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Body Composition Set your current weight, in pounds or kilograms, and your bodyfat percentage. (How to visually estimate bodyfat %) Activity Level (not counting exercise): Set your usual activity level. This does not include additional exercise like gym, running, etc. If not known, choose Sedentary. Choose "Custom" to set your TDEE manually. Multipliers for activities are taken from Chapter 8 of "Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism, 5th Edition" Daily Calories Set your goal to get your recommended calorie intake. If you used the Exercise Info section above, then you can compare calories for those days that you exercise and those that you don't. It is not recommended to go over 25% deficit for fat loss or over 15% surplus for muscle gain. Daily Exercise Info If needed, set your exercise information for those days that you will be exercising. (Click here for Kcal / min calculations). This will allow you to compare calorie limits on those days that you exercise against those that you don't. Activity Minutes Kcal burned / min Total Kcal burned Weights Cardio Other Daily Macros Adjust your protein ratio: To maintain muscle, leave protein ratio between 0.69 to 0.8. It is not recommen Continue reading >>

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  1. FunkeeSapien

    Hey everyone, took all your suggestions from the last post to bring you a better keto calculator. Last thread here.
    Major Changes:
    1. Adjusted Protein Levels - everyone seems to like .8 grams so that's the new default!
    2. Revamped Activity Levels - original ones were far too broad so came up with more realistic options.
    3. Forecast Added - you can now quickly check your predicted weight loss.
    Other than that just some minor UI tweaks. Again, hope you all like it!

  2. Triabolical_

    Have you thought about expressing the fats as a range?
    We have a continuous stream of people new to keto who think that they have to get their full fat macro in, when in fact they can eat a lot less fat than that.
    It might also be nice to express this as "limit, goal, limit" under the values for carbs, protein, fats.

  3. FunkeeSapien

    Haven't thought about doing a range (since it gives you exactly how much deficit you want to do, and if you want to lose faster you can just choose a lower deficit), but including "goal, limit, limit" would be a nice addition.
    You're right it might help newer people, I'll experiment with that thanks.

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