Is Ketosis Bad For Your Brain

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How Would The Human Body React To Near-instant Fat Loss In A Morbidly Obese Person?

OK since this is a hypothetical question, let’s suppose that somehow there was a way to remove all of the fat in your body instantaneously by some magical means. This way it’s totally safe and you don’t die from blood loss or shock. So one sunny day you’re trudging along on the sidewalk talking to your friends about what to have for lunch. Then suddenly a fairy comes around and completely removes all your fat. But the fairy doesn’t worry about how your body will adjust, only that she removes all your fat without killing you. Since you still have muscles which was responsible for moving 50+ pounds of extra fat in your body, the first thing you will notice is how light you are! If you were in the middle of walking when the instantaneous fat removal happened, it may even cause you to become off balance and trip over yourself! But once you look down and feel your new body, the next thing you will notice is just how much loose skin you have. This is more or less how you will look like: And as the other posters here have stated, afterwards you may experience extreme lethargy and depression due to the hormonal imbalance resulting from the missing fat cells. So what did we learn Continue reading >>

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  1. niah

    So I started a high protein low carb lifestyle exactly 7 days ago. I have cut out all fruit, starches, dairy etc. I will reintroduce fruit at the 14 day mark. Anyway, I feel like a bottomless pit the last two days. I am not craving carbs. It's peanut butters or protein pancakes or meat etc. I am having less of a three meal a day and more eating eating eating. Like I had lunch at 11:25 ish came home ( now 3 o clock ) had beef with tahini and devoured that and three protein pancakes. lol. I feel like I can't get enough...... Am I in ketosis now or something?

  2. j3nn

    Well, ketosis does mimic starvation so maybe your body is freaking out and thinks you're trying to kill it? Lol

  3. Drumroll

    It thinks you're trying to KILL it? Oh come on j3nn, you know better.
    I'm not sure if the OP is in ketosis just yet though, as one of the primary symptoms of ketosis is a blunting of the hunger signals. Also seems like he/she might be eating too much protein to get into ketosis. If that's a goal, some dialing back on protein might be necessary.
    Also, OP, don't let people scare you by telling you ketosis is bad, or stressful, or dangerous or that low-carb is somehow "damaging" to your body. It's a perfectly natural state to be in if that is your goal. Some people do better when in ketosis than others do, it doesn't work for everyone, but that is no reason not to try it out for yourself! Don't let the fearmongerers scare you away from giving it a try if you want to. A key component of the Primal Blueprint is experimenting for yourself and finding out where you feel the best/most healthy.

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