Keto Too Much Protein Reddit

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How Much Protein Do I Need? The Definitive (and Science-based) Answer

If you want to know exactly how much protein to eat per day to build muscle and lose fat, and which types are best, then you want to read this article. Once upon a time, I was stuck in a rut. Despite training 5 to 6 days per week, my weight wouldn’t budge…I couldn’t get stronger…and I hadn’t built any muscle to speak of in years. What is an aspiring little “shredder” to do? Well, I consulted the prestigious annals of broscience and quickly found the answer: Eat more protein. A metric f$%# ton, to be exact. How Much Protein Should You Be Consuming? Find Out Here. And so the great protein gluttony began. Every day kind of felt like this: I double-scooped my protein shakes. I ate over a pound of meat per day. I popped hardboiled eggs like they were candy. I was a good little bodybuilder… with (thankfully) good little kidneys. Thanks mom! (Just kidding–high-protein diets aren’t bad for your kidneys.) Well, after a year of eating 400+ grams of protein per day… I had to face the facts. It wasn’t working. Despite all the gorging, I looked and weighed more or less the same and I was lifting more or less the same weights. Nothing had changed, really. Well…fool me o Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. RunnerXL

    Just wondering if anybody has been thrown out of ketosis from too much protein in one meal (say >100 g, which is almost my daily allowance), due to protein going into gluconeogenesis, etc. Even if you take in no protein at the other meals and keep your daily macros good.

  2. anbeav

    No. Eat what you want when you want, assess the effects, adjust accordingly instead of the ketosis anxiety. Some feel great doing this, others don't. Listen to your body.

  3. DClawdude

    This is not a practical concern at all.

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I hope you enjoy today's video! Please give it a thumbs up and remember to leave questions below if you have them! Join my FB Group for support!: https://www.facebook.com/groups/21631... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mail me: Katherine Salom PO Box 2513 Baytown, TX 77522 ManSports.com 20% off code: ksalom Real Good Pizza 10% off code: Salom https://realgoodfoods.com/ Pretty Fit 20% off code: KATHERINE20 imprettyfit.com Try Keto Kookies! - http://ketokookie.com/?aff=6 or use the code ksalom at checkout for a discount! Try Keto Delivered! - http://ketodelivered.refr.cc/4T4Q8SZ Follow me: Instagram: @ksalom @ksalom_fitness Beaux's instagram: @beauxthecocker Snapchat: ksalom Twitter: Katherinesalom Facebook Page: Katherine Salom -- http://tinyurl.com/gpaoxyf MyFitnessPal: ksalom My Blog: www.TurquoiseTexan.com

5 Newbie Mistakes On Keto

First and foremost, Happy New Year to all of the new low-carb, gluten-free, keto-ers! As you can tell , I haven’t posted at all last month. To be honest, I made a huge flopping fail during the month of December. I guess I just wanted to celebrate my birthday the entire month! I’m now officially 24 (cue mid-twenties crisis) and I’m ready to jump back on the keto bandwagon. Since it is the New Year, I thought I’d share with you the easy mistakes on keto that I made when first starting. That way, you won’t make the same ones that I did. 1. Eating low-fat foods Yeah. Don’t do it. I know that we’ve been told to avoid fat since we were children, but the time has come to smash that rule. Eat full fat cheese. Eat that skin off of your chicken. Drown your broccoli in butter. Yes, all of it. The only fats I would look into avoiding are vegetable oils like canola and corn. These oils don’t help the body’s inflammation at all when there are so many other, tastier options (like bacon grease, butter and coconut oil). 2. Not replacing electrolytes On keto, you must drink a lot of water since it is dispelled so quickly. When this happens, electrolytes are excreted through your ur Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. ketogirl73

    I'm on my third week of keto, and needing to lose over 100 lbs. I really want to do this right, so excuse the silly questions. With my being 5'5, and approximating my lbm at 135 lbs (I was told elsewhere that it's more like 108 lbs); sedentary lifestyle with about a 25% deficit, I'm showing my protein to be between 81-90 grams per day. I'm still hungry. My fat gram macros, and everything else in on point. I was wondering if I'm figuring my macros correctly, and if so, how much protein above the 90g can I consume without it negatively impacting my weight loss efforts? I'm sorry for all the questions, but I'm getting so many conflicting answers, online.

  2. darthluiggi

    As per the FAQ:
    The "least" suggested would be 0.69g per lean lb you weight.
    The gudelines suggest 0.8 to 1.2g per lean lb.
    Most people do well with 1.0g per lean lb.
    More is not counterproductive towards keto, but also not necessary.

  3. anbeav

    It's your third week, your body is adjusting. More protein isn't necessarily harmful but most so best following the guidelines as it's not a great energy source. For how if truly hungry, then eat to satiety. Keep in mind that satiety is different than physical fullness. You're likely used to feeling full, keto won't leave you full, it'll leave you no longer hungry and it can take time to learn the difference. Are you following the electrolyte guidelines? What are your meals like?

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Today we are talking about getting started on a keto diet because the hardest and arguably the most important part of anything is how it begins. This is where you need to ask questions and develop a solid base to make good habits sustainable in the long term. Some of the questions we answer in this video are: -why your daily carb intake is important to know up front? -what macronutrients are in foods you typically eat? -how many carbs should i cut to start with? -how long does adaptation to keto take? -is cutting carbs enough to get into ketosis? -what is the keto flu and how do I beat it? my electrolyte drink of choice: http://amzn.to/29Chzkq Make sure to subscribe to the AdventureRx Vlog to follow our journey and leave questions below. SUPPORT OUR MISSION of diabetes empowerment! https://www.patreon.com/livingvertical Get my free Ebook- Type 1 Diet Hacks http://livingvertical.org INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/livingvertical TWITTER http://twitter.com/livingvertical FACEBOOK http://facebook.com/livingvertical -The Music In My Headphones by Telepathic Teddy Bear is licensed under a Attribution License. http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Tel... -A Minha Embala by A Minha Embala (Ali

How To: Get Started On The Ketogenic Diet

Hey everyone! When I first started the ketogenic diet I did lots and lots of research, which I highly recommend for everyone to do. Below you will see all the resources I used and still use to have success with the ketogenic diet. To learn more about my journey, tips, advice, and over 100 EASY low carb recipes check out my first book, Simply Keto. Educate yourself Learn about how ketosis works, what foods to eat and other helpful advice. I highly recommend reading Keto in a Nutshell and Reddit’s FAQs which are both linked below from Reddit. Set up your macros by visiting to the Keto Calculator! Easily calculate your personalized macros here! (The keto calculator is also linked in the top menu on the homepage, so feel free to revisit it anytime for easy calculations!) Remember, the macros you calculate will be a starting point. Feel free to make adjustments as needed to find what works best for you! Food Diary – Tracking Macros Sign up/Log in to MyFitnessPal (aka MFP – which is FREE!) You can also use LoseIt, but I really love MFP! Once logged in, click on goals, then customize and use your personal macros from the Keto Calculator to update your new goals! While you are logged Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. ExposedLurker

    I know it's not a popular opinion around here but I think the keto calculator over prescribes protein. 1g per lean body mass was way too much and kept me out of nutritional ketosis as my glucose levels were over 100 will following all the protocols. Yes, I was counting my calories/macros, believe it or not other issues such as gluconeogenesis, stress and lack of sleep can stall weight loss.
    After implementing Dr. Rosedale's formula I have been dropping weight, more specifically fat, as muscle is important to me as I power lift.
    I see a lot of people turning Keto into the Atkins diet, as Atkins high a protein and keto is not. If you're seeing results using the keto calculator then good for you, I'm not here to change what's working for you. If you're not seeing results with calorie counting and are using the keto calculator than this post is for you. Please be sure you followed everything in Keto FAQ before deciding keto is not working for you.
    I suggest using the this formula below per Dr.Rosedale to calculate your daily protein intake.
    Your idea weight/2.2-10%=daily protein. Add an additional 10g of protein if you're doing weight training or anything that fatigues muscles.
    Never eat more than 25g of protein in a meal. This is the safe zone to remain in nutritional ketosis. Edit: Test your glucose levels the morning after (fasted) before debating about it as that's all that matters.
    Links: The Rosedale Health Plan http://drrosedale.com/resources/pdf/Ron-Rosedale-Health-Plan.pdf
    Protein-The-Good-The-Bad-and-The-Ugly http://www.drrosedale.com/resources/pdf/Ron-Rosedale-Protein-The-Good-The-Bad-and-The-Ugly.pdf
    Additional good information from other sources:
    Dr Mercola and Dr D'Agostino really talk about things that Keto FAQ doesn't cover.
    World Champion Bodybuilder eats 93g of protein per day with high fat diet: http://scottabelfitness.com/low-carb-diet-extremely-high-fat/
    Good recent study on protein synthesis: http://ajcn.nutrition.org/content/99/1/86.abstract
    "Design: Volunteers (n = 48) consumed a standardized, high-protein (0.54 g/kg body mass) breakfast. Three hours later, a bout of unilateral exercise (8 × 10 leg presses and leg extensions; 80% one-repetition maximum) was performed. Volunteers ingested 0, 10, 20, or 40 g whey protein isolate immediately (∼10 min) after exercise. Postabsorptive rates of myofibrillar MPS and whole-body rates of phenylalanine oxidation and urea production were measured over a 4-h postdrink period by continuous tracer infusion of labeled [13C6] phenylalanine and [15N2] urea.
    Results: Myofibrillar MPS (mean ± SD) increased (P < 0.05) above 0 g whey protein (0.041 ± 0.015%/h) by 49% and 56% with the ingestion of 20 and 40 g whey protein, respectively, whereas no additional stimulation was observed with 10 g whey protein (P > 0.05). Rates of phenylalanine oxidation and urea production increased with the ingestion of 40 g whey protein.
    Conclusions: A 20-g dose of whey protein is sufficient for the maximal stimulation of postabsorptive rates of myofibrillar MPS in rested and exercised muscle of ∼80-kg resistance-trained, young men. A dose of whey protein >20 g stimulates amino acid oxidation and ureagenesis. This trial was registered at http://www.isrctn.org/ as ISRCTN92528122."

  2. anbeav

    1g per lean body mass was way too much and kept me out of nutritional ketosis as my glucose levels were over 100 will following all the protocols.
    Please don't tell me you were correlating glucose levels with ketosis or not, doesn't work that way.
    The protein recommendations are based on standard adequate protein recommendations and do not affect ketosis.
    Keto is NOT a high protein diet
    Never eat more than 25g of protein in a meal. This is the safe zone to remain in nutritional ketosis. Test your glucose levels before debating about it as that's all that matters.
    Glucose level doesn't dictate whether you're in ketosis or not. If you want to spread the word about some new revolutionary method, check your science first. There's enough confusion around here without more thrown in

  3. c0horst

    Never eat more than 25g of protein in a meal.
    I suppose I can never eat a single chicken breast ever again or it will kick me out of ketosis! /s

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