Ketones In Urine But No Glucose

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Blood In Urine And Ketones?

jay711 wrote: I'm starting a new job soon, but before I'm given an official offer I have to be tested for alcohol and drug abuse. I had the test yesterday, which involved a urine test. My urine was very yellow, and the doctor asked if I had been drinking enough water as it usually means a person is dehydrated. Then the doctor put a strip in my sample. She said the strip indicated that my urine seems to have blood in it and ketones (not sure of the correct spelling). She said ketones are usually present in diabetics... but if I was diabetic then the strip would have shown glucose aswell as ketones, but as there was no glucose it's unlikely to be diabetes. She also said ketones are common in people who are hungry for a long period of time.... my diet has been very poor lately due to work pressure and I'm only having 2 meals a day. The thing that concerns me is the blood in the urine. The blood wasn't visible to the naked eye. She said sometimes it can be discolouration due to something you've eaten like beetroot, but I haven't eaten any beetroot lately, althought I did have tomatoe ketchup on my fries just before the test, could this be one of the causes? I forgot to mention it to he Continue reading >>

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  1. karen78

    Hi there,
    I just have my blood test result few weeks back. In my urine test, protein was trace and that the ketone with 2+ was found. What does all this mean?
    Anyone know this? Please help.

  2. karen78

    Hi Rntdj,
    Thanks for your help.
    During the blood test, I also test for the diabetes. And it shows that my glucose level is 4.5 mmol/l. My diet, I do not think that it's normal becuase I am avoiding (take less) food which is consider as sweet, contain fat or oily food. I am scared to gain any weight. My appetide is not that good so I eat less, facing symptom of hand shaking, tired, lack of energy, dizzy mostly. I do not use alcohol. So, does it mean that I am having malnutrition?
    About protein found in urine, does it also mean that there is possibility the kidney is facing some infection ie vagina infection etc? How about drink less plain water ie mean seldom drink water or any type of drinks?
    Awaiting for your reply.

  3. Theresa Jones

    is with in normal limits. When the nutrition requirements are less than a person's food intake the body begins using it's own stores in an attempt to halt starvation. Malnutrition can be very serious as initial signs or symptoms may be slow to appear but once they become apparent damage can already be done. My first suggestion is improve your diet. A healthy diet will provide your body with energy to function without causing weight gain. You need adequate fluid intake/water to keep you body hydrated. I would suggest that if your physician is not aware that your dietary habits are less than adequate you discuss this with him/her to find a healthy approach. Malnutrition or starvation is not the answer.

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Ask The Diabetes Team

Question: From Europe: My six-year-old son has a respiratory viral infection and a fever as high as 39.7 C (103.5 F). We gave him some paracetamol and he felt better. This is the second day of his infection and we will go to see the doctor today. My son is not diabetic. Yesterday, I checked his urine sample for ketones, just to be sure he is taking enough food and water. He peed first thing in the morning (that sample was not checked) and then next time maybe 8 to 10 hours after that. I know this is not good, but he simply didn't want to drink and ate only relative small amounts of food. In that sample, I found some ketones (no surprise), but also some glucose, 0.25%. No need to say that I was horrified. After that, I checked his urine every time he peed (three times all together--amounts of urine were not excessive) but found no glucose, and ketones were on and off, depending of how much he ate. When he didn't starve, his ketones were negative. He does not show any of typical signs of diabetes, like polydipsia, polyphagia or frequent urination. I wasn't able to check his blood glucose yet, but certainly will. I know how DKA looks like and I'm quite positive that he doesn't have it Continue reading >>

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  1. Pixi

    Q's ~ Can a Pre-Diabetic have Ketones in their urine?

    Hi Guys, sorry if this is a dumb question/s, but I can't find an answer on Google that I can comprehend well - much of it seems to relate to fully diagnosed Typed Diabetics.
    I'm wondering if it's possible for a glucose intolerant person to be able to register Ketones in their urine? I ask because I tested today due to feeling even more horribly fatigued than usual and having a niggling dragging/drawing pain in my mid-lower back, which 12 hours later is still there...
    I was using Keto-Diastix and got a reading of 60-70ml/dL (6-7mmol/L) and the test strip turned a dark pinky brown, which surprised me. The glucose detector strip didn't react at all, so no sugar was found in that sample. The sample was very, very concentrated even though I drink water like a fish and wee all day & night! I tested again in case it was a duff stick and had the same result. My meter said BS was 6.9 at the time...
    My numbers have been the best I've seen them, keeping under 7.1 (127.8) today, so unless there was a spike I didn't notice or record, how could this be? I thought glucose had to be really high to get a Ketone reading? Yesterday, I was bouncing around a lot between 4.2 (75.6) which is low for me as I run at an average of 7.9 & it hit 13.2 (237.6) 2 hours after dinner & stayed up for about 6 hours even though I'm trying to control this thing with a low carb diet & some gentle exercise due to impaired mobility.
    I have a non-alcoholic fatty liver and long term high cholesterol (9.9 on meds) and am a vegetarian, so my diet has never been overly bad. I feel like death warmed up, like a flat battery, but am not sick with a cold or bug etc. I am losing some weight quickly according to people around me, although I am only podgy around the tummy.
    Is there a difference between having glucose intolerance and having Insulin resistance, or is this the same thing? My FGTT, which did not run the full 2 hours - recorded me at 8.2, so I got tagged as being glucose intolerant and not diabetic although it happens all the time at home when I do experiments...
    I am changing GP's soon as the current one was a dud. He gave me no info at all and didn't even recommend a follow-up consult. I will be requesting a repeat FGTT and other tests as I need to sort this out fast... The only education I am getting is from the net and what I can figure out - it is all very overwhelming and I 'aint no rocket scientist for sure!
    If this Ketone thing is accurate & there is protein coming out - does that mean I have to do something other than what I am already doing? Do I need to report it to a GP? Or is it just part of daily life with glucose troubles? I realise it can be fatal for many full-on diabetics if it gets out of hand... Is it a sign there maybe more trouble in store?
    Does anyone recommend Milk Thistle or digestive enzymes etc.? I am taking a slow release low carb energy supplement called "Glucerna SR", is it helpful to anyone else out there? Any drawbacks?
    Thanks for putting up with my wonderings...

  2. Kaki

    Hi, I myself had ketoacidosis a few years back, but my bg levels were over 550 due to a necrotic infection, and I have been T2 since 1995. I would not think you would have ketoacidosis if you are not classified diabetic, just yet, my sister was glucose intolertant for a period of maybe 1-2 years before being classified T2 diabetic. Please count your blessings that you have not been diagnosed a full blown diabetic, and I would maintain an exercise and diet regimen to keep that glucose intolerant condition at bay for as long as possible, having diabetes is a lifelong journey and sometimes a struggle to keep it in check for your health's sake.

  3. Stump86

    Glucose intolerance is caused by insulin resistance so for simplicity yes they're the same.
    Ketones are formed from the breakdown of fat and protein and are formed when their is insufficient energy in the form of glucose. Non-diabetics can get ketones but they are much more common in starving and diabetic individuals. Having them just means that your body thinks it's not getting enough glucose, either from not eating enough or as is more commonly the case in diabetics from there being insufficient effective insulin. So diabetics who have high BG levels often have ketones but it's not the high BG levels themselves which cause ketones. The same thing that causes levels to get high (not enough insulin or not enough carbs) is the same thing that causes the production of ketones. The relationship is a correlation, not a cause.
    You should probably notify your doc if you have ketones as it's not normal unless you want them (on a ketone inducing diet), but they are also not dangerous unless they build up to a level to affect the pH of your body which cause diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).
    Ketone formation is inhibited by insulin so if you're pre-diabetic and still producing enough insulin of your own they should go away on their own, but it's still a good idea to let your doc know.

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When To Worry About Ketones

“Your blood sugar is over 250. We’ll have to test for ketones, just to make sure you’re not spilling any.” The nurse stuck a label featuring my name and date of birth onto a plastic cup. “The bathroom is down the hall and to the right,” she said. By now, I was familiar with the drill, having experienced it a handful of times in the past: Provide urine sample to endocrinologist and keep my fingers crossed that it’s negative. Fortunately, it was—no ketones spilled. Though we often toss the word ketones around when we talk about diabetes, there tends to be confusion about what ketones are and when they’re dangerous. What are ketones? Ketone bodies are produced by the liver and are byproducts of fat metabolism. They occur when muscles in the body (which normally uses glucose as fuel) begin to use fat instead. This can happen when a person restricts carbohydrates (i.e., following a ketogenic diet—see below), eats too little, or feels ill. Simply put, ketones are markers of fat burning in the body. People with diabetes need to be concerned about ketones, though, because they can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. The presence of ketones makes the blood acidic Continue reading >>

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  1. Cydonia

    I'm 32 weeks, had a check up with MW on Friday where everything was fine. Sat and Sun I had a little bit of brownish discharge, but only a little and there was normal discharge too. Being a worrier (!) I decided to test my pee while I was at work- I work in a vets and we use the same dipsticks as they do in the doctors.I was looking for blood, but It came up positive for ketones, but not glucose which I thought was a bit strange? I thought you'd see ketones in a more long term, undiagnosed diabetes and therefore there would always be glucose too? Does anyone know any other causes of ketonuria? Could acidic urine affect the test as pH was 6.5? Couldnt really find anything useful online, don't know if I should be worried and ring MW tomorrow.

  2. atalantis

    I had traces of ketones in my urine at one of my early-ish MW appointments (am 38 wks now and can't remember which appt it was; maybe at 16 wks?). The MW suggested it was probably just because I was hungry and my body was starting to use up its own resources. The appointment was just before lunchtime and I'd been running around all morning. Apparently, ketones (without glucose) are often found in the urine of women who are suffering from severe morning sickness, though this wasn't the case with me. My subsequent appointments were all fine. If you're worried, though, there's no harm in getting this checked out.

  3. MissTapestry

    Ketones can be found when someone has a very high fat, low carb/sugar diet (think extreme Atkins)

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