Ketones In Urine During Pregnancy

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Urinalysis - Testing The Urine During Pregnancy

One of the tests done routinely ate each prenatal visit is the urine test or urinalysis which checks mostly for sugar, protein, blood, and leucocytes. The very first thing you think about when you hear the words "urine test" in pregnancy is a pregnancy test, to check for the presence of hCG the pregnancy hormone in the urine. But once your pregnancy has been diagnosed, the words "urine test" take on a whole different meaning. During each prenatal visit you are usually asked to urinate and collect a small sample of clean, midstream urine in a sterile plastic cup and the urine is then checked for the presence of certain indicators for different problems. Chemically prepared testing strips are dipped into your sample of urine to screen for certain indicators. More in-depth analysis may be done by having your urine sample assessed by a laboratory. This urine test or urinalysis test checks for for high levels of sugars, proteins, ketones, white blood cells, and bacteria for: bladder or kidney infections, diabetes, dehydration preeclampsia Protein Higher levels of protein may suggest a possible urinary tract infection, or kidney disease. Preeclampsia may be a concern if higher levels of Continue reading >>

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  1. chele

    During my last urine sample at hospital they noted ketones in my urine. They never mentioned it, but it's got me worried. I'm seeing midwife on Friday and will do another test, but why on earth are there ketones in my urine??!!
    I ate a sandwich before my sample so it's not due to low carbs. I'm not dieting. Ok I've put no weight on, but haven't lost any either (which I admit to finding weird as I've not exactly been eating healthily)
    What could it be due to? Should I worry?

  2. vicky84

    there was leukocytes in mine on thurs and i dont know what that means either!!

  3. chele

    leukocytes is when ur body is fighting off an infection. You might not even know you have one and could be anything such as your body recoverng from a small cut even.
    Anyone else any help on the ketones?

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Moof's Medical Biochemistry Video Course: http://moof-university.thinkific.com/... In this video, I describe how Ketone Bodies are oxidized for energy. The liver makes ketone bodies that travel through the blood to extrahepatic tissues, where they are oxidized in the mitochondrial matrix to give energy. The pathway begins with D--Hydroxybutyrate, as it is oxidized to Acetoacetate by the same D--Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase reaction (except in reverse). The Acetoacetate is then activated to Acetoacetyl-CoA by -Ketoacyl-CoA Transferase (also known as Thiophorase); this second step takes a Coenzyme A from Succinyl-CoA (an intermediate of the Krebs Cycle). The Acetoacetyl-CoA is then cleaved into two Acetyl-CoA molecules that can go through the Krebs Cycle to be oxidized, resulting in energy that cell can use. Ultimately, the liver is basically sending Acetyl-CoA that it isnt metabolizing to other tissues (by way of Ketone Bodies in the blood) so that those other tissues can utilize the Acetyl-CoA. However, sometimes, the extrahepatic tissues do not oxidize the ketone bodies rapidly enough to keep up with the pace at which they are arriving from the blood. This is a problem described

Ketone Bodies In Urine During Pregnancy: Normal, Diet, Causes

Pregnancy is characterized by increased attention to the condition of women. Ketone bodies in urine during pregnancy are indicators of abnormalities. The purpose of the tests will help the doctor to diagnose problems, to take action quickly to solve problems. Urinalysis is the most frequent procedure during pregnancy, allowing to identify the excess that indicates how the body copes with the arising load. General information Ketone — products of metabolism formed in the liver during the breakdown of fats and release of energy. Normal broken down and eliminated from the body, in this case, the traces in the urine are not detected. During pregnancy ketone bodies are sometimes formed faster, increasing the burden on the liver. Urologists ketones in urine during pregnancy is called ketonuria. Pathology is dangerous for the mother and for the child as it leads to intoxication. What is the normal during pregnancy? The body can excrete 20-50 mg of ketones. Such content is excreted in the urine. The level of substances in the urine gives you the opportunity to follow the normal course of pregnancy. When the ketones are elevated can cause: diabetes mellitus; a sedentary lifestyle; bad hab Continue reading >>

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  1. silver lady

    As the above asks.
    Replies greatly appreciated XO XO R.

  2. silver lady

    any one???

  3. silver lady


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Moof's Medical Biochemistry Video Course: http://moof-university.thinkific.com/... In this video, I detail the pathway of Ketone Body Synthesis, commonly known as Ketogenesis. Ketogenesis occurs in the mitochondrial matrix of hepatocytes (liver cells). The pathway begins with the condensation of two Acetyl-CoA molecules, forming an Acetoacetyl-CoA (catalyzed by Thiolase). The second step involves the condensation of another Acetyl-CoA molecule to form HMG-CoA (catalyzed by HMG-CoA Synthase). The third step is the cleavage of HMG-CoA, producing Acetoacetate (a ketone body), while releasing an Acetyl-CoA. Acetoacetate can 1) be decarboxylated (either spontaneous or enzymatically by Acetoacetate Decarboxylase) to yield Acetone (another ketone body) or 2) be reduced to D--Hydroxybutyrate by D--Hydroxybutyrate Dehydrogenase, requiring an NADH as a coenzyme. Its worth mentioning that this pathway does NOT occur to a great extent in healthy people under normal conditions. It happens to a very minimal extent, and very few ketone bodies are synthesized during normal physiology. For a suggested viewing order of the videos, information on tutoring, personalized video solutions, and an opportu

Norm Of Ketone Bodies During Pregnancy

Ketone bodies during pregnancy are another analysis that must be passed on to a future mother. Ketone bodies are in the urine, and allow you to determine how the pregnancy is, whether there is an infection in the body or everything is in order. Any woman will be useful to know why during pregnancy, so often pass urine tests, and that it can be learned. Let's consider what ketone bodies are, how they affect pregnancy, and what is their norm in the urine of a pregnant woman. Ketone bodies during pregnancy should be kept in small amounts in the urine. As a rule, the allocation of ketoids in knocks from 20 to 50 mg. In the general analysis of urine, these indicators are almost not perceptible. Therefore, every pregnant woman should take special tests to determine this indicator. The increased value of ketone bodies in urine is considered pathology, that is ketonuria. Ketone bodies during pregnancy are manifested in the event that in the female body there is an infection also, they can talk about early toxicosis. Ketone bodies poison the body of a pregnant woman with acetone, this complicates the process of bearing a baby. Jumps ketone bodies can be observed with a sharp decrease in the Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Samantha K(239)

    Ketones and Glucose in Urine

    Hi Guys,
    Any advice would be much appreicated.
    I went to the midwife on wednesday for my usual appointment along with my first urine sample of the day, she said there are presance of Ketones and Glucose, she asked me when i had last eaten which would of been like 12 hours ago and also if i had eaten junk or sugary food which i hadn't, she kind of gave me like a hmmmm as if she thought something was wrong and then told me too ask my own midwife at 28week appointment (4 weeks time) cause she was standing in. I didn't really think much of this until i was told that ketones and glucose can be a sign of diabetes in pregnancy.
    I read some other symptoms online and fall under pretty much them all, blurred vision, excessive passing of urine, i remember having a conversation with my mum about 3 weeks ago that i had a never ending thirst that couldn't be cured no matter how much i drunk. I absolutely NEED to eat every 2 hours otherwise i start feeling really unwell, i go really pale and get the shakes. Also my baby already measures 2 weeks bigger than he is and so does my bump.
    I don't know whether to follow midwifes advise and wait another 4 weeks or contact my own midwife and ask her about it and my symptoms? Even if i could only change my diet to suit diabetes until i get my proper bloods taken i wouldn't mind but i wouldn't even know where to start!

  2. Rachelle M(11)

    Morning! try not to worry about the results of your urine. Gestational diabetes is just that, gestational only. If I were you I would probably be phoning the midwives, expecting you to wait for weeks isn't very good! Your pregnant, worrying about what's best for your baby and hormones are flying all over, and they have given you something to worry about for a month! I'm sure they will understand if you phone and say your worried and want to come in to discuss it further - they aren't aloud to turn you down. If it turns out it is gestational diabetes the sooner you know, the sooner you can do something about it. Xx

  3. Liz F(48)

    hi i'm no expert,, bt i thibk for you own peace of mind book to see your midwife,
    ketones cud be cuz you havent eaten for a while,,, bt like you sed excessive thirst cud also be diabeties
    i am diabetic (not pg though) and never ending thirst is a biggy for me
    it cud also be nothing at all, bt best get checked so you can put your mind at rest
    liz xx

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