How The Liver Makes Glucose

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well the diabetes is messing with me and not in a good way.

How Sugar Messes Up Your Liver And Gives You Diabetes

Modern man is plagued with many diseases that you will not find in some "primitive" populations like modern hunter-gatherers. These include obesity, heart disease, some cancers and last but not least, type II diabetes... which has reached epidemic proportions in the past few decades and now afflicts about 300 million people worldwide. This disease is a common cause of early death, blindness, amputation and a severely decreased quality of life... and it is advancing rapidly, every single year. In the video above, Dr. Robert H. Lustig and Dr. Elissa S. Epel explain how excess sugar can mess up liver metabolism and ultimately lead to diabetes. Dr. Lustig recently took part in a study where they examined the associations between sugar consumption and diabetes in 175 countries (1). They found very clear associations, where each 150 kcal (about one can of soda) per day of sugar increased the prevalence of diabetes by 1.1%. To put this number in perspective, if all of the U.S. added one can of soda to their daily diet, almost 3.5 million more people would become diabetic. In this study, added sugar was the only part of the diet that correlated with diabetes when they adjusted for confound Continue reading >>

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  1. Molly_Stevens

    Keto Strips - No Ketones!

    I'm 31 days in and decided to buy some of these at Walgreens http://fw.to/YqxKTWV
    4 because I was curious if I am in ketosis and I have some flex-spending $$ to use up (the strips are an eligible purchase). I had eaten maybe 3-5 net carbs today and plenty of fat, worked out this morning, and had gone from dinner until lunchtime without eating. So, was totally surprised that the urine strip color this evening (about 3 hours since I last ate) indicated zero ketones.

    Any thoughts on why? I'm more curious than anything else.

  2. cashfoley

    The strips aren't accurate once you are fat adapted. When you pee them out, those are excess ketones you aren't burning. When your body gets good at it, it doesn't generate excess. This is actually well known.
    Blood is more accurate but costs a bit. The Ketonix breath analyzer is pricey but is reusable for free.

    It doesn't really seem like you need it to know you are doing well. These things are good at fine tuning to find out what you can get away with or for more detailed health needs.

  3. Jim Russell

    There is also a thread about using a cheap alcohol breathalyzer for testing ketones.
    Test Breath Ketones without a Ketonix (using a cheap breathalyzer)
    I've wanted a ketonix for a while but am not going to fork over hundreds of dollars. So I followed some advice and got myself a cheap breathalyzer on ebay. Apparently they don't distinguish between alcohol and acetone. IT WORKS! Now I can measure easily whether or not I am in ketosis anytime I suspect I may have dropped out. The ketostix stopped working for me a long time ago as my body is very well adapted and I don't excrete a lot of measurable ketones.The breathalyzer is not much good for…

    I bought one and it's been working well.

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Why Diabetics Over Produce Sugar In The Liver

Why Diabetics Over Produce Sugar in the Liver Type 2 diabetics often suffer from an over-production of sugar within the liver, a response to falling blood glucose levels. This potentially dangerous mechanism was poorly understood until recently, when researchers uncovered the role that a certain master regulator plays in sugar production within the liver. While an inability to regulate blood glucose levels, due to resistance to insulin produced by pancreatic beta cells, is the primary mechanism that leads to and enhances type 2 diabetes, the liver plays a large role as well. Beta-cells, in a healthy body, produce insulin, which helps regulate blood glucose levels, but the liver itself directly responds to low blood glucose levels by producing more sugar. In type 2 diabetics, who suffer from insulin resistance (and therefore dysfunctional regulation of blood glucose with insulin), the liver often has a tendency to produce sugar when not really needed, which can cause potential harm. In other words, the liver continues to produce sugar past what it should, because insulin is not regulating the sugar already being produced, in type 2 diabetics. To illustrate the role that the liver p Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. Gaash

    The BIG QUESTION: Do Calories Matter in Keto?

    This has probably been answered numerous times but never definitively, at least as long as I have been reading the boards. Does anyone know if, when in KETO, do total calories consumed matter for weightloss or not.
    There are numerous arguments that KETO diet works, in part, because cutting out carbs ends up making people eat less calories than they need for maintenance; however, the are other arguments that in the state of Ketosis, your body is buring fat for energy (most likely at an inefficient pace, but even if not), so as long as you eat less FAT calories than your body needs, any extra calories don't matter, and they are just excreted (i guess)
    Others still say that it doesn't matter at all, that you can eat 8000 calories a day if you are in ketosis and you will still lose weight.
    So, whats the truth?

  2. johnnyironboard

    Yes they matter. Debit maint. calories 10% and you will see a tremendous amount of fat loss. You can eat maint while in keto and believe it or not still lose weight. When I am cutting, I debit 10% during the week and then carb up on the weekend with about 100 to 1000 calories over maint-depending on where I'm at. During "normal" times I eat maint. every day and do low carb M-F and carb up on the weekend.

  3. camo1131

    What kinda question is that??? Since when is there a confusion about this? People continue to amaze me.......

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How Does The Liver Control Glucose In The Blood?

Your body needs a constant supply of glucose, or sugar, for cells to have energy, so it requires a readily available reservoir to keep blood glucose in balance. One of the liver’s main roles in the body is controlling the amount of glucose circulating in the blood. By storing excess glucose as glycogen and creating new glucose from proteins and fat byproducts, the liver is able to maintain balanced glucose levels in your body at all times. Video of the Day When you eat carbohydrates, the body releases glucose into the bloodstream immediately, triggering the production of insulin. The body cannot be in a state of constant consumption, so when insulin levels are high enough, the body links long chains of glucose together into a compound called glycogen, which is then stored in the liver and the muscles. The liver uses this stored glucose energy as its main reservoir for releasing glucose into the bloodstream when levels drop. Breakdown of Glycogen Blood glucose levels drop when you're not eating, such as during sleep or between meals. This low blood sugar signals the liver to produce glucose and release it back into the bloodstream. The liver favors glycogen as its primary source s Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. timothyw

    Nova Max Ketone Meter arrived - when is the best time to test

    My free Nova Max Ketone meter arrived on Monday and the ketone strips I ordered arrived today. One thing I wasn't sure of was the best time to test for ketones. I was thinking a fasting test.
    So my question for those that have ketone meters is when do you test? And, why did you select that time?

  2. moon2

    I tested right away (cuz I couldn't wait!) and got a baseline of how I was doing with my diet.
    It's good to test the first morning fasting, when ketones are lowest, to get that baseline. I've been testing every morning because I wanted to measure my progress towards getting deeper in ketosis, and am not really testing during the day because I know that number will be higher (and it's too $$$). If $$ wasn't an issue, I'd be testing more out of curiosity ...
    Once I'm consistently where I want to be (>2 fasting - am hoping this will help with weight loss) then I'll just test every few days.

  3. timothyw

    Thanks Moon2. I used the first two strips already that came with the meter and ordered 50 additional that arrived today. I got a .2 on the first and low on the second. Not sure what knocked me out of ketosis but this is at least what I got the meter for. Now I can eat to a second type of meter.

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