Hyperkalemia In Dka

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Hyperkalemia In A Dka Patient

A gathering place for instructors of ECG and cardiac topics. "The ECG Guru provides free resources for you to use. Help us keep the lights on and we'll keep bringing you the quality content that you love!" ECG & Illustrations Archives Search (scrollable list) For your collection, we present another interesting set of ECGs from Paramedic Erik Testerman. They are from a 48 year old man who presented responsive only to painful stimuli, with deep, rapid (Kussmaul's) respirations. His blood glucose in the field read as "HIGH" - too high for the glucometer to register a number. He was treated with 3 large-bore IVs, 2 liters of NSS IV, O2. At the hospital, his blood glucose again registered as "HIGH" on the glucometer, arterial O2 was 90%, CO2 15 (low), pH 6.8 (acidotic), HCO3 -2 (depleted). His serum potassium was 7.0 ( greater than 5.5 is high ). We do not have the rest of his chemistry panel. The first ECG, at 5:59 am, shows some signs of early hyperkalemia. One of these signs iswide QRS, at .188 sec (normal is less than .12). This ECG even meets the criteria for LBBB, as noted in the machine's interpretation, but the widening is more likely due to the high potassium. There is a right Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. hippocampus

    What are the potassium level abnormalities associated with DKA (during diagnosis and treatment.)

  2. ahassan

    During DKA, the total body K is low bcz of osmotic diuresis, BUT the serum k conc. is raised bcz of the lack of insulin action, which allows k to shift out of the cells. So hyperkalemia.
    During treatment, k is shifted into the cells, which may lead to profound hypokalemia n death if not treated, so during therapy you have to adjust KCL conc. depending on blood K levels.

  3. tomymajor

    In DKA--> K level may be high or normal so we dont add k from the start of ttt
    But : In HHNKC---> K level is low from the start so we give k from start of ttt

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