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Excess ketones are dangerous for someone with diabetes... Low insulin, combined with relatively normal glucagon and epinephrine levels, causes fat to be released from fat cells, which then turns into ketones. Excess formation of ketones is dangerous and is a medical emergency In a person without diabetes, ketone production is the body’s normal adaptation to starvation. Blood sugar levels never get too high, because the production is regulated by just the right balance of insulin, glucagon and other hormones. However, in an individual with diabetes, dangerous and life-threatening levels of ketones can develop. What are ketones and why do I need to know about them? Ketones and ketoacids are alternative fuels for the body that are made when glucose is in short supply. They are made in the liver from the breakdown of fats. Ketones are formed when there is not enough sugar or glucose to supply the body’s fuel needs. This occurs overnight, and during dieting or fasting. During these periods, insulin levels are low, but glucagon and epinephrine levels are relatively normal. This combination of low insulin, and relatively normal glucagon and epinephrine levels causes fat to be released Continue reading >>

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  1. IwantSmallAss

    Anhhhhhh, damn, I just eat Watermelon!!

    I have just eaten watermelon on after first 7 days on keto, Ive eaten 280g of red stuff. thats:
    carbs: 21.2g
    will I suffer from this? I will have weight training in two hours. Will thhis kick me out of ketosis?

  2. cyanize

    Really depends, nobody can tell....most probably not, if your liver glycogen levels were severely depleted, then certainly not. Why do you worry after the fact....a bit too late for that isn't it?

  3. Jim K

    I'd say yes, fructose is the worst on keto.....but hey, theres always tomorrow.

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