Ketones In Urine During Pregnancy

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Urine Tests During Pregnancy

Will my practitioner ask me for a urine sample at each prenatal visit? Practices vary a lot from office to office. Your practitioner will likely ask you for a urine sample at your first prenatal visit and send it to a lab for a complete urinalysis. Some practitioners will continue to ask for a urine sample at each visit (or once a trimester) and they will usually test it by dipstick right in the office. Others will not ask for a sample again unless you're having symptoms that would warrant a urine test. Some will give you specific instructions for how to produce a "clean-catch midstream specimen," while others will just ask you to pee a little bit into a cup. How do I produce a "clean-catch midstream specimen"? You're given a specimen cup and an antiseptic wipe and sent to the rest room to produce a urine sample. First, wash your hands. Then, with clean fingers, separate your labia and clean your vulva from front to back with the wipe. Urinate for a few seconds into the toilet and then slip the cup under the stream until you collect enough for the sample. (Avoid touching the inside of the cup with your fingers.) Then finish urinating into the toilet. Put the cap on the cup and deli Continue reading >>

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  1. ketones

    What are ketones? I was diagnosed with GD but wasn't really told what they were. I called my dr now waiting to here back. My sugar levels are normal, I'mSo stressing. My ketone levels in my urine were very high.

  2. Mamamons

    Ketones are released when your body burns fat. So ketones in your urine when pregnant may signal you need to eat more/change your diet

  3. j

    Ketones appear in your urine, when your body begins burning stored fat b/c there are not carbohydrates to use for energy. Good for dieting, bad during pregnancy. I have GD and have to test every morning for ketones. My dietitian made me increase my carb intake to get rid of ketones. Unfortunately, the added carbs made my sugar levels too high. Hence, my GD could not be controlled by diet alone

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