Is Glucose An Amino Acid?

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Can Amino Acids Be Used By The Body To Make Glucose & Fatty Acids?

Amino acids are nitrogen-containing molecules that are the building blocks of all proteins in food and in the body. They can be used as energy, yielding about 4 calories per gram, but their primary purpose is the synthesis and maintenance of body proteins including, but not limited to, muscle mass. Video of the Day During normal protein metabolism, a certain number of amino acids are pushed aside each day. When these amino acids are disproportionate to other amino acids for the synthesis of new protein, your liver and kidneys dispose of the nitrogen as urea, and the rest of the molecule is used as energy in a variety of ways. Then certain amino acids -- minus their nitrogen -- can enter the citric acid cycle -- the biochemical pathway that converts food into energy. Others can be converted to glucose or fat. This process may be enhanced when you take in more protein than you need. Your body relies on a continuous supply of glucose and fatty acids for energy for physical activity and cellular needs during rest. When you exercise, your body relies still more on glucose because fat is slower to metabolize. The higher your exercise intensity is, the more your body requires quicker-burn Continue reading >>

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  1. FlyNavyWife

    Just wondering if any of you experience EXTREME thirst when you're in heavy ketosis.
    Usually when I'd test w/ketostix I'd be on the lighter end of things... but today I'm at the second-darkest which is awesome. Probably due to IFing till dinner yesterday and then again till dinner today.
    But today I've been incredibly thirsty all day long. It's not a salt thing because I've actually been using less salt than usual... I'm wondering if it's due to being in ketosis.
    If so, does anyone know WHY? Is more water necessary to flush out excess ketones or something? Or maybe it's because I'm not getting much water from my food (like I would if I were eating more veggies) since I've mostly eaten meat?
    In any case, it's pretty exciting for me. One good thing about my husband being out of town is that I get more flexibility with my eating. I'd been really craving some IFs for a while, but he likes to eat 3 meals a day and I generally join him even if I'm not hungry (I know, I know).
    Maybe I'll stay in ketosis for this whole 2 weeks and lose a bit more of this "last 10." That'd be good.

  2. FlyNavyWife

    (he also LOVES veggies at every lunch and dinner, and I love them too but I've been wanting to try VLC too for a while)

  3. maba

    If I got to eat your food, heck, I'd want to eat 3 times too. Loved your Primal party foods series.
    When I IF, surprisingly, I don't feel thirsty but sometimes sip hot water to keep boredom at bay and to stop me from thinking about food.

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