Icd-10 Code For Secondary Diabetes Mellitus Due To Pancreatic Malignancy

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ICD-10 Coding of Osteoarthritis | ICD-10 Coding Guidelines http://go.cco.us/icd-10-cm-full-course Chandra: A: For the ICD-10 for osteoarthritis, the guidelines actually state that you should use the multiple osteoarthritis code unless the specific codes are more appropriate for the circumstantial coding, and basically it comes down to the payer rules. If youre seeing a patient simply to manage their osteoarthritis and theyve got osteoarthritis in multiple joints, maybe they got in their left shoulder, their right shoulder, their left elbow and their left hip. Most providers are going to report that with a multiple osteoarthritis code. The times that you would break into the specific joint and laterality would be when youre trying to prove or substantiate medical necessity for certain things, like if you were evaluating a patient or planning to do a hip replacement on that same patient, they may have osteoarthritis and all these different joints but youre focused on the hip joint, specifically the left hip joint. So, your claim should have the specific code to say, Specifically were dealing with osteoarthritis of the left hip, then you could add additional codes, say they also have it here, here, and here, but for our purposes we want that specificity. Thats really the only time that she usually going to come into play, it all comes down to payment, unfortunately. Laureen: Is this the guideline? Alicia: M15 M19 are the codes that were looking at, thats it. Chandra: Yeah. Usually theres a multiple sites option, for categories where theres no multiple site, code should be used to indicate the different sites involved. Alicia: M15.3 secondary multiple arthritis? Chandra: Thats secondary. When youre talking M15, remember secondary is the result of something else. These are more than likely, I think theyre M19s if I remember correctly. Alicia: Yeah, I was there READ MORE HERE: http://www.cco.us/icd-10-coding-of-os... https://youtu.be/O4_jb3gMPDo ---------------------------------------- CLICK HERE: http://go.cco.us/icd-10-cm-full-course ---------------------------------------- More Information about ICD 10 Coding of Osteoarthritis ICD-10 Code Lookup - CMS.gov https://www.cms.gov/.../icd-... Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Enter a Code or keyword to conduct your search for ICD-10 Codes. After searching, select an ICD-10 Code link from the results table to populate the ... The Web's Free 2016 ICD-10-CM/PCS Medical Coding ... http://www.icd10data.com/ Free ICD-10-CM/PCS reference, including all current codes, a search engine, ICD-9-CM conversion and all indexes. ICD-10-CM Codes - Convert ICD-9-CM Codes to ... - 2016 ICD-10-CM Alpha Index Road to 10 ICD-10 Basics http://www.roadto10.org/icd-10-basics/ ICD-10 affects diagnosis and inpatient procedure coding for everyone covered by the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA), not just those who ... ICD-10 Overview | Medicaid.gov https://www.medicaid.gov... Medicaid.gov Official U.S. Government Site The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision (ICD-10) is a coding of diseases, signs and symptoms, ... ---------------------------------------- CLICK HERE: http://go.cco.us/icd-10-cm-full-course ---------------------------------------- People who watched this video: https://youtu.be/O4_jb3gMPDo Also searched online for: Searches related to icd 10 coding icd 10 codes list icd 10 book icd 10 diagnosis codes icd 10 codes for mental health icd 10 codes funny icd 10 conversion icd 10 training icd 10 pdf ------------------------------------------------ CONNECT WITH US: http://www.facebook.com/cco.us http://www.youtube.com/medicalcodingcert http://www.youtube.com/codingcertific... https://www.pinterest.com/codingcertorg/ https://plus.google.com/+Codingcertif... https://www.linkedin.com/company/codi... https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list... ---------------------------------------- Don't forget to check out our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MedicalC... -------------------------------------------- #icd10codeslist #icd10book #icd10diagnosiscodes #icd10codesformentalhealth #icd10codesfunny #icd10conversion #icd10training #icd10pdf -------------------------------------------- VISIT OUR SITE: http://www.cco.us/cco-yt

Icd-10-cm Diabetes Mellitus Coding

The documentation of diabetes mellitus has made the classification and diagnosis of the disease easier. Diabetes mellitus is classified using these codes: [1] E08 Diabetes mellitus due to underlying condition: The underlying conditions can be: [1] Pancreatitis and other diseases of the pancreas E09 Drug or chemical induced diabetes mellitus [1] E11 Type 2 diabetes mellitus: This type ofdiabetes mellitus is either not documented or it is type 2 diabetes with the use of insulin [1] E13 Other specified diabetes mellitus: These factors can affect the onset of diabetes through: [1] Genetic defects due to insulin action or beta-cell function Secondary diabetes mellitus is classified using codes E08, E09 and E13. [2] Other factors such as insulin use, pregnancy and health complications are dependent upon the patients medical records for the classification of their specific diabetes diagnosis. For more information on physician and medical billing contact us today! [1] Kostick, Karen M. Coding Diabetes Mellitus in ICD-10-CM: Improved coding for Diabetes Mellitus Complements Present Medical Science. Journal of AHIMA 83, no.5 (May 2012): 56-58. [2] Diabetes Mellitus in ICD10CM. (n.d.): n. pa Continue reading >>

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Chapter 1 Infectious and Parasitic Diseases

Coding Diabetes: Time To Look At The Coding Guidelines Again

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month, prompting coders to review the coding guidelines for this disease suffered by more than 10.9 million U.S. residents. During November, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is raising awareness about diabetes, diabetic eye disease, the importance of early disease detection, and related preventive health services covered by Medicare. According to the CMS website, diabetes can lead to severe complications such as heart disease, stroke, vision loss, kidney disease, nerve damage, and amputation, among others, and it’s a significant risk factor for developing glaucoma. People with diabetes are more susceptible to many other illnesses such as pneumonia and influenza and are more likely to die from these than people who do not have diabetes. Among U.S. residents 65 years and older, 10.9 million (26.9 percent) had diabetes in 2010. Currently, 3.6 million Americans 40 and older suffer from diabetic eye disease. Education and early detection are major components to combating this disease. Let’s take a look at the coding guidelines for diabetes to ensure that we accurately select and capture the ICD-10-CM code(s) for this disease. Continue reading >>

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  1. Peter_V

    Stopping Metformin, any side effects?

    Other than the obvious possibilty of increased blood glucose.
    My glucose readings have been so good lately I decided to try stopping the Metformin a couple weeks ago. I'm having to be a bit more careful of my carbs, but as long as I exercise I can keep my fasting glucose readings down (92 this morning)
    However, I have been feeling some low grade flu like symptoms (aches and pains, etc, especially when exercising)
    Just curious if these are common when discontinuing metformin or perhaps I've picked up a bug.

  2. jwags

    Metoformin will stay in your system for up to a month or so. So you really can't tell the effects until after that. I don't think you should see any symptoms going off of it. You may see some increased insulin resistance or even weight gain since that is what metformin works on. The aches and pains could be from anything or just a coincidence.

  3. RayH

    Are you stopping Metformin under medical supervision?? Sometimes, when medication does what it's supposed to be doing and they are inexpensive, we think they don't do anything.
    I ran out of Metformin for a few weeks and was unable to get the Rx moved to Costco for a bunch of reasons. I got scared. I'm a guy who doesn't scare easy on my numbers. I got scared.
    In a similar vein, I have a friend who stopped taking her thyroid medication for some reason. She's been in the hospital over 3 months struggling with failing organs...

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Pancreatic Cancer - Wikipedia

Not smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, low red meat diet [5] Pancreatic cancer arises when cells in the pancreas , a glandular organ behind the stomach , begin to multiply out of control and form a mass . These cancerous cells have the ability to invade other parts of the body. [10] There are a number of types of pancreatic cancer. [6] The most common, pancreatic adenocarcinoma, accounts for about 85% of cases, and the term "pancreatic cancer" is sometimes used to refer only to that type. [6] These adenocarcinomas start within the part of the pancreas which makes digestive enzymes . [6] Several other types of cancer, which collectively represent the majority of the non-adenocarcinomas, can also arise from these cells. [6] One to two percent of cases of pancreatic cancer are neuroendocrine tumors , which arise from the hormone-producing cells of the pancreas. [6] These are generally less aggressive than pancreatic adenocarcinoma. [6] Signs and symptoms of the most common form of pancreatic cancer may include yellow skin , abdominal or back pain , unexplained weight loss , light-colored stools , dark urine and loss of appetite . [1] There are usually no symptoms in the disease's Continue reading >>

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  1. [deleted]

    nuEvery other day I see a post about "Keto-flu" or someone passing out, getting dizzy or having low energy levels. Sometimes people complain of nausea but that is another thing all together.
    So let me explain to you what "Keto Flu" really is. Everybody that ends up on a Keto diet inevitably ends up cutting out a ton of processed food. With all the processed food, you end up cutting out most of your sodium intake. We have been told sodium is bad for us, just like saturated fat right? Not exactly, YOU ACTUALLY NEED MORE SALT THAN EVER UNDER A VERY LOW CARB DIET. When you cut back your carbs, you don't end up with blood sugar spikes every time you eat and digest food, because well, your not eating any sugar. As a result, your body doesn't need to elevate your circulating insulin levels to keep your blood sugar at normal levels. Normally, your kidneys tend to store and reuse a lot of sodium, under normal conditions. When your insulin levels are very low and stable, your kidneys through various horomonal mechanisms go into a diuretic type mode, excreting lots of sodium, potassium and water. The net effect is, if YOU DO NOT REPLACE YOUR SALT YOU GET LOW BLOOD PRESSURE. [1] Symptoms of low blood pressure include, dizziness, weakness and fatigue.
    Another aspect of Keto-flu can include the nausea and diarreah many new keto dieters sometimes experience. If you go from a high carb diet, straight to Keto in one giant leap. You are probably going to have a bad time. Let me go over some biology.
    When you eat foods, all your macro nutrients are broken down into their constituent parts such as simple sugars, amino acids, fiber and lipids. When you consume fat, various pancreatic enzymes and bile salts from your liver and gallbladder all work to break the fats/lipids down into cholesterol, triglycerides and other components. ***IT takes time for the liver, gall-bladder and pancreas to up-regulate the production of bile/enzymes in order to accommodate a large amount of fat. If you ingest a large amount of fat and your organs don't produce enough of these things to break it down, you can get very nauseated from undigested fat.
    Another thing that can happen with new keto-dieters is diarrhea. You may or may not know, there is a diverse world of bacteria, yeast and other microorganisms in your gut. Sometimes, they are beneficial and assist in digesting food, and sometimes they are simply taking advantage of a free meal. Every organism in your gut is constantly vying for space and nutrients in your gut, its like a world war 2 that never ends with some sides taking more territory than others. If your like most people and have taken rounds of antibiotics or consumed a standard american diet with tons of sugar/carbs and alcohol. It is like you just wiped England and France off the map and threw money and food out of helicopters to the German army. Basically, you probably messed up the balance of power, letting e. coli, H. pylori and Candida A. to start taking over where they shouldn't. This is called Gut Dysbiosis and is part of the reason Keto and Paleo can be so beneficial for auto-immune disorders. We now know 70% of our immune system is located in our gut ecosystem, and these gut bacteria have connections to our nervous system and can initiate cravings as if they were telling us to feed them with certain food.[2]
    What this means for Keto: Most these "bad" microorganisms overgrow because we ate too much sugar, drank too much booze or took a ton of antibiotics. When you stop eating carbs, you cause mass genocide in your gut as many sugar dependent microorganisms die by the billions from starvation. The rotting corpses of these microorganisms can release chemicals and initiate inflammation inside your gut. leaving you with a few days of diarrhea and nausea at the beginning of your keto experience.
    Let me lay down two rules of happy ketosis dieting. If you don't follow these rules, you probably won't be happy and it might sabotage your keto experience.
    RULE ONE! . Supplement with 1 TEASPOON of salt per day, whether you want to or not! (magnesium supplements can help also)
    Practical considerations: Easiest to dump a teaspoon of salt into heavily buttered vegetables.
    RULE TWO!. If your new to keto, reduce your carbs GRADUALLY to let your stomach and body adapt instead of being shocked into keto.
    Effects of insulin on renal sodium excretion. Gupta AK, Clark RV, Kirchner KA. Source Department of Medicine, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson 39216-4505.
    Gut microbiota: next frontier in understanding human health and development of biotherapeutics Satya Prakash, Laetitia Rodes, Michael Coussa-Charley, and Catherine Tomaro-Duchesneau

  2. NilacTheGrim

    Brilliant post and the science seems solid based on what I've read as well. Very informative.

  3. Garainis

    And that`s why I felt so awful for the first two days... The day before starting keto I literally drank and ate everything I wanted with high carbs including a sixpack of coke and a lot of bread.
    Day 3 right now, feeling a lot better. It seems that my cardio exersises help to adjust too.

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