How To Break A Water Fast And Stay In Ketosis

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Bone broth fasting is when you only drink bone broth and water for a certain number of days. 4 days is ideal but 7 days is best. Fasts are not for everyone and you should only do it under the supervision of a doctor. Bone broth is ideal for a fast because its full of important nutrients like: amino acids (protein), vitamins and minerals, collagen, etc. Bone Broth is incredible because it has the ability to treat digestion problems... IBS, GERD, and other health ailments related to the intestines and stomach. How? Because bon broth contains collagen. Collagen is found inside the lining of the digestive tract and contains nutrients which have healing benefits. Buy delicious Grass-Fed Bone Broth: http://bit.ly/2Ab5j6e Social Media Join our community, Team Relentless. Together we take action to achieve our goals: http://bit.ly/facebookgroupDYL WEBSITE: https://www.kristenleake.com LIKE ME on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kristenleake2/ TWEET ME on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kristen_Leake FOLLOW ME on Instagram: https://instagram.com/Kristen_Leake TUNE IN on Periscope: Kristen_Leake SNAP ME on Snapchat: Kristen.Leake

Bone Broth Is Anti-ketogenic | Eat Meat. Drink Water.

As many of my readers know, I am a huge fan of bone broth. I have been drinking it almost everyday since I began my Zero Carb journey 9 months ago. I found it extremely helpful during the adaptation phase while my body was getting used to an all-meat diet.However, I recently made some changes in my Zero Carb diet. I decided to decrease protein and increase fat in an effort to create a Ketogenic version of a Zero Carb diet. But, I continued to drink bone broth while making these changes. While I was successful in lowering my fasting blood glucose and increasing my fasting blood ketones, the changes were only moderate. I was now in nutritional ketosis, but at a very low level.Then, I decided to skip the bone broth for a few days, and the effect on both my glucose and ketones was quite dramatic. After only one day without bone broth, my fasting blood glucose decreased from 85-95 mg/dL to 65-75 mg/dL, and my fasting blood ketones increased from 0.9-2.4 mmol/L to 4.8-6.5 mmol/L. I must admit that this was a very unexpected and shocking discovery. It was also very disappointing because I truly do LOVE bone broth. However, upon further investigation, it was not so surprising. Bone broth Continue reading >>

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  1. purplegolfball

    Intermediate Fasting and Maintaining Ketosis

    I ran across an interesting post and response over on Peter Attia's blog:
    "lorraine July 22, 2012
    Doc, not sure where to ask this, but this seems as good a place as any. I read somewhere along the way that you’ve done some self-experimentation with IF. I’ve been doing the same, but limited to eating “within a window”. I usually wait 16-17 hours after last meal to start the new day’s eating. and eat two meals within that 7 or 8 hours. I really like eating this way, but I have found that it kicks me out of ketosis. Not so if I do fasted exercise. It seems to me, theoretically anyway, that if I’m running on ketones I shouldn’t have to turn on too much gluconeogenesis, but it doesn’t appear to be working out that way. I get kicked out of ketosis especially in the morning of the fast. Have you experienced anything like this? At least with me, it seems I need to pick one or the other. Thanks for any input.
    Peter Attia July 22, 2012
    You’re spot on. IF makes a steady-state of ketosis almost impossible, because of the bolus of protein in one meal. I’ll detail all of this when I get the post (or short series, more likely) on this topic."
    Lately, I've been eating one large meal with some snacking or a second light meal per day. I've found I like this. Keeping a ketonic ratio around two, it does result in an intake of protein for me up to around 60-70 grams at one time.
    I haven't noticed high post prandial readings or any significant increase in my morning fasting readings. This leads me to believe I'm maintaining ketosis, but I'm not sure. I guess it boils down to does it simply take maintaining a ketonic ratio to maintain a state of ketosis, or does it also require limiting a maximum protein intake at one time? What exactly, if anything, does our glucose readings say about maintaining ketosis?
    Curious as to what some of you longer term ketogenics have run across. I hate to break down and buy those expensive ketone meter strips, but maybe thats the only way to know for sure.

  2. jim55

    Today begins my third week of if. I haven't had any problem staying in keto when i break a fast. I've done two 41 hour fasts with the other 10 days being 20 hour fasts. I like the 20 hour fasts. It's just like normal eating without breakfast really. Very easy for me to create a caloric deficit without any feelings of depervation. My workouts have been fantastic, i have so much more energy it seems. I read somewhere that the gut has a hormone or something called gerlin (spelling) that causes hunger and fasting over time will silence this. I think it's true as i just don't have big hunger. I don't think it would be as easy if i were not keto addapted. My weight is down somewhere between four and six pounds. Hard to determine exactly as the fasting does cause rather large hydro swings.

  3. blaisjp

    Well this is all very interesting reading. Really. I mean it. I do 24 hour fasts a couple times a month. I find it is most effective combined with a high intensity workout of some kind. I don't really fall out of ketosis, at least not when I check, I just notice that my blood sugar goes up during the fast and exercise and then drops for the the next several days. I presume because glycogen is depleted and needs to rebuild. I know this goes goes against the idea that ketosis only happens when glycogen is depleted i just don't experience this.

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5 Days Of Egg Fast | My Sweet Keto

A lot of people, especially those on LCHF and keto diets , do 5 Days ofEgg Fast to break their weightloss stall. Surprisingly, it works for a majorityof them if we are to believewhat they report on social networks and forums. I havent been able to find any real scientific explanation to why it works but have my thoughts (that might change in the future if I get more clues). Basically, on an Egg Fast, you only eat eggs , healthy fats, and full-fat cheese for 3 to 5 days in a row. You are supposed to eat at least 6 eggs a day, and 1 Tbsp of fat for each egg consumed. The number of ouncesof cheese eatenshould not exceed the number of eggs eaten on each day. If you follow these simple guidelines, you get macronutrients nicely balanced outat the end of the day: Extremelylow carb, high fat, and moderate protein. Thats what the keto diet is all about, except that on Egg Fast, theres practically no fiber intake (no greens, seeds, meals, etc.). Because of this, in my personal opinion, thediet should be kept short-term. Additionally, I think magnesium , potassium , and vitamin supplements should be taken daily. And plenty of water drunk (10 cupsa day, at least).But I am no doctor, so take m Continue reading >>

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  1. Lucifel-

    How to break a fast and stay in ketosis?

    I'm doing a 7-day water fast for the detoxing benefits, and to enter in ketosis state before i indroduce my new diet. But how do I break this fast? People usually say to eat things like fruits/juices. But what if I want to stay in the ketosis state ? What should I eat in the first days after the fast?
    I'm thinking in going with eggs (3 maximum) and veggies on the first days. What do you guys recommend?

  2. iseztomabel

    I just finished a 6-day water fast last week. It was my first so I was very cautious. Some people break with watermelon, so that's what I did, but not enough to kick me out of ketosis, just enough to let my digestive system know that it was time to wake up. I don't think I would bother with the watermelon again -- no point for me. Right after that, I drank a few oz of unsweetened kefir and half an avocado. Then I went to bed. The next day, I just ate normally and everything was fine. If you want to stay in ketosis, I would just break your fast low-carb, continue with a ketogenic diet and call it good.

  3. 4 points

    Some people like fruit and vegies after they break fast. I think healthy living is great doesn't matter one is vegan or not.
    To me its about self control, eating fat makes me happy and protect me from any carb binge. Now I can fast daily 20 hours or more with no cravings. As for longer fasts I remember breaking my 5 day no water fast with tons of meat and water. I also remember other times breaking with coffee/butter blend. Yeh keto all the way.

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This fasting routine keeps my blood sugar nice and low as well as extremely constant. It's the perfect scenario for diabetics! Yesterday's weight=173.0 lbs Today's weight=173.8 lbs Up 0.8 lbs Bacon(Raw)=1kg/4260 calories Grease=235g/2115 calories Bacon(cooked)=466g/2145 calories Cucumbers=2293g/367 calories Total Calories=2512...Cooked bacon a little extra hence less calories. Blood Sugar @ 3.8 mmol/L after training. Gym: Dips, Pull-ups, isolated shoulders, barbell curl

The 2-day Fast

About a month ago I was asked by a few people about this 5:2 Diet, and it sounded a lot like my own special fasting strategy. But it wasn’t. The 5:2 Diet is some adapted version made for weaklings, where you are “allowed” to eat 500-600 calories a day for two days of the week, and then eat completely normally for the other five days. So, the 5:2 diet is not fasting. It’s just calorie restriction, and it’s vastly inferior to my 2-day fasting strategy for the following reasons: The 2-Day Fast gives you a natural high. The 2-Day Fast is a great exercise for Breaking out of Homeostasis. The 2-Day Fast gets you ripped pretty damn fast. The 2-Day Fast is a 40-48 hour period where you don’t consume more than circa 50 calories at a time, to avoid activating your digestive system. For Beginners: Fasting 101 Note: If you’re new to fasting, here are three summary posts I’ve written about two of the most famous books about intermittent Fasting. Part 1. Eat Stop Eat – 24 hour fast once or twice a week. Part 2. Fast-5 diet – ca 5 hours to eat every day and 19 hours fast. Part 3. My take on IF, bulletproof coffee and miscellaneous stuff. Most people think that certain things i Continue reading >>

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  1. leetx

    I have been fasting since beginning of March on distilled water. How can I break this fast safely? I am thinking of working up to Golden Corral on Sat. Bad idea? Specific recommendations...?

  2. TJ J

    Bad idea

  3. jakejoh10

    Golden Corral? Surely you can find better than that........

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