Is Ketosis Good For The Body?

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Are Planks Good For Belly Fat Burning?

No, planks or any exercise do not reduce fat in the area you are working. Fat is distributed around your body and will be burnt in a way your body dictates. I’ll explain why exercise and belly fat burning are not related. Because burning belly fat is nothing to do with working out. Working out is for fitness, function and health. In some cases to improve performance but not really the thing to do to lose fat; from whatever area of your body that is bothering you. This is because fat is to do with body regulation. Everything in your body is controlled by hormones or nerves or muscles that work in balance to another. FAT REGULATION The two hormones that will be the key to you losing belly fat are insulin (it signals the storing of fat) and glucagon (signals to the body to burn fat) fat will be burnt across the body, there is no exercise that will target fat in one area. There are exercises that will tone muscle in an area and give the appearance of better shape. For example your waist might look ‘‘the tighter” or clothes might become looser but that six pack will not be seen with a layer of fat on top. Only diet does that. Because what food you consume will be the thing that Continue reading >>

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  1. Bret Scher

    Nutritional ketosis can be very beneficial. Ketosis is when your internal glucose and insulin levels are low enough that your body no longer wants to store excess energy as fat, and instead, breaks down your fat stores and converts them into energy in the form of ketones. A ketone body is actually a more efficient fuel source than glucose (ketones require 2 molecules of oxygen to produce ATP, the main chemical source of energy, whereas glucose requires 4 molecules of oxygen). You can achieve nutritional ketosis by limiting your carbohydrate intake to less than 20grams per day, and instead eating a very high fat diet with >80% of your calories coming form fat. Starvation ketosis is another way to get into ketosis, and as the name implies, requires not eating at all. That could be anywhere from 14–48 hours and still be potentially healthy. After 48 hours, however, you likely get more harm than good from starvation ketosis. Once in ketosis, many people experience greater energy levels, improved mental clarity, and increased fat loss just to name a few. There is a well describes adaptation period of about 2 weeks called the “keto flu” where your body adjusts to ketosis and you may actually feel worse at first. But once your body adapts, you will start to feel the benefits. There are also ketone supplements available now that can help you get in to ketosis. Ket-OS by Pruvit is one supplement. Check out Dustin Schaffer’s website to learn more about the keto lifestyle and exogenous ketone supplements

  2. Marcel Hartmann.

    Everyone reacts differently. Theoretically, there is nothing wrong with ketones being the primary source of fuel for the body. In-fact, It has been proven to be more adequate in supplying energy that carbohydrates.

  3. Taylor Baker

    The difference between "Ketosis" and "Ketoacidosis" is that the latter is the extreme ketosis that has developed so much that it has acidified the blood, which in effect, will kill you. A lot of people THINK that ketoacidosis is only caused by diabetes, but this is not true. It can also be caused by things like Alcohol, etc. that mess with the liver (though the Diabetic form, called DKA, is the most common that is seen in practice.) Essentially what this means is that if your in "Ketosis", you are sort of half way to a state of ketoacidosis, though still in a controlled state. This means that your more likely to end up in a state of ketoacidosis, if exposed to anything which could cause it. (the acidosis part comes from the fact that when ketones are burnt at the cellular level, they release by-product acids similar in chemical structure to acetone.) You also have to remember, that Ketosis is an Altered state, which one is not in by default, (a healthy newborn will NEVER be in a state of ketosis upon birth, regardless of whether the mother is on a ketogenic diet or not.) Therefore, one could reasonably conclude that this is probably not a good idea, or we would have been born doing it.

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