Hyperchloremic Acidosis Symptoms

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Treating Intraoperative Hyperchloremic Acidosis With Sodium Bicarbonate Or Tris-hydroxymethyl Aminomethane: A Randomized Prospective Study

We demonstrated that saline infusion of approximately 35 mL/kg within 2 h during anesthesia and surgery will inevitably lead to hyperchloremic acidosis in a dose-dependent manner (1) . Also, the infusion of saline-based colloid solutions will result in hyperchloremic acidosis (2) . In this context, the seemingly harmless and benign character of this acid-base disturbance was called into question (35) . Still, severe hyperchloremic acidosis should be avoided. One possibility to reach this target is the use of balanced solutions, such as lactated Ringers solution or Hextend (1,3,4) . The second possibility is correcting this acidosis at an early state. Until now, however, there was an open discussion as to the better concept for treating this kind of acidosis: with sodium bicarbonate (BIC) or tris-hydroxymethyl aminomethane (THAM) (6) . Undoubtedly, both drugs may lead to a correction of the acidosis; however, the respective effects on mechanical ventilation aiming at constant Paco2 and serum concentrations of electrolytes or unmeasured ions should be very different. By comparing two groups of patients with intraoperative hyperchloremic acidosis caused by 0.9% saline infusion and ra Continue reading >>

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  1. PinkMonkeySlippers

    For me, they are:
    More energy
    My eyes are whiter
    My fingernails are stronger
    My orgasms are better! (I'm female)

  2. LeftoverBun

    I'm doing keto so my orgasms will be more frequent! (male)

  3. atrich

    Not to side-track, but I'm finding my self-induced .. erm... 'releases' have been far less frequent on keto.
    I wouldn't call this decreased libido exactly, maybe just the additional self-control that keto is giving me is transitioning over to other areas of my life?

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Hyperchloremic Acidosisclinical Presentation

Hyperchloremic AcidosisClinical Presentation Author: Sai-Ching Jim Yeung, MD, PhD, FACP; Chief Editor: Romesh Khardori, MD, PhD, FACP more... Metabolic acidosis, per se, has no specific symptoms and signs, unless it is extremely severe or of acute onset; however, it can produce symptoms and signs from changes in pulmonary, cardiovascular, neurologic, and musculoskeletal function. If the acidosis is marked and/or of acute onset, the patient may report headache, lack of energy, nausea, and vomiting. Neurologic abnormalities such as mental confusion progressing to stupor, when observed, are not usually secondary to the acidosis but are the cause of the acidosis itself. In general, neurologic abnormalities are less common in persons with metabolic acidosis than in persons with respiratory acidosis. An increase in minute ventilation of up to 4- to- 8-fold may occur in persons with respiratory compensation. Persistent tachypnea or hyperpnea (affecting the depth more than the rate of ventilation) may be the only clinical clue to an underlying acidotic state. This type of tachypnea/hyperpnea characteristically persists in sleep or interferes with sleep. Effects on the cardiovascular syste Continue reading >>

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  1. tina

    can you gain weight if you are in ketosis?

  2. Linda

    Tina, if you've gained weight it's unlikely you've gained bodyfat. The scale doesn't just measure fat but also bone, muscle, water weight etc and also fluctuates due to hormones, food & drinks consumed and many other factors. If you're in ketosis and eating TOO much fat then you could be burning primarily dietary fat but this isn't necessarily the case and doesn't mean you'll have to cut back on fat. Post what you're eating, how much have you gained and in what period? Remember the scale can fluctuate a few lbs even during the course of one day!

  3. Ellen

    You can gain weight in ketosis if you eat too many calories. Ketosis just means that you're burning fat for fuel. If you have more calories than you burn you will gain weight.

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Metabolic acidosis signs and symptoms easy Menomonic for you by RINKU CHAUDHARY NSG OFFICER AMU PLZ SUBSCRIBE INTELLECT MEDIPULSE N GIVE UR FEEDBACK Respiratory alkalosis https://youtu.be/JKsLoar7JLo Terminology : Acidosis refers to a process that causes a low pH in blood and tissues. Acidemia refers specifically to a low pH in the blood. In most cases, acidosis occurs first for reasons explained below. Free hydrogen ions then diffuse into the blood, lowering the pH. Arterial blood gas analysis detects acidemia (pH lower than 7.35). When acidemia is present, acidosis is presumed. Signs and symptoms Respiratory acidosis https://youtu.be/8U2XnvRtIhs Symptoms are not specific, and diagnosis can be difficult unless the patient presents with clear indications for arterial blood gas sampling. Symptoms may include chest pain, palpitations, headache, altered mental status such as severe anxiety due to hypoxia, decreased visual acuity, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, altered appetite and weight gain, muscle weakness, bone pain, and joint pain. Those in metabolic acidosis may exhibit deep, rapid breathing called Kussmaul respirations which is classically associated with diabetic ketoacidos

What Is Metabolic Acidosis?: Signs, Symptoms, Causes And Treatment

What is Metabolic Acidosis?: Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment What is Metabolic Acidosis?: Signs, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment Itis a condition where your body is making too much acid than it is getting rid of. As a result, there is too much acid in the body. Metabolic acidosis usually occurs when your lungs and kidneys are unable to maintain your bodys normal pH balance. Your blood acidity is measured using pH level. If your pH level is low, you have more acid in the blood. The blood pH level in people who are healthy is between 7.35 and 7.45.MA occurs when the blood pH level falls below 7.35. In case your pH level is more than 7.45, then it means you have too many bases in the blood, a condition known as alkalosis. If not diagnosed, MA could result in a condition known as acidemia, where the pH level in the blood is low because the body is producing more hydrogen ions. Acidemia could also arise when the kidney fails to form bicarbonate. It is advisable to consider MA as a sign of underlying medical condition. For MA to be successfully treated, identification of the underlying medical condition is important. There are instances when MA could become serious and lead to coma Continue reading >>

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  1. kween1996

    Hello all,
    I’m a 5’4, 145 pound, 20 year old female, 27% body fat who works out (kickboxing) for about 1 to 1.5 hours a day. I’ve been on Dairy free Keto and doing 16:8 IF for about 3 weeks now and have gained 3 pounds. I was 142 when I started Keto. The macros I follow are 1207 calories, 90 g of Protein, 20 g of carbs and then usually around 80ish g of fat until I feel full. I meal prep ahead of time on Sundays so all my meals are planned and I don’t cheat. With lots of water, exercise, taking a multivitamin/B Complex/Green Tea Extract, dairy free (so no cheese or anything), or artificial sweeteners, I don’t know why I’m not losing any weight on Keto. I’ve seen this work for so many people and have been doing extensive research as to why it won’t work for me. I’ve tried recalculating my macros and gotten these 2 results:
    upping my calories to 1324 calories and 80 g of protein with 20 net carbs, 103 g of fat
    lowering my calories to 1177 and doing 103 g of protein, 20 net carbs and 73 g of fat.
    These two seem completely different macros and I don’t know which one to follow since what I do right now is in the middle of both.
    An example of lunch and dinner I have during IF are like 8 oz of ground turkey, 2 eggs and 1/2 an avocado for lunch and a tuna salad with spinach, flax seed, MCT oil and 1 egg for dinner. With TONS of water- I fill up my hydroflask (32 oz) around 5 times a day.
    I’m just saddened that I haven’t lost ANY weight on Keto when it seems to work for everyone else. I’ve gotten blood tests done as well and my hormones are fine. My goal weight is 120 so I do have a significant amount of pounds to go and would appreciate any advice from you! I have even stopped all nuts and nut butters because I read that those could be an impediment to weight loss. I’m considering doing an egg fast in a few days for 3 days to see if that brings about any change.
    If it helps, I never got the keto flu (maybe because I was around 40-50 g of carbs to begin with), I’ve been tested and found 0 hormonal or thyroid issues, I TRACK EVERYTHING, my ketostix say that I am in ketosis and don’t know what else to do at this point.
    Thank you so much for your time- your journey is SO incredibly inspiring and I would hope to some success on Keto. Open to ANY advice at all! Please help!

    My instagram ketokween1996 has a lot of my meals and their macros, calories and such! I made this to be more accountable of myself!

  2. Brad

    Mom’s Before And After Pics Prove The Scale Means Nothing
    She’s living proof that we need to worry less about the number on the scale and worry more about how our bodies move and function.

  3. Ijjunne

    I have some things that come to mind after reading your post.
    First, being in ketosis doesn’t mean being fat adapted. It takes time, 3 weeks is a short time. Your body needs to adapt to your new lifestyle. And I really mean lifestyle, you shouldn’t consider ketosis as a diet but a new way of life.
    Second, I think your protein intake is too high. You should eat 1 to 1,5 g of protein per kg of lean bodyweight. I don’t think that your lean mass is 90 kg . Decreasing your protein intake means increasing your fat intake.
    Third, you seem to be in the diet mentality like a lot of us women. You shouldn’t count calories. During your keto adaptation, your only concern should be to eat under 20g of carbs, moderate protein and fat to satiety.
    Finally, you should take your body measurements (chest, waist, hips, thighs and arms) to track your progress.

    I hope it helps. And keep calm and keto on.

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