Keto Insulin Spike

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In this video Jimmy breaks down the 3 Common VA mistakes that he sees serving Veterans and Active Duty Military on a daily basis with all of their VA Home Financing needs.

The Top 10 Ketosis Mistakes And How To Prevent Them

What mistakes are you making when it comes to your health? I know I’ve been making plenty. That’s why I’m tracking my data in this recent ketosis experiment that I’m doing. What about you? Most people think that the ketogenic diet is just “low-carb” which leads them to make many mistakes that prevent them from not reaping all of the benefits of ketosis that they could. What benefits? How about an improved immune system, increased longevity, lower inflammation, effortless weight loss, decreased hunger, reduced risk for disease and more. Read on to know the top 10 ways that people make mistakes with ketosis and how you can prevent them. 1: Not tracking protein intake By far the biggest problem with a ketogenic diet is not tracking how much protein you are eating. The far majority of people are simply eating too much lean protein, which ends up kicking them out of ketosis. Protein can turn into carbs by a metabolic process called gluconeogenesis, meaning “making new carbs.” This then spikes insulin, and reduces ketone levels. Even though you are eating super low carb, this could make your body switch back and forth between energy systems, which will lead to high levels Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Timmo

    How do you know when you are fat adapted and it is time to start cutting back on the fat? I feel that I am close I start my day feeling euforic, not sure if I spelled that correct lol. And my mood has never been better but when or how will I know when I am adapted? I am loosing weight I think I am getting close. .???

  2. Fiorella

    Sorry, did I read that right. You will cut back on fat when you are fat adapted? Why would you do that?

  3. SondraRose

    I felt fat-adapted when I could go 6-7 hours between meals. Also, I no longer needed fat bombs or copious amount of butter to deal with carb cravings, which were gone!

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Animated video describing opiate overdose and rescue with naloxone or narcan, and advice to call 911. Signs and symptoms commonly seen with opiate overdose are shown and reviewed.

Common Ketosis Killers

“I’ve tried your low-carb diet, Dr. Nally, and it didn’t work.” “Hmm . . . really?” If your mumbling this to yourself, or you’ve said it to me in my office, then lets have a little talk. I’ve heard this statement before. It’s not a new statement, but it’s a statement that tells me we need to address a number of items. If you’ve failed a low carbohydrate diet, I’d suspect you are pretty severely insulin resistant or hyperinsulinemic. You probably never really reached true ketosis. I’d want to have you checked out by your doctor to rule out underlying disease like hypothyroidism, diabetes, other hormone imbalance, etc. Next, switching to a low-carbohydrate lifestyle is literally a “lifestyle change.” It requires that you understand a few basic ketosis principles. And, it takes the average person 3-6 months to really wrap their head around what this lifestyle means . . . and, some people, up to a year before they are really comfortable with how to eat and function in any situation. I assume, if you are reading this article, that you’ve already read about ketosis and understand the science behind it. If not, please start your reading with my article The Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. metalmd06

    Does acute DKA cause hyperkalemia, or is the potassium normal or low due to osmotic diuresis? I get the acute affect of metabolic acidosis on potassium (K+ shifts from intracellular to extracellular compartments). According to MedEssentials, the initial response (<24 hours) is increased serum potassium. The chronic effect occuring within 24 hours is a compensatory increase in Aldosterone that normalizes or ultimatley decreases the serum K+. Then it says on another page that because of osmotic diuresis, there is K+ wasting with DKA. On top of that, I had a question about a diabetic patient in DKA with signs of hyperkalemia. Needless to say, I'm a bit confused. Any help is appreciated.

  2. FutureDoc4

    I remember this being a tricky point:
    1) DKA leads to a decreased TOTAL body K+ (due to diuresis) (increase urine flow, increase K+ loss)
    2) Like you said, during DKA, acidosis causes an exchange of H+/K+ leading to hyperkalemia.
    So, TOTAL body K+ is low, but the patient presents with hyperkalemia. Why is this important? Give, insulin, pushes the K+ back into the cells and can quickly precipitate hypokalemia and (which we all know is bad). Hope that is helpful.

  3. Cooolguy

    DKA-->Anion gap M. Acidosis-->K+ shift to extracellular component--> hyperkalemia-->symptoms and signs
    DKA--> increased osmoles-->Osmotic diuresis-->loss of K+ in urine-->decreased total body K+ (because more has been seeped from the cells)
    --dont confuse total body K+ with EC K+
    Note: osmotic diuresis also causes polyuria, ketonuria, glycosuria, and loss of Na+ in urine--> Hyponatremia
    DKA tx: Insulin (helps put K+ back into cells), and K+ (to replenish the low total potassium
    Hope it helps

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Should I count fiber as carbs? Discover the difference between total carbs and net carbs and figure out how to save yourself a lot of carbs DAILY in this video! Total Carbs= all carbs listed on the nutrition label while Net Carbs= total carbs minus fiber listed on the nutrition label. Also learn the importance of fiber. Learn how to calculate net carbs. Looking to increase your gains and build more muscle? Looking to burn more fat? Try out Yellowstone Nutraceuitcals amazing, science backed, safe supplement line here and use the coupon code "atimbers10" for 10% off your purchase: https://yellowstonenutra.com/shop-lan... Follow me on: Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/aestheticby... Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/yourmacroman... Twitter- https://twitter.com/DeityAesthetics

Carbs, Keto, Insulin And The Alternative Hypothesis, Part Two

129 Comments on Carbs, Keto, Insulin And The Alternative Hypothesis, Part Two Pardon the delay in posting and responding to comments. I was on Dauphin Island off the coast of Alabama for a wedding last week. I couldnt ask The Older Brother to sit in, since it was his Middle Son getting married. Anyway in my last post, I commented briefly on a video presentation of a study that, in some peoples minds, nailed the coffin-lid shut on the Carb-Insulin hypothesis. I replied that I dont believe the hypothesis is dead, but needs some revising. Based on personal experience, lots of reading and listening to podcasts, conversations with other people and so forth, Ive been slowly revising it my own head for years. So let me reach up there between my ears and pluck out some thoughts, then see if I can work them into a coherent post. More Carbohydrates => Higher Insulin => Fat Storage Thats the Carbohydrate-Insulin hypothesis in a nutshell. The more carbohydrates you eat, the more insulin you produce, and the more insulin you produce, the fatter you become. Or to express it in reverse for those trying to lose weight: the fewer carbohydrates you eat, the less insulin you produce, and the less in Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Weight_loss_john

    Title is really my question.

  2. stephlissa

    Following! Also interested to see if there's anybody on instagram who're documenting their progress - would love to subscribe to more ketoers.

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