Ketones In Breast Milk

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Atkins For Breastfeeding Mothers

For new mothers, losing weight is probably the furthest thing from their minds and in my opinion, this is exactly as it should be. I think that in our culture mothers are sometimes expected to bounce back to ‘normal’ as though nothing has changed! In reality, everything has changed and you have a lot more important things to think about in those first few weeks or months. As well as getting to know your baby, establishing breastfeeding, adjusting your sleeping patterns and often your expectations you need to try to give yourself time to rest and recover. However, at some point when you feel ready to begin losing the baby weight and you have consulted with your doctor, the Atkins Nutritional Approach is an excellent choice. This is true no matter how you feed your baby but when breastfeeding there are some extra considerations so I’ll focus on these for this article. Won’t breastfeeding make me lose the baby weight? While breastfeeding certainly helps with losing the baby weight more quickly, it’s not a magic fix. Just as you cannot ‘out-train a bad diet’ you can’t ‘out-breastfeed a bad diet’ either! There are many many regular gym goers and marathon runners that Continue reading >>

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  1. Nessaleah

    Are ketones in breast milk harmful for the baby? Does anyone know what effect, if any, ingesting ketones could have on a growing baby?

  2. mama22boys

    From the info that I have come across I believe it is not really known for sure. Possibly not enough (or any) studies done extensively on it. Not too many moms out there wanting to expose their babes to high amounts ketones for the sake of science. Some say they have tested their milk and have had low (or no) levels of ketones in their milk. Some say to stay out of ketosis for the duration of BFing. I believe the Atkins books say to go with Maintainence levels of carbs while BFing just to be safe. How old your baby is, how often they nurse, your own body make up and your weight loss experience will all determine how you want to execute your LC lifestyle and WOE. Good Luck figuring out how to tweak the plan if needed to fit your and your baby's needs.
    One thing I was concerned about was the toxins that are stored in fat cells being released while losing weight. My body is releasing fat slowly, so I haven't really had to worry too much about high levels of toxins in my breastmilk. Plus my babe is now 20 months, was 14 months when I started and so I was not is primary food source anymore when I started seriously LCing.

  3. PUSH

    It has been my experience that there have been no ketones in my milk even as low as induction (which sadly I'm back at after having my beautiful baby girl this past April). My friend is a dairy farmer, she tells me that almost ALL cows go into ketosis after having a calf, and that the milk is fine by processing standards (so you might be drinking milk from cows with ketones happening) only it sometimes affects the taste but that the calfs dont' seem to mind (and if it did my milk, my son didn't seem to mind at all!). As for affecting their health.. my doctor will testify that it never affected my son at all... and I was on induction for 2 months when he was 6-8 months old (and nursing exclusively)... he was perfect at all checkups and gaining more than enough weight and healthy as a "horse".
    SO... I'd rest easy... make sure you get TONS of veggies as that will be a mainstay of calcium for you as milk is high in carbs, and you need the calcium to boost your milk (well, also to prevent it leaching it from your bones leaving you more prone to osteoarthritis later in life).
    Make sure also to keep your water intake up, it drains fluid to nurse (no duh! LOL!) and if you don't make sure you have enough you can end up feeling pretty woozy.. and you risk your milk having trouble letting down.
    Good luck!
    And wish me luck.. I'm back at the begining again (I always gain so much while pg since i"m on bedrest and pretty much feel like tossing it all day so I eat lots of carby foods... argh!). 5 lbs down, FIFTY something to go. sigh.

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