Ketoacidosis Combining Form

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Medical Pharmacology Chapter 29:

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  1. Dharshan V Ascension

    The general formula of ketone is R-(C=O)-R’, where R and R’ are the alkyl groups of same or different kind.

  2. Junaid Mirza

    The simplest ketone is CH₃—C(=O)—CH₃. Its molecular formula is C₃H₆O. From this formula we can say that for “n” carbon atoms we need “2n” hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom. Hence general formula of ketone is CnH₂nO.

  3. Aaron Larson

    A keytone is an oxygen with two pairs of electrons double bonded to a carbon. The carbon is bonded to two other carbons, if the carbon is bonded another way it is a different functional group.

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Corticosteroids And Diabetes

Tweet Use of corticosteroids to treat inflammation can lead to higher than normal blood glucose levels and, in longer term usage may lead to type 2 diabetes developing. What are corticosteroids? Corticosteroids are medications that contain synthetic versions of cortisol, the hormone produced by our adrenal glands and responsible for the body’s stress response. Corticosteroids may be taken orally in tablet form, via inhalers, via injections or within lotions, gels and creams. Examples of steroid medications include: Prednisolone Hydrocortisone Dexamethesone Fludrocortisone Deflazacort Corticosteroids are not to be confused with anabolic steroids, a type of steroid and class C drug which some body builders use, illegally, to build muscle. When are corticosteroids used or prescribed? Corticosteroids may be used to control inflammation as a result of conditions including: Rhuematoid arthritis Asthma Ulcerative colitis Chron’s disease Lupus Addison’s disease Can steroids lead to diabetes? One of the side effects of oral corticosteroids is that they can increase blood glucose levels and increase insulin resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes. Typically, blood glucose levels Continue reading >>

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  1. BakerBitch

    I have only started keto a few weeks ago. Since that first week, I've averaged about 2 to 2 1/2 pounds per week. I do "cheat" from time to time, but not with high carb foods. Only by going over my daily calorie limit.
    What is your average weekly weight loss?
    Does it seem like you lose weight easier or more consistently than other diet plans you've tried?

  2. anbeav

    Studies show no metabolic weight loss advantage to a keto diet. Most lose 1 to 2 lbs a week with many pauses in between. People with more weight to lose often lose faster and some lose slower. Many have more consistent weight loss then other diet plans because of insulin resistance but still for most it's slow and steady and not much faster than other diet plans but rather that they lose on keto vs. other diet plans where they don't really lose weight.

  3. ScaredOfTheL

    well when i actually lose weight its something like 0,5-1kg per week, but 50% of the time i dont lose anything. it averages out at ~0,5kg per week.

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Peer Reviewers

Pediatric Diabetic Ketoacidosis: An Outpatient Perspective On Evaluation and Management Abstract Diabetic ketoacidosis is a common, serious acute complication in children with diabetes mellitus. Diabetic ketoacidosis can accompany new-onset type 1 diabetes mellitus or it can occur with established type 1 diabetes mellitus during the increased demands of an acute illness or with decreased insulin delivery due to omitted doses or insulin pump failure. Additionally, diabetic ketoacidosis episodes in children with type 2 diabetes mellitus are being reported with greater frequency. Although the diagnosis is usually straightforward in a known diabetes patient with expected findings, a fair proportion of patients with new-onset diabetes present in diabetic ketoacido- sis. The initial management of children with diabetic ketoacidosis frequently occurs in an emergency department. Physicians must be aware that diabetic ketoacidosis is an important consideration in the differential diagnosis of pediatric metabolic acidosis. This review will acquaint emergency medicine clinicians with the pathophysiology, treatment, and potential complications of this disorder. Author William Bonadio, MD Atten Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. tiger_lily5

    Hey ladies, this question is for you. Have any of you noticed a change in your cycle since being on keto? ie heavier or lighter periods, early or late on timing? Just curious if its affected you at all and if it was just a change in the beginning or it kept fluctuating.

  2. strawmama

    My cycle cam early...like 2.5 weeks early my first month, but it has since leveled out to once a month. I have less cramping and stomach problems...big bonus.

  3. LilMamaBear125

    I'm still like a clock on a timer here...

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