How Long To Stay In Ketosis

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Is It Safe To Stay In Ketosis Indefinitely?

There seems to be a lot of focus on the state of Ketosis these days, with many people asking the same questions: Am I in ketosis? How many carbs does it take to get thrown out of ketosis? What should I do if the Ketostix aren't showing that I'm in ketosis anymore? I'm only eating 20 carbs, why am I not in ketosis? Is it safe to stay in ketosis indefinitely? And while some of these questions are certainly important, like just how safe of a diet is the Atkins Diet long-term, overall it seems that the low-carb community is putting too much emphasis on the process of ketosis and not enough focus on nutrition. With so many different versions of Atkins out there, and people still doing all of them, I don't see the questions going away anytime soon. With that in mind, I thought I'd take a moment and do a post on my own personal views about ketosis and its long-term safety. Thoughts on Ketone Testing Strips In the 70s, the whole Atkins' diet was built up around the idea of ketosis being the revolutionary miracle to save you from obesity. Like everyone else, I rushed out to the drug store and bought myself a bottle of ketone testing strips -- Ketostix they called them back then. These keton Continue reading >>

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    How long should I stay in ketosis? If I'm loosing how long should I stay in the burn? Will it taper off if I stay in ketosis too long?

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