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Dr. Jason Fung: Type 2 Diabetes, Fasting, Your Questions And Answers | Nourish Balance Thrive

Dr. Jason Fung: Type 2 Diabetes, Fasting, Your Questions and Answers This content is audio. Choose from the following options: Listen on Overcast (my preferred choice) Stream or download mp3 audio file in new window (43.2 MB) Listen on iTunes Listen on Stitcher (works on Android) Read the transcript Subscribe on some other app using the RSS feed Todays podcast episode is a bit different than usual because Ive solicited questions from the Optimising nutrition, managing insulin Facebook group for kidney expert Dr. Jason Fung. If this is the first time youve heard of Jason, you might be better off starting with his Sigma Nutrition Radio interview and also The Aetiology Of Obesity YouTube playlist . The questions are great - they cover the topics of blood glucose levels, type 1 and type 2 diabetes issues, fasting, muscle loss, what Jason recommends as an effective treatment for diabetes and much more. Before we get into the Q&A, lets start out by clarifying some things about diabetes that Jason was very insistent that we understand... The difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Many people think that type 1 and type 2 diabetes are closely related but Jason insists thats wrong. Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. pinkiepunksmummy

    I've been on Metformin slow release for just over a year, was to increase dose to 3 x per day, but my BG was dropping too low (2.7) so went down to 2 x per day. Stayed on that dose for 11 months, sugars started increasing, so GP upped Metformin.
    I'd been having episodes of diarrhoea but not too bad so I was putting up with it. Since upping Metformin to 3 x per day, my stomach has been terrible, diarrhoea every day, cramping, wind, etc. and then I got a tummy bug which really knocked me and left me with uncontrollable explosive diarrhoea meaning I couldn't leave the house for nearly three weeks. I spoke to my GP who said 'stop taking the Metformin and see how you get on, have a blood test in three months'.
    Now, for the past year I have been told that Diabetes is serious, take medications, make lifestyle changes, etc. etc. ...........so, if it is that serious, surely I can't just stop taking medication? If that is the case, then why did I not just have three monthly blood tests and not take any medications in the first place???
    [I insisted that it couldn't be 'okay' to just stop taking Metformin and asked for an alternative, and will get them tomorrow after a mess up with my prescription (Glicazide) ]
    Anyone else had similar? And anyone had stomach side effects from Glicazide?

  2. Beshlie

    Maybe your GP is suggesting that you try controlling your BS levels with diet and exercise? I have only tried Metformin, the ordinary and the SR, and with both I was housebound because of my stomach, and that's no life. But I do keep my BS as near as possible to non diabetic levels, with the occasional spike if trying a new food. I hope you are OK on the Glicazide.

  3. pinkiepunksmummy

    Thanks for the reply....I was told on diagnosis that I was past the point of being able to control it with diet and exercise. I'm only slightly over weight, 36, good diet already lowish carbs, but 3 grandparents were diabetic and my uncle has pre-diabetes. I just don't get how relaxed the GP was about stopping Metformin - although I bet if I said I didn't fancy taking it anymore he wouldn't have been so relaxed!
    I am hoping that the Glicazide is better, thankyou!

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Scarborough Doctor's Book Says Insulin Makes You Fat, Fasting Makes You Thin

Scarborough doctor's book says insulin makes you fat, fasting makes you thin Dr. Jason Fung's book, The Obesity Code, argues that obesity isnt caused by overeating, but by excessive insulin. Kidney specialist Dr. Jason Fung wrote a book on obesity and its link to excessive insulin.(Cole Burston / Toronto Star) Dr. Jason Fung, 42, a kidney specialist and founder of Scarboroughs Intensive Dietary Management program, says obesity and even those last 10 pounds isnt caused by overeating, but by excessive insulin. He discovered the real culprit of getting fat, he says, after realizing patients in his nephrology practice would get better with fewer medical interventions if they lost weight. Since most of his patients were Type 2 diabetics a disease associated with too much insulin he made the link. According to his new book The Obesity Code, the best, fastest, most economical and effective way to control this hormone before or, after it gets out of control is by fasting. So, insulin, not calories, is the real cause of obesity? Obesity is a hormonal disease. Insulin, a hormone, tells you how much to eat and how much to burn. The body behaves as if the weight is set on a thermostat. Insuli Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Koala

    hey folks,
    did anyone feel extra depressed or sensitive before their body went in to ketosis?
    i am only on my second week and am feeling really, really sensitive. like twice as much as i ever am when i get my period!!
    will this get better?
    it could be getting worse due to the poor sleeping and allergies.
    i already take magnesium and sodium. so i was hoping that i wouldn't get any keto flu.
    appreciate any help!

  2. clackley

    You should consider the fact that going keto is the very same as withdrawal from an addictive substance (in this case, sugar). I think it common that people will feel some negative feelings. It is temporary. The lack of sleep is also common and will even out. Remember that a lot of people find that they simply don't need as much as they did prior to keto. The sleep that they do get is of better quality.
    It depends on the individual how long it takes to get past the withdrawal but if you are careful to eliminate all grains, sugars and starches, you will help the process along and be feeling energetic and positive in no time. Focus on the really positive things you are doing to improve your health!

  3. MerryKate

    There's also the fact that the body stores estrogen in fat cells; therefore, when you're burning fat you may have extra estrogen floating around in your system. Many women on here have experienced erratic cycles as a result, with lots of fun side effects. :/
    If you are dealing with keto flu, be sure to get coconut oil in your diet. It helps keep keto flu at bay.

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Obesity Archives - Indian Lchf

Facebook Twitter Google+ Email Buffer PocketIve pulled out all of Dr. Jason Fungs blogs on fasting and listed them here in order. Please read and increase your knowledge about fasting. Dr. Fungs Youtube channel here Videos featuring Dr. Fung here Facebook Twitter Google+ Email Buffer Pocket Facebook Twitter Google+ Email Buffer Pocket Source: YouTube channel Goodbye Diabetes My learning from the above video by Dr. S. Vijayaraghavan Premise: Being healthy is in our nature. Human beings are genetically programmed to live for more than 100 years without ailments. The human body is self-healing and self-regulatory. Definition of disease: A disease is [] aerobics bad cholesterol blood sugar bone broth cholesterol cholesterol test cure diabetes cycling diabetes diet diet tips diet tricks exercise family fasting fat fatty food friends good cholesterol HDL hypertension hypothyroid insulin resistance insulin response intermittent fasting LCHF LDL low carb obesity oxtail peer pressure relatives resistance training reverse diabetes rootcause society soup statins sugar symptomatic treatment symptoms treadmill triglycerides walking weight loss Copyright 2018 Indian Low Carb. DISCLAIMER: ILC we Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. dammit

    Are there any good ways to tell you are in ketosis? Ketones released from fat lipolysis are excreted as gas through the lungs, so it's often found that people in stages of ketosis emit bad breath, but what are other signs? I drink so much water that I don't have any foul odoring of urine or breath (that I am aware of anyhow). I've read that its often found you gain a sudden "burst of energy" which I'm inclined to think I have high energy because of the Lipo6 I'm taking (had it lying around anyways even though I'd rather have recreate). So, does anyone have any other information about tell-tale signs of ketosis? I could pee on litmus paper if pH was an indicator but I'd have no baseline to work off of...

  2. Prinyaz

    You can go to various pharmacy and ask for ketostix, you get something like 100 strips for 30 bux, so it's not too expensive. Then you basically pee on it and it'll tell you if you're in ketosis state or not. Watch out though, if it turns blue you might be pregnant!!!!

  3. Raptorbh12

    yep, ketostix are all the rage these days . If you cant afford to dish out $10 bucks at a cvs for ketostix, you can usually tell your in ketosis because you will see very small white specks in your urine. I have not noticed this firsthand since my damn ketostix tell me im not in ketosis yet....

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