How Long Does Ketosis Breath Last

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Can Gastric Bypass Cause Chronic Bad Breath?

I am considering gastric bypass but I have a friend who had the surgery two years ago and is at goal weight. I have noticed his breath smells bad some of the time. Is this the case with all bypass patients or something just my friend has? I do not want to proceed with the surgery if there is a chance of life-long bad breath. I am a teacher and around students all of the time. Can't go back to normal breath after the surgery by: Samuel Nelson I have had 2 surgeries due to the severity of my GERD; the last surgery was a Nissen Fundoplication Laporoscopy, where my stomach and fundus was stapled to the bottom of my esophagus. The smell after the surgeries has made me one of the most disliked and slandered persons on this earth. I am trying to apply for social security disability benefits because no human resource interviewer will offer me a job past the interview. I suffer from severe depression as a result of this; relationships and social life is a thing of the pass, and my church members don’t want to spend any time with me because of this issue. What’s worse is that now I am concerned about what is called “Barrett’s Esophagus” which happens after surgery for GERD fails, a Continue reading >>

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  1. boobear

    Hi everyone, I've done keto/low carb on/off last few years. Got really keto serious three weeks ago. On the whole last week my husband pretty much wanted to puke every time I spoke near him as he said my breath was soooo bad. I drink tons of water, chew gum etc. It was making me so self conscious that I went off the next day. It's been two days off and Breath is better but I really hate the way I feel eating carbs. Is there any tips for the keto breath, will it pass, and if so after how long??? It is literally the only thing that stops me from going back! Thanks in advance!

  2. Jessica

    They say that burning fat can cause bad breath due to chemicals released in the process. It's metabolic and not hygiene related. It doesn't usually last forever! Don't let it discourage you! Keep drinking lots of water

  3. boobear

    I'm trying really hard not too! I'm going to get back on tomorrow and keep ketoing but I hate being paranoid about my breath :(.

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Bad Breath After Weight Loss Surgery

Bad breath is one of the most under-expected concerns that frequently develops after weight loss surgery. While it is not something that impacts every weight loss patient in the same way, it is something that should be recognized following your bariatric procedure. There are several primary causes that can cause bad breath to develop following your bariatric procedure. These include: Dehydration The inability of food to exit the stomach pouch Ketosis caused by rapid weight loss While bad breath may not be as severe a health issue following surgery as other potential concerns, it is something that can interfere with your quality of life and general comfort level, and therefore is worth addressing. Luckily, bad breath is usually preventable or treatable by understanding the precise cause of the issue, and taking several basic preventative steps. Understanding Bad Breath Bad breath after weight loss surgery is most likely to happen following gastric bypass surgery. While it can still occur for some after Lap Band or gastric sleeve, it isn’t as common—which is good news. Rapid weight loss can cause bad breath to occur, though the smell of ketotic breath isn’t always thought of as Continue reading >>

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  1. Sefanie

    how long did your Ketosis last?

    What did you do for it? I brush, brush , brush to no avail. It feels like it comes from the body not the mouth and water seems to be very temporary.

  2. Krista2653

    As long as you are eating very low carb (which is the standard with your VSG diet) then you more than likely will stay in ketosis.
    I've been monitoring mine with ketone strips - I personally WANT to stay in ketosis because it means my body is burning fat. I use the strips to make sure I'm not consuming too many carbs and that I stay in at least the "medium" level of ketosis. Pre-op the only diet that significantly worked for me was Adkins and part of that is to be in ketosis. I haven't noticed any negative side effects or odors because of it, though.....

  3. Sefanie

    I wi**** were the same for me. Having been on the Adkins diet you may be aware of the Ketosis Flu or "carb withdrawals". There can be multiple symptoms but the ones I was advised on were loss of hunger, low energy levels, nausea, and diarrhea. Some will feel sluggish since energy is required in breaking the fats for production of usable energy for the body. Bad breath can happen because the bacteria and enzymes of the digestive system changes due to the shift in pH balance and metabolism. Hopefully it will pass soon.

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Ketosis Bad Breath Remedy For Dry Mouth

Individuals following a ketogenic or low carb diet often see significant results. However, there are often various side effects. One of the most common side effects is what some call “keto breath” or diet bad breath. With little or no carbs, ketosis dry mouth is common. Few know that a prolonged dry mouth, however, can cause lasting damage to your teeth and gums. Although it is expected as normal with this way of eating, it should always be taken seriously. Keto Breath – Why does it Happen? Keto breath is a term used to describe intensely bad breath that occurs in individuals who are using a low-carbohydrate and high-fat diet. This stimulates the ketosis process within the body. Ketosis is a specific metabolic state in which the number of ketones present in the body’s tissues is higher than what is considered normal. Low carb dieters believe ketosis is the ideal state because it encourages the body to burn stored fat. Ketones, especially acetone, a specific form of ketone, are excreted by the breath and through urine. Keto breath often creates a fruit-like smell that is particularly strong. It is not only possible to smell it, but also to taste it. A metallic, dry-mouth fee Continue reading >>

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Popular Questions

  1. alex2363

    keto breath..when will it go away?

    keto breath..when will it go away? weeks, days?

  2. jpatter123

    lol, I don't think so, mine never does anyway, nor does the taste in your mouth. It sucks, especially since sugar free gum still has 2g of carbs. Just learn to love mouthwash.

  3. alex2363

    Originally Posted by jpatter123
    lol, I don't think so, mine never does anyway, nor does the taste in your mouth. It sucks, especially since sugar free gum still has 2g of carbs. Just learn to love mouthwash.

    thanx, reps for that

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