Is Ketones In Urine Bad

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Are Blood Ketones A Better Predictor Than Urine Ketones Of Acid Base Balance In Diabetic Ketoacidosis?

Abstract Detection of ketonaemia is a key factor in diagnosing diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Measurement of urinary ketones via the nitroprusside reaction is the most commonly employed diagnostic test; however, near patient testing of blood ketones is now widely available. In the clinical setting we wished to compare the utility of urine and blood ketone measurements to predict acid base balance and need for admission in patients with type 1 diabetes. A retrospective study was performed on 52 patients referred to the metabolic or acute receiving units of a teaching hospital. Urine and capillary ketone measurements, blood gas analysis and/or venous bicarbonate measurement were analysed together with the clinical outcome of either admission or discharge of the patient. Capillary β-hydroxybutyrate measurement gave a strong negative correlation (r -0.771; p<0.001) with serum bicarbonate concentration. Urine ketone measurement showed a weaker negative correlation (r -0.493; p<0.001) with bicarbonate levels. There was no difference in the ability to predict hospital admission between blood ketone measurement and urine ketone measurement )positive predictive value 84.6% [95% confidence in Continue reading >>

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  1. Bob P

    Metformin and dental work

    I am T2, dx in June of this year, with pretty good control. I am on Metformin, 500 mg twice daily.
    I am scheduled to have a root canal redone in a few days. I recently ran across instructions to stop Metformin two days before oral surgery. Does anybody have experience with this? I know Metformin takes awhile to ramp up. Do I need to eat really carefully during those two days? (I don't, usually, I'm afraid.) Or, is there gonna be enogh carryover during that time to keep me more or less out of trouble?

  2. Tiger Lily

    Bob, i've had my teeth clean ?? 4 times since being on metformin, and i've had a filling done
    a root canal isn't really oral surgery...... the dentist cleans out the dead root/nerves in your tooth, then preps the tooth for a filling or a cap
    it is important that you tell your dentist that you have diabetes
    give his office a call and see if you need to stop the met before the root canal (i only know that contrast dye scans require you to stop the met)

  3. Irk

    My husbnd is T2 and he just had a root canal done and is on 2000 mg and he never stopped his. I would for sure tell the dentist, I would imagine if you stopped taking it ,it would knock you into highs and thats not good.

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