Keto Period Cramps

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For Ladies Only: A Keto Guide

Shark week. Checking into the Red Roof Inn. Surfing the Crimson Wave. Getting a visit from Aunt Flo. The Red Badge of Courage. That time of the month. Whatever euphemism you use for it, women inevitably have to deal with menstruation and all the weird junk that goes along with it. We here at Ketovangelist get a lot of questions about keto and periods. A. Lot. So, at the behest of our coaches- and after much whining on my part- I’ve put together this little “what to expect” guide for women to help a sister out when it gets down to the issue of menstruating. You’re welcome. One thing to keep in mind: Your period is still your period. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a zillion times: keto is not magic. and it isn’t the cause of everything that will happen to you after you start eating this way. For the most part, your period is going to be your normal period while you’re keto. You might have cravings, you might cramp, you might be light or heavy, or early or late. All the same stuff you dealt with during menstruation pre-keto you will probably continue to deal with now that you’ve changed your food lifestyle. That being said, there are a few issues we do see pop up Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. maeamaezing

    Good morning lovely keto ladies,
    I am two weeks into starting keto and today I have the worst period cramps ever. I haven't had period cramps since I got the Mirena IUD inserted 4 years ago so I am a little baffled. Especially when I'm reading how keto fixes bad period cramps. What am I doing wrong here? Any advice is appreciated because I love keto and would like to KCKO. :)

  2. NerdfighterEngineer

    This happens to so many of us. It's completely normal. The first 1-3 periods on keto are pretty bad. Something about hormonal changes.
    It will get better, each period will get a little bit better. For me, I was back to normal by my 4th keto period.

  3. brittneydean21

    I second this! It's kind of like starting a new birth control, give it 3 months then evaluate.

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