Is It Bad To Be In Ketosis?

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Is Going In And Out Of Ketosis Bad For Cholesterol Levels Or Organs?

I would be a bit cautious about “going in and out” - not because it’s bad or because it’s hard to do. Rather, because if you go “in and out continuously” - I’m hoping that you say that as supported by actual measurements and not just the mere fact that you don’t eat carbs for a day and then binge the next day - and then the cycle repeats. Although your body utilizes ketones on a continuous basis, the onset of “ketosis” per se, requires some adaptation period and a relatively substantial depletion of glycogen. You need to allow some time for this to happen - if you change your eating pattern too quickly (and if you didn’t specifically do anything to deplete your glycogen reserves, such as heavy-weight exercise, etc.) - you might not even get into ketosis before, allegedly, getting out of it. Of course, those could be just my assumptions - but, generally, I would say you have to follow ketogenic diet for at least 2–3 days to actually slip into ketosis, while you may only need a couple of hours to get out of it, if you overindulge in carbs. Other than the frequency of those changes - getting in and out by itself is not an issue and, actually, may be preferred ( Continue reading >>

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  1. Margot LaNoue

    A few methods:
    - pee on a stick. There's a generic brand (I use Walgreen's) and the official brand. In general, they're called "ketone test strips" and they will change colors depending on the amount of ketone bodies in your urine. There is no "perfect level" of ketone bodies; you are either in ketosis or you are not. You will find these test strips in the same isle as the diabetic test stuff.
    - smell your breath. It will smell *awful* because a side product of ketosis is acetone in the urine and breath. While urine might always smell bad to you, your breath will smell truly, noticeably foul.
    - no bloating. Ketones do not bind with water the way glucose/glycogen does. You will not retain water when in ketosis. Nice!

  2. Cherie Nixon

    Warning: this might gross you out, but there's a simple answer to this question.
    OK, you want to know how you can tell? If you're in ketosis, you will often find oily residue floating in the toilet (assuming adequate lighting to see it). That's because while in ketosis, you excrete excess fat calories.

  3. Gary Wayne Nettoc

    The taste that people have mentioned is from the acetone in your breath, produced when you are in ketosis. There's a cool gadget that can measure that and let you know if you are in ketosis. KETONIX by Moose AB, Org.nr 556443-3794 It doesn't require strips or any replacement parts so in the long run it is the cheapest alternative.

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