Is It Dangerous To Be In Ketosis?

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Is It Really Possible To Lose 4lbs Of Fat Per Week When On A Very Low Calorie Diet & In Ketosis?

It depends on how fat you are to begin with. If your BMI is 30+ then that should be easy. I can lose 1kg per day consistently when fasting. The body is in ketosis when fasting. and if your low calorie diet is just fat (with some BCAAs to reduce any kind of muscle loss) then you 4lbs isnt a problem. Just make sure to drink a lot of water and put some salt in it to combat dehydration. But whether in ketosis from only eating fat or from fasting your brain feels very clear. You will pee frequently because burnt fat is converted into water. other then that, remember fibre and fermentables. the hunger subsides. but later it is replaced by day dreaming of food. But it important to persist until your belly is gone. if you have a belly then you have insulin sensitivity and you will just get fat again once you stop the ketosis. stick to it and when your belly is gone and then so will be your insulin sensitivity. Then go to some sort of intermittent fasting program to maintain. i recommend the either skip breakfast approach or the full day fast every monday So stay in ketosis until you are belly free. because being fat has worse health problems then loosing weight to quickly. just remember: w Continue reading >>

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  1. Dave Pereira

    Almost none.. I believe a 1/3 of a serving can pop the average person out of ketosis. This really depends on how the individual’s body will uptake, process and eliminate the alcohol (sugars). These vary on size, metabolism, hormonal health, etc.

  2. Doug Freyburger

    Being in ketosis roughly doubles the impact of alcohol. Be careful and cautious how much you drink! Plan on drinking half as much because it will hit you very hard. That is your real limit. In the US a binge is 5+ drinks in the same day. Since alcohol hits us twice as hard in ketosis that means the limit is 2–3. Have 3 shots of vodka and you will definitely be hammered! That’s your limit.
    When there is any alcohol present the body will burn it to the exclusion of fat until it’s gone. On a time scale of minutes and hours there is no amount of alcohol that does not interfere with being in ketosis. The deal is, the time scale for ketosis when dieting in not hour to hour. It’s day to day.
    Your next concern isn’t being in ketosis the next day. Unless you pass out from the booze you will be in ketosis the next day. It’s how long that drink will stall you. Unfortunately that answer is different for everyone. Some only pause for a day when they have a shot or two. Some pause for 2 weeks. You have to try it and see.

    My take is if you still have 50+ pounds to lose it’s not worth it. Alcohol is a social issue not a need. It’s not a high enough priority to care about if you still have 50+ to lose. And if you are so driven to have a shot anyways, that’s a drinking problem in addition to a weight loss discussion. But later, a week of pause just isn’t a big deal since loss rates are slower as you have less to lose. Not worth drinking every month, but probably worth it about every other month. Once you figure out how long you pause from drinking.

  3. Ron Hunter

    I think it’s an individual response. I recommend this article:

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