How To Stay In Ketosis After Water Fast

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5 Days Of Egg Fast | My Sweet Keto

A lot of people, especially those on LCHF and keto diets , do 5 Days ofEgg Fast to break their weightloss stall. Surprisingly, it works for a majorityof them if we are to believewhat they report on social networks and forums. I havent been able to find any real scientific explanation to why it works but have my thoughts (that might change in the future if I get more clues). Basically, on an Egg Fast, you only eat eggs , healthy fats, and full-fat cheese for 3 to 5 days in a row. You are supposed to eat at least 6 eggs a day, and 1 Tbsp of fat for each egg consumed. The number of ouncesof cheese eatenshould not exceed the number of eggs eaten on each day. If you follow these simple guidelines, you get macronutrients nicely balanced outat the end of the day: Extremelylow carb, high fat, and moderate protein. Thats what the keto diet is all about, except that on Egg Fast, theres practically no fiber intake (no greens, seeds, meals, etc.). Because of this, in my personal opinion, thediet should be kept short-term. Additionally, I think magnesium , potassium , and vitamin supplements should be taken daily. And plenty of water drunk (10 cupsa day, at least).But I am no doctor, so take m Continue reading >>

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  1. Solis Lucidus

    Hi everyone! This seems like a really nice and supportive community that I'll love to be a part of.
    The next two paragraphs is mostly backstory, my real question is in the last paragraph :
    I first started fasting when I decided to go on a ketogenic diet and heard that the fastest way to get into ketosis is by doing a 2 day (drank water though!) fast. It went really well and I was surprised at the other benefits I got from fasting! I thought all that detoxifying your body talk was nonsense until I technically did it by water fasting. And so, I'm hooked and have been intermittent fasting for the past week and I'm seeing good results, general healthwise.
    Anyways, I'm mostly trying to lose body fat by fasting and I've decided to start my first "serious" fast. The longest I've ever fasted for was 3 days and I'm trying to do a 5 day long. primarily dry fast but if I get thirsty, I'll drink.
    From my history with ketosis, eating lots of fat will get you into it faster (and keep you full for a long time) so I was wondering if I can prep myself for this 5 day fast by having a normal 3 meals a day that is high in fat and when I break the fast I'll do the same. I actually already broke a 2 day water fast today by eating fatty foods (avocados, meat, cheese, mayo) and limiting my carb intake and I'm pretty much just asking if it's okay to go ahead and start my dry fast tomorrow. I'm in no rush to start so if I messed up my ability to lose weight by gorging on fats today I have no problem starting another time.

  2. carolineq

    Congrats on your success with the short fasts... I'd love to read more about the benefits you're experiencing with respect to detox.
    I have suspended my fasts with fat, cream and had great success with going longer distances with intermittant fat intakes, but honestly, did receive quite a bit of flack for it on this forum when I boasted about that approach...
    As to breaking the fast, you will also be told to only break the fast with fruits first and avoiding proteins so as not to overwhelm your body with ammonia which can be toxic in SOME people after a long fast and may also hurt your kidneys and other organs with small blood vessels (eyes and brain).
    Good luck!

  3. Esmée La Fleur

    Hello Solis Lucidus and welcome to the forum!
    I will be interested in the doctors response to you.
    I just finished reading his e-book Health Won, which I highly recommend. I suspect that he will not be in favor of a full-time ketogenic diet, but I could be wrong. His general recommendation is to eat high-fat on the day before you fast, but to eat high-carb when you come off your fast and until the day before your next fast.
    Can you tell us a little bit more about your self, why you have decided to follow a ketogenic diet, and what your short and long term goals are with your diet and fasting program? Thanks.
    Please feel free to blog about your experiences in out BLOG section. You will get a lot more feedback and support there from other fasters.
    Blessings, Esmée

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