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READ MORE HERE: https://goo.gl/RBTAiv Beta hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is the first ketone body produced in a fasting state. It is commonly produced by the body during periods without much food (glucose) in order to provide an alternative energy fuel source. Although it is not technically a ketone (owing to the bonding structure), for the purposes of this post it is. Diets that are low in carbohydrates and high in fatty acids can either prompt the body to produce ketone bodies, such as beta hydroxybutyrate, or allow people to consume them exogenously (outside the body) instead. These exogenous ketone supplements have grown in popularity along with the ketogenic diet and media attention from popular icons such as Tim Ferriss and Dave Asprey. Although supplementation of beta hydroxybutyrate has been described as jet fuel and undesirable, modern iterations of exogenous ketones are making it easier for anyone to utilize these ketone bodies for optimal brain performance. There are a host of benefits of beta hydroxybutyrate, but it is primarily known as a fuel source in the absence of glucose. Within 24 72 hours without food, the body no longer uses glucose as the main fuel support system, which is when ketones like beta hydroxybutyrate kick into production. Fasting as long as 382 days (with medical supervision) is possible purely because of ketone production. Evidence suggests that beta hydroxybutyrate can increase the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the hippocampus, which is the main memory center of the brain. This is some of the only published literature about the performance enhancing effects of beta hydroxybutyrate, though there are several self-experiments. Namely, Dr. Peter Attia (popularized by Tim Ferriss podcast and Attias blog) has concluded there are benefits of reduced oxygen consumption by the brain. These statements have been confirmed to some degree by Dr. Dom DAgostino when describing under-water oxygen utilization and ketones, but neither are well-researched. Most of the evidence regarding beta hydroxybutyrate utilizes this exogenous ketone as a way to recovery from memory damage or impairment or as a neuroprotective agent. In one 2004 study of memory-impaired adults, beta hydroxybutyrate successfully aided in improving memory recall. For Alzheimers patients, using beta hydroxybutyrate is particularly helpful as a neuroprotective agent. Many of the long-term and neuroprotective benefits of beta hydroxybutyrate are closely linked to reduced carbohydrate and glucose consumption as well. For those who are consuming both exogenous ketones and eating glucose, the benefits are known. The benefits of beta hydroxybutyrate are not only for people who are currently experiencing nutritional ketosis. Often it is possible for athletes to utilize ketone bodies as a fuel source to limit glycogen depletion.

Exogenous Ketones: To Ketone Or Not To Ketone

My thoughts on Exogenous Ketones After being contacted (following the Youtube Q&A) by several folks – both members of Ketogains and Internet strangers, I felt compelled to write as fair and even-handed a write-up on exogenous ketone supplementation as I feel can be mustered. I condition my response by saying this – I want to deal only in evidence and hypotheses grounded in biochemistry. I admit up front that this will probably become something of a treatise on what constitutes a well-formulated ketogenic diet. I don’t have the time (or the energy) to put together a document that covers all facets of the use of exogenous ketones in sufficient depth, so what I want to do is to address the folks that I see asking me about them most often – those who have excess body fat, and are looking to lose weight. They have been told about the potential benefits to fat loss via exogenous ketones, and they want to know if the hype is real. Those of you who know me (or read my previous post here) know that I like to respond with “it depends.” So…when the question is raised, “Should I supplement with exogenous ketones?” what do you think my answer will be? Probably not! (HA, I tric Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. keto-mojo

    Perhaps I could let you know a little more about the brand as the information you currently receiving is hearsay and not accurate.
    Let's address the Jimmy Moore question first. Jimmy Moore was being duped by a Middle Eastern company who said they could sell him the meter. He then went and placed the wrong information on his website with erroneous pictures of meters and strips that he did not have rights to. We noticed this just before we were about to launch and had to have a little chat with him. The Middle Eastern Company was served with legal papers as they were not registered in the USA to sell the product. As to Jimmy, our concerns was that he would damage our brand just before launch with the mistakes he had made. In such, we agreed to provide the company he was partnering with Best Ketone Test with meters to ensure all the pre-sales that he had made were taken care of so when we launched there would not be any confusion in the market place and no damage to our fledgling company. Jimmy is partnered with Best Ketone Test and that is where the association ends.
    With regards to the validity of our keto-mojo meter it's probably as good or if not better than the precision extra. Not only has it been cleared by the FDA for sale in the US it complies to ISO15197 which is a higher standard that is required by the FDA.
    You may ask, why has no one reviewed this? that is because the meter does not ship until September 12. We chose not to send out hand bench made products for pre-review and stand by the quality of our manufacturing (which BTW is ISO9001 and GMP) in such meters that will receive review we will not have paid people for those reviews and the product they will be reviewing is from the manufacturing line and in such indicative of the quality everyone should receive..
    Regarding Accuracy, we are the only meter company that proudly declares our accuracy on our website https://keto-mojo.com/collections/pre-order/products/td-4279-ketone-and-glucose-meter
    FDA approved and exceeding ISO 15197:2013. The international standard for In vitro diagnostic tests for blood-ketones and blood-glucose monitoring for in vitro self-testing in managing diabetes.
    Ketones: measuring from 0.1 mmol/L ~ 8.0mmol/L Precision: ≤1mmol/L, SD<0.1mM; 1mmo/L, CV<7.5% Accurate results in 10 seconds Glucose: Measuring from 10-700mg/dL (0.56 – 38.89 mmol/L) Precision:SD < 5 mg/dl (0.278 mmol/L) at < 100mgl/dL (5.55 mmol/L); CV < 5% at 100mg/dL (5.55 mmol/L) Accurate results in 5 seconds
    You are faced with a simple choice, giving money to large Biotech companies that have raped fellow ketonians for years charging $4 per strip and their CEO's earning $25million a year. Or you can support an start-up that is a fellow ketonian who has risked his house and 20 years life savings to bring affordable testing to the keto community at 99 cents. bidnow description is not right and that's because he does not have all the facts. I am happy to answer any questions you might have because I am the founder Mr Mojo.
    below is some additional information regarding the technology that is used
    2+2 patented Testing Technology Our patented 2+2 technology with HCT interference compensation. Using 2 enzymes, plus 2 signals, AC and DC, in combination with 16bit/8MIPS microprocessor.
    Checking your mojo results, in a simultaneous measurement of your hematocrit with an algorithmic adjustment of glucose levels for industry leading accuracy.
    With the additional bonus of an industry first in delivering you an in home testing system that can measure glucose, hematocrit and ketones.

  2. 40ish75

    I don't want to buy anything that is associated with Jimmy Moore.

  3. bidnow

    Hi Mr. Mojo,
    I apologize if my information was not totally correct because I did not have all the facts as you said. On the other hand, I do believe my comments were at least directionally accurate.
    As you said, the first meter Jimmy had on his web site had a user manual document available (which I read) that was clearly not "Americanized." In addition, the original claim was that the meter would measure insulin levels, and then it was changed to that the meter would eventually measure insulin levels, and now there is no such promise at all.
    So, not to get too much into your business, but since you invited questions, I'll ask:

    You have confirmed that the product is manufactured outside the US. Where will any Customer Service be located? (As in helpful?)

    Is there any difference between the Keto-Mojo and the Best Ketone Test tester and strips now? In the future? (Does it make any difference to you where I purchase?)

    Is there any Control Solution Test recommended or required?

    Is there any consumer blood meter in the world that can currently (economically) measure blood insulin as well? This was the most surprising and exciting bit of information in Jimmy's original script. (Did that prior User Manual say Insulin Level when they meant Glucose Level?) (If you introduce an upgraded model next year that does, in fact, measure insulin levels, does that mean I throw away this meter?)

    When you do get that independent comparison test run, then be sure to contact me or someone here to post the results or links since your post may be deleted for self-promotion.

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Acetone As Biomarker For Ketosis Buildup Capability - A Study In Healthy Individuals Under Combined High Fat And Starvation Diets

Go to: Ketosis or ketoacidosis is a physiological state sharing an outcome of increased ketone levels in the blood due to relatively high lipid oxidation rates. Monitoring rapid and dramatic changes in ketones offers us valuable diagnoses for lipid oxidation and metabolism [1]. Several studies have clearly demonstrated that metabolic imbalance in type I diabetes has led to ketoacidosis (KAD) of blood, leading to elevated ketone levels with arterial pH < 7.3 and bicarbonate < 15 mEq/L, and causing arresting of major organ functions [2]. In addition to acidosis, studies have also shown that elevated ketone levels are a natural metabolic response to negative energy balance, wherein caloric intake is smaller than total energy expenditure, and the body burns stored fat to produce the needed energy [3], leading to a state of ketosis known as fasting ketosis (FK). FK has been used as an indicator of the effectiveness of weight loss [4-6]. Furthermore, ketosis also occurs in situations where caloric intake equals total energy expenditure, specifically in a diet that contains high percentage of fat (>60%) and/or low carbohydrate. This state of ketosis has been referred to as nutritional ket Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. abdada

    I printed your chart out and peed on it and it didn't turn purple :(

  2. Bdi89

    I laughed way harder at this than i should've. Out loud in a coffee shop. When i reread it back to my friends they just looked concerned.

  3. Rpizza

    Then u may or may not be in ketosis.
    Stop peeing on things. It's not gonna get u into ketosis

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[faq] Ketostix And Measuring Ketosis (v3) - Keto

[FAQ] Ketostix and measuring ketosis (v3) I have rewritten my Ketostix PSA as a FAQ in hopes that it will be more useful to newcomers. As always, let me know in the comments if you have any corrections or if you have questions that you think should be answered in this FAQ. Are Ketostix recommended for monitoring the effectiveness of a ketogenic diet? No. They are not a reliable way of measuring ketosis. Misinterpretation of Ketostix results is one of the most common unnecessary causes of anxiety for ketogenic and low-carb dieters. You can be perfectly successful on a ketogenic or low-carb diet without ever measuring ketones whether in urine, blood, or breath. The best way to monitor the effectiveness of your diet is whether or not you are seeing results. Are your clothes beginning to fit better? Is your body fat percentage declining? (note: body fat bioimpedance scales aren't very accurate. Use calipers, Body Pod, hydrostatic weighing, or DXA scan) Are you losing weight? (note that water weight and added muscle can disguise weight loss) Can Ketostix be used to measure whether or not I am currently in ketosis? No. You may be in ketosis even when the Ketostix show no ketones. Conver Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. samuelbreezey

    Hey guys,
    Who measures if they are in ketosis? If so, what do you use?
    I was looking at measuring to see if I am in Ketosis since I am just transitioning into the Keto way of life. Also I am looking at following a more TKD approach so would like to experiment and see how long I return to Keto when taking X amount of carbs as a pre workout.
    I was looking at glucose monitors but these seem expensive when compared to a Ketonix in the long run - https://www.ketonix.com/

  2. carbaholic

    Blood ketone monitoring is the only way to correctly check. The urine keto stix are a waste of time and money.

  3. metaStatic

    to elaborate; ketostix measure EXCESS ketones so are only relevant in the very early stages of nutritional ketosis or if you are diabetic.

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