Importance Of Water In Ketosis

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Water, Water, Everywhere…

Water. It’s the source of all life. Around 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with it. There is water vapor in the air around us. The human body is made up of somewhere between 50 and 75% water, depending on individual size and age. Water is truly one of the most important chemical compounds in existence. We need it not just to live, but in order for the species to even exist at all. There are a heck of a lot of dietary myths that have been dispelled or discussed on this site, but one big question that probably needs a bit of a glance is thus: How much water do we actually need to consume to be healthy? Every health and diet “guru” has an opinion on water consumption, and in general the most common opinion is that more is better. I’ve read or seen recommendations ranging from a gallon a day all the way to advice like drink until your urine has no color. And when it comes to keto, things get even murkier. Keto websites and amateur experts throw out all kinds of recommendations, for example: 100 fl oz a day, minimum, or; 2 gallons a day and supplement like crazy, or; drink until you can’t stand it anymore, and then have another glass. Yes, I’ve seriously seen that la Continue reading >>

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  1. nopersonalinfohere

    I've read the FAQ, I've visited multiple websites, I know water is important, but why? I've noticed that I'm significantly more thirsty since I started keto. What's the biological need for a higher water intake?

  2. BlueDressSaturday

    Because while in ketosis, you've rid your muscles of glycogen which holds on to water. Without it, your body stops retaining water the way it used to. On keto, you HAVE to drink much more water than others to avoid dehydration, especially in the summer when dehydration can be catastrophic.

  3. Belle_2222

    Thanks for posting this!

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