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Ketosis – Are You “looking For Purple”?

Two questions I’m asked a great deal are about ketosis. “What colour am I aiming at on the “Ketostix (TM)” testing strips? Where do I get them?” My answers are always this: “Benign Dietary Ketosis” as a concept was championed by Dr Robert Atkins when he published the first version of his plan in 1972. He mentions that you should measure your excreted ketones via urinalysis and be looking for a purple result. Where to get Ketone Urinalysis sticks Either, via Amazon (pretty much the easiest option) or at the Pharmacy counter of any dispensing Chemist. They are a “P” grade medicine, so you have to ask for them. However, being in ketosis is like being pregnant. You either are, or you aren’t. The colour is irrelevant, any shade of Pink/Purple will do. In fact, purple may well be a sign that you are pushing too hard. You may be eating too few vegetable based carbs. Purple means that you are dumping a great deal of excess ketones into urine, rather than burning them. If you are “purple” but find that you are not dropping fat, your body may well be fighting against your mind’s want to drop your excess fat. Your body wants to preserve its homoeostasis and keep you Continue reading >>

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  1. Lauraa83

    The ones you use on the atkins diet?

  2. Mummyvicky

    I asked at Boots Pharmacy for a friend who was doing it, it was about £4 for 50 strips.

  3. Normsnockers

    Message withdrawn

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