained for 2 hours.

  2. erixsparhawk

    Calorie issue! Just one day a week with a massive keto refeed where you stuff yourself with fat and protein. Will fix your libido problem.

  3. anbeav

    Yup, high deficits will kill libido

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