How To Stay In Ketosis After Water Fast

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FREE 6 Week Challenge: https://gravitychallenges.com/home65d... Fat Loss Calculator: http://bit.ly/2O6rsdo The carb cycling diet is one of my favorite diets because it is one of the fastest way to burn fat while retaining as much muscle as possible. Most people don't know that carb cycling is actually a form of ketogenic dieting. The ketogenic diet is a diet that is lower in carbohydrates, which makes our body convert more dietary fat and body fat in to keytones in the liver. Which it then goes on to use for energy. Like I've said in many of my videos the human body prefers to use carbs as its primary source of energy. You're body won't produce too many keytones on a high carbohydrate diet, because your body won't need extra energy from fat due to the fact that its getting its energy from the more preferred carbohydrates. The only way for our body to use more fat for energy is by not having its preferred source there all the time. Eliminating carbs completely, however can have many drawbacks on our health and well being. Protein, carbs, and fats are all important and necessary for our body. So in comes the cyclical ketogenic diet aka carb cycling and also known originally as the anabolic Diet. There are many different approaches to carb cycling, but the general idea is that At some points of the week you're going to have a high amount of carbohydrates, and at other points of the week you're going to have a low amount of carbohydrates. Setting up the high carb and low carb splits will vary from one plan to the next. Some people may have very small changes in the amount of carbs they have from day to day. An example of this would be to set up a low carb, medium carb, and high carb day. Let's say 300 grams of carbs on high carb, 250 grams of carbs on your medium carb, and 200 grams of carbs on your no carb day. Another more advanced approach would be to do a High carb, low carb, and no carb day. The way that I like to set this kind of split up is by having a high amount of carbs on my high carb day, which for me would be somewhere around 400 grams, I would have one third or at the most half that amount for low carb day, and then try to get as close to 0 grams as possible on my no carb day and then repeat. An even more advanced approach would be to just cycle between high and no carb days. Or take it even a step further and do high, no, no. I don't really recommend having any more than two no carb days in a row. Make sure you don't jump to any extreme carb restrictions. An example of this is doing a 800 calorie diet when you could lose weight and maintain a better body composition with a 1500 calorie diet. Jumping to an extreme will not help you lose weight faster, in fact it'll probably backfire. Also in case you're wondering what kind of food you can eat on your no carb day, some great options are fish, chicken breast, ground turkey, protein shakes, Steak occasionally, and you can also have healthy fat sources like avocados, coconut oil, olive oil. and fatty fish like Salmon. For carbs make sure you are eating good sources of carbs like oats, brown rice, and sweet potatoes and avoid the junk food carbs. You can incorporate one cheat meal on one high carb day in the week, but that's it one cheat meal. You may notice that your strength and energy levels may go down while dieting like this. In fact you may feel like straight up garbage in the beginning. Understand that a lot of people feel this way when creating any kind of a calorie deficit. You're body will take a little while to adapt to using fat for energy instead of carbs. So the first 2 weeks can feel miserable. Give your body some time to adapt. A good idea is to plan your high carb days the day before a heavy lifting day, because this way you have stored glycogen available for your heavy lifts the next day. If you have no idea how many carbs to have on each day, try using a calorie calculator to find your maintenance macros and then add at least 50 grams of carbs to get the number for your high carb day. I'll include a calorie calculator in the description. Once you have your high carb number you should be able to figure out your low carb day. No carb day is obviously no carbs. After doing a carb cycling plan you may need to do some reverse dieting

10 Critical Ketogenic Diet Tips

10 Critical Ketogenic Diet Tips A ketogenic diet is a very low carbohydrate, moderate protein and high fat based nutrition plan. A ketogenic diet trains the individual’s metabolism to run off of fatty acids or ketone bodies. This is called fat adapted, when the body has adapted to run off of fatty acids/ketones at rest. This nutrition plan has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce inflammation. This leads to reduced risk of chronic disease as well as improved muscle development and fat metabolism (1, 2). I personally recommend a cyclic ketogenic diet for most of my clients where you go low-carb for 3 days and then have a slightly higher carbohydrate day, followed by 3 lower carb days. This cycles the body in and out of a state of ketosis and is beneficial for hormone balance while keeping inflammatory levels very low. The biggest challenge with this nutrition plan is to get into and maintain the state of fat adaption. Here are several advanced tips to get into and maintain ketosis. 1. Stay Hydrated: This is considered a no-brainer, but is not easy to follow. We often get so busy in our day-day lives that we forget to hydrate effectively. I recommend super hydrating Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. leetx

    I have been fasting since beginning of March on distilled water. How can I break this fast safely? I am thinking of working up to Golden Corral on Sat. Bad idea? Specific recommendations...?

  2. TJ J

    Bad idea

  3. jakejoh10

    Golden Corral? Surely you can find better than that........

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My Four Day Fasting Results

The results are in! Here are the results of my ketosis experiment. This post will detail my four-day fast ketosis kickoff period. So… if you think I’m going nuts and wondering why the hell I would fast, well, one, I can assure you I’m not and two, I suggest you read my highly informational article on why I am choosing to fast. Truth-be-told, I’ve tracked body composition, lab work, ketone levels and other important data, so I could become more knowledgeable about them. Some of the questions I had were: Does fasting lead to massive lean tissue losses? Does it destroy your metabolism? Is it unbearable? Does it sap your energy? The good news is that all of these pressing questions and much more are answered in this life-changing article. Okay…caught you! I bet you didn’t read the linked article about fasting, did you? Well, it’s okay; I’ll touch on it really quick. Well, this fast is NOT a water-fast. Honestly, I can name a few reasons, why you should not commit to a water-fast, but I won’t get into them right now. But, what I will get into is the types of fasts that I am practicing regularly and why. So, my fast is similar to what Valter Longo, a renowned researcher Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Solis Lucidus

    Hi everyone! This seems like a really nice and supportive community that I'll love to be a part of.
    The next two paragraphs is mostly backstory, my real question is in the last paragraph :
    I first started fasting when I decided to go on a ketogenic diet and heard that the fastest way to get into ketosis is by doing a 2 day (drank water though!) fast. It went really well and I was surprised at the other benefits I got from fasting! I thought all that detoxifying your body talk was nonsense until I technically did it by water fasting. And so, I'm hooked and have been intermittent fasting for the past week and I'm seeing good results, general healthwise.
    Anyways, I'm mostly trying to lose body fat by fasting and I've decided to start my first "serious" fast. The longest I've ever fasted for was 3 days and I'm trying to do a 5 day long. primarily dry fast but if I get thirsty, I'll drink.
    From my history with ketosis, eating lots of fat will get you into it faster (and keep you full for a long time) so I was wondering if I can prep myself for this 5 day fast by having a normal 3 meals a day that is high in fat and when I break the fast I'll do the same. I actually already broke a 2 day water fast today by eating fatty foods (avocados, meat, cheese, mayo) and limiting my carb intake and I'm pretty much just asking if it's okay to go ahead and start my dry fast tomorrow. I'm in no rush to start so if I messed up my ability to lose weight by gorging on fats today I have no problem starting another time.

  2. carolineq

    Congrats on your success with the short fasts... I'd love to read more about the benefits you're experiencing with respect to detox.
    I have suspended my fasts with fat, cream and had great success with going longer distances with intermittant fat intakes, but honestly, did receive quite a bit of flack for it on this forum when I boasted about that approach...
    As to breaking the fast, you will also be told to only break the fast with fruits first and avoiding proteins so as not to overwhelm your body with ammonia which can be toxic in SOME people after a long fast and may also hurt your kidneys and other organs with small blood vessels (eyes and brain).
    Good luck!

  3. Esmée La Fleur

    Hello Solis Lucidus and welcome to the forum!
    I will be interested in the doctors response to you.
    I just finished reading his e-book Health Won, which I highly recommend. I suspect that he will not be in favor of a full-time ketogenic diet, but I could be wrong. His general recommendation is to eat high-fat on the day before you fast, but to eat high-carb when you come off your fast and until the day before your next fast.
    Can you tell us a little bit more about your self, why you have decided to follow a ketogenic diet, and what your short and long term goals are with your diet and fasting program? Thanks.
    Please feel free to blog about your experiences in out BLOG section. You will get a lot more feedback and support there from other fasters.
    Blessings, Esmée

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Want to lose weight in an effective, healthy and sustainable way? Click here for FREE 7 Day program: http://bit.ly/7DayHealthReset ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow My Facebook: http://FB.com/matthewcama Follow My Snapchat: @matthewcama Follow My Instagram: @matt_cama Join My Email List: http://www.MattCama.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattcama Second Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2dQ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On this channel I show you how to lose weight using a psychological and plant based approach. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Products: Join the 21 Day Body Transformation Challenge: http://www.mattcama.com/21daybtc/ Grab The Going Vegan Guide: http://www.mattcama.com/going-vegan-g... One on One Coaching: http://www.mattcama.com/self-mastery-... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUBSCRIBE BY CLICKING BELOW: http://bit.ly/subscribemetomatt

The Beginners Guide To Ketosis: Investigating Low-carb, High-fat Eating

The only hard and fast rule of health is that health is personal and what works well for one person may not work for someone else. Aside from that rule, there are “frameworks” that seem to benefit large groups of people. One more level down from that are alternative strategies that benefit smaller groups. Ketosis is likely one of those alternative strategies that works well for certain, smaller groups of people. So, right off the bat I want you to understand that Ketosis might not be for everyone. I’m going to lay out the case for potential benefits of Ketosis. If it sounds interesting and beneficial to you, then consider trying it. (see our free cheat sheet to help you). What is Ketosis Ketosis occurs when liver glycogen gets depleted and the body burns fatty acids for fuel. The primary driver of this state is a very low carbohydrate intake. Often, it also requires a low protein, higher fat intake. You can also achieve a state of ketosis by not eating altogether. The creation of ketones is a byproduct of this metabolic state. Ketones are a source of fuel, just as glucose is a source of fuel. Ketones tend to have some added benefits, though. What role does Ketosis play in hum Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Cosimmie

    So I realise this question has probably been asked by many people (myself included), but is it possible to do a low carb diet after a fast to stay in ketosis and keep losing weight?
    I know you shouldn't break a fast on anything other than fruits and veggies and whatnot but hear me out-- I've broken week long fasts with pizza and muffins and cookies and all that bad shit and I've never had anything happen to me at all (except gain 0.5kg overnight but that's besides the point).
    So say I break my 10 day water fast with 3 eggs and stop eating until the next day. Would I still be in ketosis and still see the numbers on the scale go down? Thanks.

  2. PT-hime

    yes it is, there are people who do keto and an intermitent fast

  3. arcadia

    you would indeed. just keep carbs under 20g per day and try to get 70%+ of your daily caloric intake from fat

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