Keto Flu Insomnia

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Dear Mark: The Low Carb Flu

Conquering carbs offers a whole constellation of rewards, not the least of which is a steady, brisk energy unlike most people have known before (well, maybe since the whirling age of 10 or so…). People tell me constantly that they can finally make it through the day without being down for the count every midafternoon. They enjoy enough vigor and vitality to weather a whole day’s worth of activity. The busyness of life becomes easier to handle: the energy demands of daily work or business travel, the mayhem and constant commotion of kids, a weekend’s worth of chores and errands, etc. A skipped meal doesn’t suddenly change the agenda to including procuring a bagel or other false pick-me-up. Nonetheless, for some folks, there’s a common, temporary but still bothersome bump in the road on the way to that Primal prize. Though it varies, it often means a couple weeks of mental fuzziness, fog and fatigue. Although your body might be off to the races, your brain can lag behind like a little brother in a stuffed snowsuit. It’s a game of “hey, wait up!” while the body’s mechanisms and metabolism align themselves. They call it “low carb flu,” and rest assured it’s just Continue reading >>

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  1. YunoxApo

    Hello again, evil keto flu!

    The last few days I've been REALLY feeling it. I keep my carbs very low (15g is my max, but I usually only get 0-5g a day), so it hits me pretty hard. First, I noticed the insomnia. Later that day I was hit with some pretty severe stomach pains. Today I have muscle soreness, brain fog, more stomach pain and I'm fairly lethargic. I was able to get a decent amount of sleep last night, but I'm going back to bed now, as I can barely hold my eyes open.

    I've done keto a couple times before and I've never had it this bad!

  2. badmojomn

    Hang in there, was bad for me. Even went to the doctor of coarse nothing showed up. Or just try to take in your max amount of carbs? Might ease the suffering a bit for awhile. This is a huge transition for the body to go through.

  3. badmojomn

    And make sure your taking in mineral supplements. I felt a lot better after taking my massive regime.

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