How To Overcome Metabolic Acidosis

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What Is Metabolic Acidosis?

Metabolic acidosis happens when the chemical balance of acids and bases in your blood gets thrown off. Your body: Is making too much acid Isn't getting rid of enough acid Doesn't have enough base to offset a normal amount of acid When any of these happen, chemical reactions and processes in your body don't work right. Although severe episodes can be life-threatening, sometimes metabolic acidosis is a mild condition. You can treat it, but how depends on what's causing it. Causes of Metabolic Acidosis Different things can set up an acid-base imbalance in your blood. Ketoacidosis. When you have diabetes and don't get enough insulin and get dehydrated, your body burns fat instead of carbs as fuel, and that makes ketones. Lots of ketones in your blood turn it acidic. People who drink a lot of alcohol for a long time and don't eat enough also build up ketones. It can happen when you aren't eating at all, too. Lactic acidosis. The cells in your body make lactic acid when they don't have a lot of oxygen to use. This acid can build up, too. It might happen when you're exercising intensely. Big drops in blood pressure, heart failure, cardiac arrest, and an overwhelming infection can also cau Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. 9Coconuts

    I know this must have been discussed here at length but unfortunately, a search for Sorbitol results in:

    Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.
    The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search : sorbitol
    I would very much like to eat this: http://delakasa.com.br/delakasa/pro.../ambrosia-diet/
    And of course, I'm not going to eat just 1 tablespoon (who does that?)
    The little jar serves 1 in my opinion and it comes with 280g which works out to 110.6g of carbs, with 98g being from Sorbitol.
    On my plan, I can eat 30g of net carbs today. If I go up to 50g today it won't make any significant difference. But 110.6g is way too much if all of it is absorbed.
    My understanding is that sorbitol is undigestible which is why it causes laxative effects, bloating, etc. and it gets mostly excreted. But I haven't been able to find concrete cut and dry info on this. Just conjecture and articles talking about which polyols are better, etc. and not necessarily in the context of ketosis.
    What has your experience been with Sorbitol? Do you find it kicks you out of ketosis? Do you count sorbitol carbs like regular carbs?

  2. chiros2005

    Sorbitol nor any of the sugar alcohols effect ketosis for me. I do, however, experience gastro upset with more than 50 grams of it. I'm guaranteed a bout of loose stools and lots of flatulence.
    When I'm really craving something sweet the sugar alcohols help me stay on plan.
    You can check Dr. Westman for information on sugar alcohols since his eating plan allows them in moderation.

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