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Pruvit Keto Os Review

Let’s face it – the keto diet ain’t for sissys. We face the keto adaption phase after every cheat day, we monitor our ketone levels constantly and sometimes overcorrect a carb-filled snack with a spoonful of coconut oil. Sound familiar? All this for what? To enter the state of ketosis, of course. Introduction After about a year and a half of a moderate ketogenic diet, my taste buds started despising the taste of coconut oil and I needed to find other solutions to get my fats in for the day. The fats are really a means to an end – in other words, I am only sponsoring this expensive diet because I want to get in a fat-burning state– ketosis– ASAP. Luckily, I came across a product to get exongenous ketones in my system faster to keep me in ketosis without needing to scarf down too much expensive coconut/MCT oil. Most weight loss supplements get a bad rap, especially when they blend nothing useful but synthetic minerals that are of no practical use. This product is NOT a “weight loss” product– this product is a Fat Loss Supplement. For someone who is struggling for a healthy way to live life to the fullest, supplements can be a great option when coupled with the right Continue reading >>

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  1. Jalder21

    Does anyone have any knowledge of the Pruvit ketone supplements? I know it is a MLM supplement that puts ketones into your system. It doesn't put you into nutritional ketosis. I am interested in if this is a viable supplement, and what are its implications as an adjunct to a ketogenic diet.

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