Is Ketosis Bad For Liver

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Is Going In And Out Of Ketosis Bad For Cholesterol Levels Or Organs?

I would be a bit cautious about “going in and out” - not because it’s bad or because it’s hard to do. Rather, because if you go “in and out continuously” - I’m hoping that you say that as supported by actual measurements and not just the mere fact that you don’t eat carbs for a day and then binge the next day - and then the cycle repeats. Although your body utilizes ketones on a continuous basis, the onset of “ketosis” per se, requires some adaptation period and a relatively substantial depletion of glycogen. You need to allow some time for this to happen - if you change your eating pattern too quickly (and if you didn’t specifically do anything to deplete your glycogen reserves, such as heavy-weight exercise, etc.) - you might not even get into ketosis before, allegedly, getting out of it. Of course, those could be just my assumptions - but, generally, I would say you have to follow ketogenic diet for at least 2–3 days to actually slip into ketosis, while you may only need a couple of hours to get out of it, if you overindulge in carbs. Other than the frequency of those changes - getting in and out by itself is not an issue and, actually, may be preferred ( Continue reading >>

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  1. Ginaoo

    I have no clue where to find those keto sticks everyone is talking about. Can anyone help?

  2. cfine

    I order mine online

  3. LiterateGriffin

    Go to an ACTUAL drug store -- like Rite Aid or CVS -- and look near the diabetic supplies. Grocery-store pharmacies generally won't stock them, but "real" drug stores always carry them.
    Go ahead & buy the (cheaper) generic brands. They all work great.

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