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Keto Flu Symptoms, Low Carb Headache And Fatigue In Ketosis

I would have it as a guess that more than half of the people I have seen on the Ketogenic Diet have experienced to some degree what is known as Keto Flu or Low Carb Flu. Mostly a feeling of fatigue, slight headaches or nausea overcomes them. The symptoms of Keto Flu / Low Carb Flu usually occurs in the first two weeks of a person beginning a ketogenic diet and entering into ketosis. They can come and go if you’re not getting the right nutrition. Share the Infographic above on your site! The other half follow what is recommended and replenish themselves with essential minerals and electrolytes that are being depleted. These electrolytes are flushed from their bodies as they rid themselves of the water retention and sodium their old high carb diets made them hang on to. What are the symptoms of Keto Flu or Low Carb Flu? The symptoms of Keto Flu as you begin to restrict your carbs and enter into a state of ketosis varies from individual to individual. They differ in duration and severity, dependant on what high fat, low carb foods you include in your ketogenic diet and their mineral content. The Most Common Keto Flu Symptoms Experienced are: What is known as a Low Carb Headache, Dia Continue reading >>

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  1. benthook

    On Keto - Getting Headaches, HELP!!

    So I'm on a keto diet, and I'm staying pretty perfectly at 60/35/5 with carbs only from eggs, salad dressing, broc**** and the like (below 20g/day) and I am getting TERRIBLE headaches after meals and workouts. Pounding headaches that make me nauseous and dizzy and make it hard to focus on my work. I assumed this is from low blood glucose and I have a meter around (I thought I was diabetic years ago, I'm not) and I have been testing my blood sugar in relation to when I have these headaches. I test around 65-80 when the headaches come on. So I have been eating like 5 grapes to make the headache go away when it happens. I'm worried I am doing something wrong, and I am also worried that the sugar from grapes will kick me out of keto. Any advice from you keto pros out there? Anyone else ever have similar problems?

  2. spak

    Your brain isn't used to using ketones for fuel, so you will get headaches the first couple weeks. By the third week your brain should be adapted to using ketones, and there won't be headaches anymore.

  3. Goatsac

    I have only just done my second carb up but when I started keto I had horrible headaches for the first few days but they went away. And I had a not as severe headache after my first carb up when I started eating keto again. I think I remember someone saying that it was the ketones doing it but for me it seemed to go away as soon as my body was used to what I was feeding it.
    How long have you been on keto?

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