Ketogenic Infant Formula

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Are Protein Powders Safe?

Are protein shakes good for you? You've seen those massive tubs of whey powder in the gym or your local supermarket, but are they actually necessary for the man in training? Do protein shakes work? Scott Laidler explains all. 'Protein shakes are a helpful, convenient solution...but they won't turn your body into a temple overnight What is a protein shake There are still many misconceptions regarding protein shakes. Firstly, people often mistake them for steroids – perhaps understandable, given the big promises that drive the products' marketing campaigns. But protein shakes are purely nutritional; unlike steroids, they have no direct influence on your hormones. Another source of confusion is the differentiation between a 'mass gainer' and a protein shake. Mass gainers are used as an aid to bulking up. They typically include a large amount of simple carbohydrates that get delivered straight to your muscles. These serve a purpose after a workout when the muscle's energy is depleted, but use them at the wrong time (as many do) and the end result is fat gain instead of fat burn. Protein shakes, by contrast, deliver amino acids to muscle cells, helping them to recover after strenuous Continue reading >>

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  1. DustinX

    Fasting to get into ketosis... faster?

    The other day I remembered that when I was young I had to get a physical. Well to keep the story short, I hadn't eaten much the day before and didn't eat breakfast before I went. After he looked at the urine results I remember him asking if I ate breakfast, he said he asked because I had alot of ketones in my urine.
    I was thinking, would it be possible to do a 24 hour fast to enter ketosis and then the next day continue a keto diet (I'm saying for when you're first starting a keto diet). Maybe 12 hours of fasting would get you into ketosis? I'm not sure, but I figured this could be a quick way to get into ketosis without having to wait 3 or even 4 days when you first begin.

  2. Eileen

    If you are young and active, then you'll get into ketosis quickly. Someone who is older or less active will take longer the first time.
    Fasting will get out into ketosis, but so will eating high fat meals. Don't know about you, but I get very crabby if I miss my breakfast.

  3. jg_girl088

    yeah it sure will. I remember reading in Good Calories Bad Calories that the original recommendation for the ketogenic diet was to start with a 48 hour fast, however, atkins was the one who changed it to a 2 week induction period of minimal carbs.

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Ketogenic Diet As Treatment Option For Infants With Intractable Epileptic Syndromes

Abstract A special diet for those suffering from epilepsy such as the ketogenic diet (KD) is a successful alternative treatment option in young children when treatment with different combinations of anti epileptic drugs (AEDs) fails. Notes Infantile spasms (IS): or West syndrome A form of severe epilepsy presenting between 3 and 10 months of age characterized by a brisk flexion or extension of the extremities, sometimes followed by a brief tonic posture, appearing in clusters and often occurring after sleep transition and accompanied by developmental regression. Characteristically interictal EEGs reveal hypsarrhytmia, high-amplitude, chaotic background pattern, and asynchronous slow waves intermixed with multifocal spikes. Intractable epileptic syndrome General term covering epileptic syndromes (like Ohtarara syndrome and West syndrome) that do not respond to initial treatment with (multiple) anti epileptic drug regimes. Ketogenic diet (KD) High-fat, low-carbohydrate diet with adequate amount of protein that mimics the metabolic state of fasting during an anabolic situation. Due to the lack of carbohydrates energy metabolism shifts from carbohydrate to fat burning for energy, which Continue reading >>

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  1. Aaron Keith Harris

    Recently tried getting out of a weight-loss plateau by doing a ketogenic diet, which has ALWAYS worked for me in the past, both before and after my gastric sleeve surgery.
    I was, according to the urinalysis strips, in ketosis for 10 days, but my weight stayed within 1-2 pounds of where I started.
    Could it be an issue related to my gallbladder?
    About a year ago, I was having some pain after eating, and had some tests done—my family doc and my bariatric surgeon agreed that my gallbladder was no longer working properly (no stones, but apparently sludgy inside). They said it should be removed at some point before I develop stones.
    In the lead-up to my wedding in the summer of 2016, I increased my workout regimen by working with a personal trainer, and kept to a limited calorie diet for 10 weeks—I was able to put on some muscle, and lose about 5 pounds, and both my trainer and I were pretty surprised I didn't lose more fat.
    Now the ketosis not triggering any weight loss has me thinking it's the gallbladder problems messing with fat absorption, which is making my body not respond to ketosis.
    About me:
    41-year-old male
    6'3" 300lbs
    Gastric sleeve surgery in Dec. 2013
    Down from high of 435lbs in Fall 2013
    Lowest post-surgery weight was 287, about 18 months after surgery.

  2. OutsideMatchInside

    When is the last time you had lab work done? If it hasn't been recently that might really help as a starting point.
    What are your macros like daily for ketosis? What are your carbs at?

  3. queendeborahbee

    Get rid of your gallbladder! The sludgier it gets the more difficult the removal. Mine was so sludgy that the day after surgery I was under anesthesia again for a doctor to perform an ERCP, which is an endoscopic procedure, where they vacuum out the sludge and debris which may have entered your bile duct. No fun!

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Ketogenic Diet For The Youngest Patients

Since the ketogenic diet’s inception in the 1920s, it’s gradually become accepted as a mainstream method for treating intractable epilepsy in children. However, say pediatric neurologist Eric Kossoff and dietitian Zahava Turner, many specialists and parents don’t realize that the high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet can be used in the very youngest patients, toddlers and even infants just a few months old. Though the ketogenic diet has proven enormously successful in reducing seizures in older children, Turner explains, doctors and parents had long assumed that babies and toddlers weren’t an ideal population for imposing such a restrictive regimen. “There’s been a fear of their ability to tolerate the diet and worries about their growth and development,” she says. A lack of commercial ketogenic foods on the market made administering the diet to very young patients exceedingly difficult, Turner adds. However, Kossoff says, research in the last several years has shown that the ketogenic diet can be safely given to babies and toddlers and can be effective, successfully cutting or eliminating seizures in many of these patients. With an abundance of new ketoge Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Amos76

    Saturday, I left to do my usual long run, but ended up calling it quits after a couple miles because I had a dull ache in both my kidneys that I just couldn’t shake. I did some research and found the usual chicken little type explanation attributing ketosis, and the eating of meat, to kidney disease and death, but that doesn’t fit my lifestyle since I eat a moderate amount of meat, and far less than I did as a carb eater. I also discovered this thread on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/keto/comments/1h6kyr/solved_dull_kidney_ache_and_bladder_pain_from/
    which attributed the pain to acidic urine. I have been slipping recently on making sure to consume the appropriate amounts of sodium/magnesium/potassium, so I drank some ‘Calm’ powder and had a powerade (sugar free). It seemed to do the trick! I knocked out a 16 mile run today with no kidney pain or discomfort.

    Has anyone else experienced this? What have you done to correct the issue?

  2. JorgePasada

    Have you been fasting at all? I know that while fasting the uric acid levels in my blood went sky high.

    I haven’t experienced anything quite on this level, but I’m interested in hearing others experiences and getting down to a root cause on it.

  3. Amos76

    Some intermittent fasting several days a week (14-10), but no hardcore, multi day fasting.

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