Ketoacidosis Prefix

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Bailliere's Midwives' Dictionary E-book

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  1. rapp653

    I am wondering if someone can tell me how long it takes for the wrong food choices to kick your body out of ketosis? For instance if I ate something too high carb today would I be out tomorrow?
    NO - I'm not planning on loading up on carbs!! :lol:
    I was just curious as I had chili last night for supper and know that I'm still in ketosis today. I watched my carbs all day because I knew I was having it for supper and it is more carbs than I usually eat at a meal.
    Just curious - (even though I know what happened to the cat!)
    If you know the answer to my question you can reply here or in my journal if you like.
    Thanks for your help!

  2. Dewi

    i guess it depends n what you ate. For me If I spent the whole day eating "Regular" food I would be out of Ketosis and it could take me 1-2 days to get back in ketosis.

  3. elmuyloco5

    I can't remember which book it was (atkins or CAD), but they said that even one bite of a high carb product has the ability to kick you out of ketosis. But, in saying that, everyone is different. Just like everyone's levels of ketones are different when you test with the strips.
    My best advice would be, not to dwell on what you've done, as stress can trigger insulin releases as well. Continue your diet, and try not to falter again.
    What I do know, is that Atkins (along with many many other researchers) agree that it takes two full days to reach ketosis on low carb. Now, there is also some research that indicates that someone could enter ketosis within hours of a fat fast if they include a high intensity workout (ie. running, biking, or walking for 60 min).
    hope this helps

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Nurses!: Test Yourself In Pharmacology

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Popular Questions

  1. iOgef

    Hi everyone. I lost ~50 lbs on the keto diet 2 or 3 years ago, and was able to keep it off for a long time. recently i ended my scale denial and found out I gained back 17 lbs. ouch. might as well find out now then in 50 lbs.
    Anyways, Im back on the bandwagon and down 6 lbs in 2 weeks. Im at 151lbs, need to go down to 130lbs. Im 5'5''. Things were fine at first I mean heck, Id done this before. But all of a sudden in the second week things changed. I started feeling nauseous and very lethargic, classic carb withdrawal. But now for the past couple of days I CANNOT get rid of this bad taste in my mouth. It is CONSTANT. I brush my teeth several times a day, drink a lot of water and sugar free powerade, chew gum, nothing helps. I dont remember this from the first time around with the diet. Its pretty miserable. Everything tastes like soap.
    Anyone have experience with this? Is it completely unrelated to the diet?thanks

  2. mauxfaux

    It's acetone, and it's coming from your lungs. It's normal.
    Try club soda vs. plain water and chew lots of sugar free gum. It seems to go away (or maybe you just don't notice it as much) once your body becomes fully keto-adapted.

  3. cpoddar123

    I also fear the bad smell in my mouth.. especially in office and even more so when I am talking to anyone.. to the point that I am conscious of it

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In this video I have explained orotic aciduria refers to an excessive excretion of orotic acid in urine. It causes a characteristic form of anemia and may be associated with mental and physical retardation. Orotic acid is an intermediate product in pyrimidine synthesis pathway, a subsequent product of which plays a role in conversion between dihydrofolate and tetrahydrofolate. Orotic aciduria is associated with megaloblastic anemia due to decreased pyrimidine synthesis, which leads to decreased nucleotide-lipid cofactors needed for erythrocyte membrane synthesis in the bone marrow. In addition to the characteristic excessive orotic acid in the urine, patients typically have megaloblastic anemia (UMP synthase deficiency) which cannot be cured by administration of vitamin B12 or folic acid. It also can cause inhibition of RNA and DNA synthesis and failure to thrive. Its hereditary form, an autosomal recessive disorder, can be caused by a deficiency in the enzyme UMPS, a bifunctional protein that includes the enzyme activities of orotate phosphoribosyltransferase and orotidine 5'-phosphate decarboxylase. It can also arise secondary to blockage of the urea cycle, particularly in ornith

Omim Entry - % 236795 - 3-hydroxyisobutyric Aciduria

Ko et al. (1991) described a 6-year-old Caucasian boy with a clinical picture typical of organic acidemia with repeated episodes of ketoacidosis. He showed marked failure to thrive and chronic lactic acidemia. Urinary excretion of 3-hydroxyisobutyric acid ranged from 170 to 390 mmol/mol of creatinine. Administration of valine increased the excretion strikingly and reproduced the clinical picture of ketoacidosis. Concentrations of free carnitine were low and esterified carnitine was elevated. Treatment with carnitine and a diet restricted in protein appeared to be beneficial. This is a disorder of valine metabolism; see also methacrylic aciduria ( 250620 ). Ko et al. (1991) speculated that the fundamental defect was in 3-hydroxyisobutyrate dehydrogenase, which catalyzes the conversion of 3-hydroxyisobutyrate to methylmalonic semialdehyde, or in the conversion of the semialdehyde to propionyl CoA. They favored the latter possibility. Chitayat et al. (1992) reported the association of 3-hydroxyisobutyric aciduria with brain dysgenesis. They described monozygotic male twins, born to nonconsanguineous parents, who had dysmorphic facial features, microcephaly, migrational brain disorder Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. loveabull

    I did a research paper on this topic in college. At that time the Atkins diet was still ahead of the diet plans. High protein and very low carb, yes you lose weight and wreck other parts of yourself...maybe not right away but in the long run it is not a healthy way to eat. Ketosis...if you look that up in medical text it is considered a rather bad thing, so a diet where that is optimal? No. IMHO

  2. Pat59

    Are you talking about the California Medical Weight Loss program? If so, I have been on it since 12/16 and as of today have lost 22 lbs. My girlfriend, who works for this group, has also lost a tremendous amount too. I find it easy to follow and am learning to curb my appetiate and control what goes into my mouth. I'm learning to really read the labels and find out what is best.

  3. Pat59

    The program is physician supervised and its only 3 days and then the calorie intake is increased. In the beginning since you are not consuming a lot of calories, they do not recommend exercise but you can walk/step all you like. I personally average 16,000 steps per day up to 25,000 and have not experience any problems.

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