Ketoacidosis Vs Ketosis

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Ketosis & Measuring Ketones

Generally, ketone concentrations are lower in the morning and higher in the evening. Whatever time you pick to measure ketone levels, make sure to keep it consistent. Also, do not measure your ketone levels right after exercise. Ketone levels tend to be lower while your glucose levels higher so you won't get representative numbers. Keep in mind there are daily fluctuations caused by changes in hormone levels. Don't get discouraged! Another aspect that affects the level of ketones is the amount of fat in your diet. Some of you may show higher concentration of ketones after a high-fat meal. Coconut oil contains MCTs that will help you boost ketones. To easily increase your fat intake on a ketogenic diet, try fat bombs - snacks with at least 80% fat content. Ketone levels tend to be higher after extensive aerobic exercise as your body depletes glycogen stores. Exercise may help you get into ketosis faster. ketogenic "fruity" breath is not pleasant for most people. To avoid this, drink a lot of water, mint tea and make sure you eat foods rich in electrolytes. Avoid too many chewing gums and mints, as it may put you out of ketosis; there may be hidden carbs affecting your blood sugar. I Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. mountainjillian

    I know that an essential part of the Whole 30 is teaching your body to rely on fats for energy versus glucose. From my understanding, this is achieved through ketosis. Now, as a Type 1 diabetic, I understand that ketoacidosis, while different from ketosis, is very dangerous. I treat my diabetes with insulin, and my blood sugar has been pretty stable since starting the Whole 30 (much better than usual in fact, and having to take less!). I've read that if your body doesn't produce insulin, it won't know what healthy levels of ketone production is, and could produce too much leading to ketoacidosis. Is this something I should be concerned about during my Whole 30, or does my insulin that I take keep it all in check? Advice from any diabetics most welcome!

  2. CAK911

    My understanding is that Whole30 doesn't actually push you into ketosis, it's fat adaption not fat reliance -- so you CAN use stores of fat, but you aren't ONLY using stores of fat. Whole30 can actually include a fair amount of carbohydrate from vegetable sources. One of the mods probably has a more developed answer to this.

  3. Tom Denham

    CAK911 is right. You do not need to restrict carbs and put yourself into ketosis to achieve great results during a Whole30. We want you to eat as many carbs from vegetables as you need. Most people feel and perform better eating a sweet potato or another similar serving of carbs every day. I know I do. I even sleep better when I have some carbs during the day.
    I hope some diabetics will add there personal experience here as I am not expert with type 1 diabetes.

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